Field Force Management

Manage your field staff from anywhere in the world in real-time. Field force management software like TeamSpoor enhance the field employee productivity and improve their performance output.

Real-time employee tracking

Job scheduling for visits

Geo-tagged attendance

Send unlimited messages


  • Real-time location tracking
  • Job scheduler / Beat plan
  • Get attendance from anywhere
  • Real-time alerts for unproductive tasks
  • Route map to ensure they stick to the plan
  • Reporting automation
  • Authentic conveyance report

Why Field Force Management?

No matter how much we love to go digital for every task there are things for, which we do need a field force, for example, Electricians, Plumbers, Technicians, Cleaning staff, direct sales team, etc.

Having a large number of field employees also brings lot's of challenges like, who is performing and who is not, where are they currently present i.e., their current location so that more work orders/jobs can be assigned to them, checking whether they are on the field or they are on leave are some issues, which businesses face day to day while managing their field force be it sales team or engineers visiting clients or delivery boys.

With a field force management service like TeamSpoor, you can overcome most of these obstacles in getting the best performance from your field staffs.

Field Force Tracker

Get the real-time location of your field force on a map along with the distance traveled during the day, phone battery percentage, time spent on a meeting or at a client's place.

Our employee tracking service ensures minimal intrusion in the employee's privacy and maximum performance for the business.

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Field Force Location Tracking

Beat Plan for Field Force

Job Scheduling / Beat Plan

If you want to ensure maximum performance of your field force than you need to give them a clear-cut schedule for the day as dispatching them to visit clients in a haphazard manner will only make things slow and unproductive.

With TeamSpoor's Beat Plan feature, you can schedule their day in advance and they will get the details on their mobile screen as and when their next visit is due.

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