Field Service Management Software
Field Service Management Software

#1 Field Force Management Software

Optimize and streamline the processes and operations involved in managing field force for dispatching, scheduling, work order management, and employee tracking.

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Fully Automated Solution For Field Force Management

Improve customer satisfaction and optimise your workforce output with best field-force automation tools.
Scheduling & Dispatching
Track your sales in seconds. Create custom reports or use one of the 90+ reports available.
Tasks Management
Real-Time Tracking
Manage your field force right from your mobile. Tracking to dispatch management, everything is covered.
Real-Time Employee Tracking
HRMS & Payroll
Mobile GPS based attendance, expense management, payroll, leave management. You name it, we have it.
HRMS & Payroll

What Is Field Force Management (FSM/FFM)?

Field force management refers to the processes and systems used to manage and support workers who are out in the field, away from a central office or location. This includes tasks such as scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and communication. Field force management is often facilitated by software that provides real-time visibility into field operations, helping businesses to ensure that the right person is in the right place at the right time. By optimizing field operations, field force management can improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and provide valuable insights into business performance. It is an essential tool for any business that relies on a mobile workforce, such as delivery services, repair and maintenance companies, or any organization that provides on-site services to clients.

Field force management is a system that involves managing and optimizing the activities and productivity of a company's field workforce, such as sales representatives, delivery drivers, service technicians, and other field-based personnel. The goal of field force management is to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability by using technology and data to manage and streamline field operations.

This can include tracking the location and status of field workers in real-time, optimizing routes and schedules to reduce travel time and increase the number of appointments or deliveries per day, providing mobile devices or apps for workers to access customer data and manage their tasks, and using data analytics to identify areas for improvement and optimize operations.

Overall, field force management helps companies to better manage their field operations and improve the customer experience by ensuring that the right worker is at the right place at the right time, with the necessary resources and information to complete the job efficiently and effectively.

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Check The Benefits Of Using Field Service Management Software For Your Field Force

Scheduling & Dispatching
Scheduling & Dispatching
FSM solutions enable efficient scheduling and dispatching of field workers, ensuring they are at the right place at the right time.

Scheduling & Dispatching

What it is: Think of it as a super-organized planner that makes sure the right worker is sent to the right job at the right time.
Benefit: No mix-ups or delays, so work gets done faster and customers are happy.
Best Feature: Easily matches the right worker to the right job based on skills and location.
Example: Like when you order a ride on Uber, and the app finds the nearest available driver to pick you up.

Increase Productivity

What it is: Helps workers get more jobs done in less time.
Benefit: More work done equals more happy customers and more profits.
Best Feature: Helps workers complete more jobs in less time with efficient routing and job scheduling.
Example: Similar to how GPS finds the fastest route for a road trip, ensuring you reach more destinations in less time.
Increase Productivity
Improve Employee Productivity
With optimized scheduling and dispatching, field workers can complete more jobs in less time, increasing overall productivity.
Enhanced Employee Tracking
Advanced Employee Tracking
FSM tools provide real-time visibility into the location and activities of field workers, improving accountability and performance.

Enhanced Employee Tracking

What it is: A tool that shows where your workers are and what they're doing in real-time.
Benefit: Makes sure everyone is where they're supposed to be, doing what they're supposed to be doing.
Best Feature: Provides real-time location and activity data of field workers.
Example: Just like tracking a package online, you can see exactly where your worker is and what they're doing.

Better Work Order Management

What it is: Keeps track of job orders from start to finish.
Benefit: Makes the whole process smooth and hassle-free.
Best Feature: Streamlines the entire process from assigning a job to getting paid.
Example: Much like tracking an online order, you can see each step of the job and know when it's completed.
Better Work Order Management
Work Order Management
FSM solutions streamline work order processing, from creation and assignment to billing and reporting.

Why Field Force Management?

No matter how much we love to go digital for every task there are things for, which we do need a field force, for example, Electricians, Plumbers, Technicians, Cleaning staff, direct sales team, etc.

