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Best alternative to Live Chat softwares for your website. Don't miss leads just because your agent is not online.

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Live Chat Alternative Tool

Don't let leads slip away! Capture every opportunity, 24/7.

Long wait times can be a bummer, but there's a silver lining! Setting clear expectations allows customers to either engage when there's more availability or explore helpful resources. This leads to happier customers and less stress for your team. Our tools works even when there is no agent online. Talk to customer as per your convenience.
Contact Management
User Engagement

Engage with your website visitor to offer your best deals across the website.

Marketing Automation
Lead Distribution

With Efficient lead distribution & handling you can get 70% more conversions of your leads.

Content Discovery

Show the best content across the website to your visitors no matter where they land.

Helpdesk & Ticketing
Higher Conversions

With engagement & content discovery tools, make every page of your website a landing page.

Benefits Of Engage Tool!

How's ZNIEngage tool is better than any Live Chat software, where you can chat with your customers in real-time?
No Staffing Requirement
Engage tool doesn't need any staff to work. It will work even if you are single person company.
No Tone Misinterpretation
The lack of nonverbal cues in text-based communication can make it harder to gauge tone and intent accurately.
Right Expectations
Live chat sets the expectation for immediate resolution, which may be unrealistic in some cases.
Popup Notifications

A small popup at the bottom of the screen grabs the quick attention of the website visitor. Best used to offer page specific deals.

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Last Minute Deal

Get inside of your visitor's brain with Last Minute Deal popup. This intelligent box popups right before your website visitor plans to leave your website.

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Splash Image

Welcome your website visitor with an amazing offer, which they can't resist or just greet them once with a splash image..

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Deal Bar

Want to channelise all your traffic to one specific page or offer a site-wide deal? This is the best place to offer them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers have so many questions in their mind before buying a product and now you can answer them in a single location yet available across the website.

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Best way to build a trust between your product and your website visitor by offering testimonials of your other users right on the contact form.

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Contact Form

This is the heart of our services. It captures the leads, distribute to users and communicate with the website visitors.

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Advance Lead Routing

Getting a lead is just a starting but to get it converted it should be effectively manage, responded and followed. Our routing algorithm take care of most of the part.

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Social Bar

Sharing stories on social media is good way to generate more traffic to your website. Our social bar helps to stack all the social networks in one line for easy accessibility.

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Why Live Chat Softwares Are Not Suitable For Small Business?

Live chat are not for small business which do not have dedicated staff working 24x7 to handle customer queries. ZNIEngage sets the right expectation in customer's mind which eventually increase customer's satisfaction level.
Live chat software can be expensive, especially if you need 24/7 coverage or advanced features.
Staffing Requirements
You’ll need to have dedicated staff to manage the live chat, which increases labor costs.
Increased Workload
Live chat can inundate your customer service team, leading to longer response times for other channels (like phone or email).
Potential for Overuse
Customers may become overly reliant on live chat, neglecting self-service options that could resolve their issue faster.
Technical Issues
Like any software, live chat can have bugs or glitches, causing frustration for users.
Security Risks
Sensitive data exchanged through live chat needs careful protection, introducing potential security concerns.
Limited Scope
Complex issues are sometimes better addressed through other channels, as live chat might not be the best format for in-depth troubleshooting.
Language Barriers
Language differences can be a hurdle, especially if you don’t have multilingual staff or reliable translation tools.
Some customers prefer more personal interactions (phone or in-person) over the text-based format of live chat.
Inconsistent Quality
The experience can vary greatly depending on the agent’s skill and knowledge.
Tone Misinterpretation
The lack of nonverbal cues in text-based communication can make it harder to gauge tone and intent accurately.
Privacy Concerns
Some users may be hesitant to share personal information through live chat.
Can’t Handle All Situations
There are limitations – emergencies or highly technical issues often require different communication channels.
Time Zone Challenges
Providing around-the-clock live chat support can be difficult if your team is confined to a single time zone.
Expectations of Instant Responses
Live chat sets the expectation for immediate resolution, which may be unrealistic in some cases.

Features Of Engage Tool!

How's ZNIEngage tool is better than any Live Chat software, where you can chat with your customers in real-time?
Advance Contact Form

Auto-Popup Contact Form

A contact form, which is specifically designed to increase the lead flow from your website. Minimalistic data & to the point targeting to lure visitors to provide their contact details.

This form can be customised to enable/disable fields like Phone Number, Query, City, Department, Top Image however Name and Email fields are mandatory.

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Fully Responsive

Our contact form is fully responsive hence also works great with your mobile website.

Form design is non intrusive i.e. it will not effect other design elements of your website.

Some Highlights

  • Looks awesome on any device
  • Option to auto-load
  • Seem less on every webpage
  • Works in all browsers

Exit Intent Tracking

Don't Let Them Leave...

You would agree that nothing irritates more than a leaving unsatisfied customer. In a physical world you can always call them and offer deals, which they want but in a virtual world this isn't the case.

Agreed? No, you have a chance to call that customer back with our Last Minute Deal popup. It tracks the customer cursor motion and as soon as they intent to leave your website it will popup with all the glory and with your best offer.

