Employee Tracking For Field Force

not just only helps you to manage your customers, it can also manage your field force with a dedicated TeamSpoor employee tracking mobile app.
With TeamSpoor you can automate your field work force and automate their reporting. TeamSpoor helps you to;
  • Track their real-time location
  • Attendance & Time Tracking
  • Manage Job Scheduling / Beat Plan
  • Leave & Expenses
  • and more...
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Employee Tracking Solution
Field Force Management Software
Manage your field force right from your mobile. Assign tasks based on their location and availability, manage their expenses and calculate the distance traveled by during the day, all automatically.

Save your business cost and improve your employee's productivity.

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Best Features Of TeamSpoor Employee Tracking System

Manage your on-field force in real-time and improve their productivity with automation.
Why field force automation
Real-time Tracking
Track location in real-time

Check your team's location in real-time on a map. Assign more tasks depending upon their current location.

Staff Attendance
Automated payroll

Allow your team to mark their attendance from anywhere in the world. Saves their time and your money.

Task Scheduler
Optimum productivity

Schedule tasks for your staff and we will calculate optimum route and remind them about it.

Real-time Reporting
Get tasks updates

Get updates from your staff about the meetings completed, scheduled and when somebody is wasting their time.

What else you will get for free?

Advance Reporting

Get visit details with geo-location, productivity report, attendance with geo-location & much more.

Conveyance Report

Automatically calculate the distance traveled by your staff and pay according to real distance, instead of guess work.

Attendance & Payroll

Let your employees mark their attendance from anywhere in the world and automatically generate the time-sheet.

Real-Time Location

No more guessing about your field staff location. Check on a map on your mobile or desktop in seconds.

Route Map

Check the route they have taken with time on a map. It ensure they do not deviate or waste their time on unproductive tasks.

Expense Manager

Let your field force upload their expenses directly from the app. No more hassle to manage papers for expense claims.

Dynamic Alerts

Wondering where your team is wasting their time. How many cigarette breaks they took? Get real-time updates on your mobile.

Beat Plan

Schedule the tasks/visits for your field staff in advance and TeamSpoor will ensure they follow it up to the mark.

Organisational Hierarchy

Create multiple roles like HR, IT Team, Managers, Offices, etc. to handle day to day tasks of managing the field force.

All the essential tools to run your business smoothly...

Best Features Of

We don't compromise on the features just because we are selling an affordable CRM.
Contact Management
Contact Management
Manage your contacts like a boss, every communication, every minute detail at your disposal in seconds.
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ZipCall Click-to-Call
User Engagement
Connect with your website visitors and get more leads from your same marketing efforts.
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Send invoices to your customers in a jiffy. All the details are automatically fetched from CRM.
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Helpdesk & Ticketing
Ticketing System
Better support helps to retain customers & let them self resolve their issues. With proper ticketing system you can offer 24x7 support.
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Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Automate your marketing & run campaigns without human intervention. Send Email, SMS, WhatsApp messages on rulesets based on your business needs.
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Let your actions start a chain reaction to update the CRM or perform actions like sending an email to user or customers.
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Bulk Email Campaigning
Bulk Email Campaigns
Email is still has the best RoI. Run bulk email campaigns right from the CRM panel using any email service provider.
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Bulk SMS Campaigning
Bulk SMS Campaigns
SMS is cheap and gives you best open rate. Run the bulk email campaigns right from the CRM panel using any SMS service provider.
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Custom Forms
Custom Forms
Create forms as per your requirement and attach to the customer's profile. Get the data as you want and require.
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Deals Management
Deals Management
Always have your sales pipeline on your fingertips. No need to ask your team members or searching on the CRM.
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Proposals Management
Create custom proposals for your customers and send them as a PDF attachment. You can also create templates which can be used by every employee.
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Virtual Assistant Daily Digest
Daily Digest
All the tasks, missed followups, recommendations on a single screen. Get charts & graphs about sales performance and take actions on it.
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Employee Tracking System
Employee Tracking
No more guess work on whether your field employees are working or not? Get real-time reporting & location on your mobile or web-panel.
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Lead Management
Lead Management
Automatically distribute leads to multiple users based on different parameters, shifts and work load.
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File Manager
File Manager
Upload files like KYC documents, proposals, images, zip-docs or anything related to customers and access them anywhere.
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Fully Customisable
Fully Customisable
Fully customisable CRM based on your requirements. Add products & services, lead status or almost anything.
Third Party Integrations
Ready to use integrations with most popular sites used for lead generation like Google-Ads, Facebook/Instagram, JustDial, IndiaMart.
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Filters For Reporting
Create your own filters to get custom reports based on exhaustive search criteria. Create any type of report easily.
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Task Scheduling
Task Scheduler
Create & schedule tasks to get a reminder automatically before the meeting or followup. Forgetting a meeting is a thing of past.
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Send data to any third party software easily. A simple way to use one-way APIs.
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Escalations For Approval Management
Automate approval management with custom forms and processes. Improve turnaround times for approvals.
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Subscription and Membership
Manage memberships & subscriptions of your customers in a single interface. No more excel sheets to get their renewal dates.
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Universal Contact Form
Contact Form
Generate leads from any platform (Social Media, Email, SMS etc) without any website. It's Free!!
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Believe us, the list doesn't end here, we have just started.