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Last Minute Deal

How It Can Be Used?

You can use Last Minute Deal popup to offer your best offers e.g. Coupon Code, Free Trial for a paid software etc. The whole purpose of offering a Last Minute Deal is to offer something of exceptional nature, which they can not resist.

Some Highlights

  • Target visitor's leave intent
  • Tracks registered users
Deal Bar

Deal Bar

Want To Show Something To The World?

Running a deal site wide is not an easy task specially when you are having a fairly large website. Changing the deals in every page takes lot of time and need a dedicated developer at your end.

With ZNI's Deal Bar you can run deals site wide with just one click. This bar can be put on the top or at the bottom of the page depending upon your website design. This bar also carries a CTA (Click-To-Action) button for better deal conversion.

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3 Ways of Conversion

The CTA button on Deal Bar can be used in three different ways:

Forward To New Page: User clicks on the button and he will be taken to a new page. This works as a normal link.

Show Contact Form: Instead of transferring the user to a new page it will open a Contact Us form.

Show Contact Form + Forward To New Page This is the most interesting option. First it will open a contact form and once the user filled all the details he will be taken to the specified page.

Some Highlights

  • Looks awesome on any device
  • No hindrance with page design

Splash Image

Greet Your Visitors

Splash image is a good way to greet your visitor once when they land on your website. No constant bugging or pop-ups to distract them.

You can offer discount codes, or you can just greet them on special occasions like Independence day or Christmas.

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Splash Image

Works Seamlessly Across The Website

It doesn't matter where your customer was landed on the website he will still be greeted with the splash image. This way you can convey your message seamlessly across the website.

Some Highlights

  • Greet the visitor
  • Displays only once
  • Not limited to a single page


Nothing will give you more conversions then few good testimonials from credible (with a photograph, name and company name) existing customers.

Having a dedicated testimonial page is very much recommended but showing them across your website is not an easy task. Scrap.Me testimonials show up at the right place i.e. on your contact form to give you more credibility and conversions.

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Show Unlimited Number of Testimonials

In our paid plans you can show unlimited number of testimonials, which revolves in the contact form in 5 seconds duration. More testimonials means more conversions.

Some Highlights

  • Placed at the right location
  • Available on every page
  • Unlimited testimonials

Better Lead Assignment

No matter how many team members you have, now you can distribute the leads evenly to all members depending upon their geographic location, working hours, old lead handling patterns, response time, weekly offs and many more variables.

Everything is handled automatically. The system also take care of duplicate leads assignment and lead capturing by the sales agent.
You can also use web-hooks to pass the lead details to your existing CRM on a real time basis.

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Lead Routing

Create Rules For Assignment

You can create rules defining how your leads will be assigned to the executives. You can create rules based upon executive's working hours, geographic region, previous assigned leads status, department etc.

You can also define rules based upon leads geographic region, previous history of the lead, conversion probability etc.

Some Highlights

  • Transfer leads automatically
  • No human intervention hence no favouring
  • Works 24x7 for you
  • Like your business it doesn't take holidays
Popup Notification

Popup Notification

Grab Visitor's Attention

With the one page site culture & web 2.0 standards there is not so much data available for a user apart from the critical features but sometimes you need to offer the visitors something more like letting them know about the new feature you just have launched or a coupon code for a deal on a specific page. All this can be done through our small little angel notification popups.

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Customise As Per Your Need

You can customise the popup as per your requirement with an image or some HTML along with a Call-To-Action button. Put it at the left or right of the screen or just enable/disable for some pages. Everything can be controlled by you from a single panel.

Notification popups slide in at the bottom of the webpage as per the specified interval after the user visited the webpage. This way user will get time to examine your webpage and only after that the popup will grab their attention.

Some Highlights

  • Grab the attention
  • Specify popup interval
  • Add Image or HTML

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ZNI CRM Features

Some Frequently Asked Questions About ZNI Engage

We have tried to answer most asked question about ZNIEngage below but if we are missing something and you need more information then please feel to contact us from

ZNIEngage - Best Alternative To Live Chat Softwares is absolutely free for 10,000 unique hits per month and upto 5,000 leads/contacts in the CRM. If you stay within this limit then you will never have to pay for it.

No, if your monthly leads volume is less than 5000 leads and unique hits are less than 10,000 then you will not have to purchase anything extra.

Yes, you can configure your choice of vendors for SMS, Email & WhatsApp along with Telephony in the CRM and through a workflow you can send automated messages.

They are live chat softwares and customers expect that you answer their queries instantly. However, with small business it is not always possible to be online and answer the live chats. With ZNIEngage customers have a set expectation that the vendor will contact them later with the solution.

You can use Live Chat alternate i.e. ZNIEngage for sales by generating leads on your website or for support by offering instant solutions via knowledge-base to the customers on the ZNIEngage widget.

To install the ZNIEngage widget on your website please refer to the article given at How to install Live Chat alternate on your website.

If you do not have any website and still want to use Live Chat Software alternative to generate leads then you can use one of other tools provided by ZNI i.e. Universal Contact Form. Please learn more about it from

Yes, you can register multiple domains under the panel and install separate instance of the tool to your customer's domain.
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