Having a large number of field employees also brings lot's of challenges like, who is performing and who is not, where are they currently present i.e., their current location so that more work orders/jobs can be assigned to them, checking whether they are on the field or they are on leave are some issues, which businesses face day to day while managing their field force be it sales team or engineers visiting clients or delivery boys.

With a field force management service like TeamSpoor, you can overcome most of these obstacles in getting the best performance from your field staffs.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Happy Customer
By ensuring timely and efficient service, FSM solutions help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Improved Communication
Improved Communication
FSM tools facilitate communication between field workers, dispatchers, and customers, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
Reduced Costs
Cost Saving
By improving efficiency and productivity, FSM solutions help reduce operational costs.
Accurate Billing and Invoicing
Accurate Invoicing
FSM solutions automate billing and invoicing, reducing errors and improving cash flow.

Accurate Billing and Invoicing

What it is: Automatically handles billing and invoicing.
Benefit: No mistakes in billing, so you get paid the right amount on time.
Best Feature: Automates billing and invoicing, reducing errors.
Example: Generates bill based on the work-order & on-field report by employee in real-time.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

What it is: Gives you useful data and insights about your business.
Benefit: Helps you make smart decisions to improve your business.
Best Feature: Provides valuable insights from data to make informed decisions.
Example: Similar to a fitness app that analyzes your workout data to show your progress and areas to improve.
Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics
Comprehensive Reporting
FSM tools provide valuable insights through reporting and analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making.
Streamlined Inventory Management
Inventory Management
FSM solutions help manage inventory more effectively, ensuring that field workers have the right parts and tools for the job.

Streamlined Inventory Management

What it is: Keeps track of all the parts and tools your workers need.
Benefit: Workers always have what they need to get the job done.
Best Feature: Ensures that workers have the necessary tools and parts for the job.
Example: Like a chef who checks the pantry and makes sure all ingredients are available before starting to cook.

Compliance and Regulation

What it is: Makes sure your business follows all the rules and regulations of your industry.
Benefit: You avoid fines and keep your business running smoothly.
Best Feature: Helps businesses comply with industry regulations.
Example: Following a recipe exactly to make sure the dish turns out perfect.
Compliance and Regulation
Compliance & Regulations
FSM solutions help organizations comply with industry regulations and standards.
Scalable Solution
FSM tools can be easily scaled to meet the needs of growing organizations.


What it is: Can easily grow and adapt as your business grows.
Benefit: No need to worry about outgrowing your tools or systems as ZNICRM is a cloud based system and provides on-demand scalability.
Best Feature: Can be easily scaled to meet the needs of growing businesses.
Example: Like a backpack that can expand to fit more items as needed.


What it is: Lets your workers access important information and communicate while they're on the go.
Benefit: Work doesn't stop just because someone's not at their desk.
Best Feature: Allows field workers to access information and communicate on the go.
Example: Using a smartphone app to check emails instead of needing a computer.
FSM solutions often include mobile apps that allow field workers to access important information and communicate with dispatchers and customers while on the go.
Integration with Other Systems
FSM solutions can be integrated with other business systems, such as CRM and ERP, to provide a comprehensive view of operations.

Integration with Other Systems

What it is: Can be connected to other systems you use, like ERP.
Benefit: You get a full picture of your business in one place, making it easier to manage.
Best Feature: Can be integrated with other business systems for a comprehensive view of operations.
Example: Like piecing together a puzzle to see the full picture.

Enhanced Quality of Service

What it is: Helps you make sure you're giving the best service possible.
Benefit: Customers are impressed and recommend you to others.
Best Feature: Allows businesses to monitor and improve service quality.
Example: Just like a sports coach uses video analysis to improve an athlete's performance.
Enhanced Quality of Service
FSM solutions enable efficient scheduling and dispatching of field workers, ensuring they are at the right place at the right time.

Some Of The Use Cases For Field Service Management Software In Different Industries

Contact Management
HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
To manage installation, maintenance, and repair services.
Contact Management
For scheduling, dispatching, and tracking plumbing services.
Contact Management
Electrical Services
To manage electrical installation and repair jobs.
Contact Management
Landscaping and Lawn Care
For scheduling, routing, and managing landscaping projects.
Contact Management
Pest Control
To schedule and track pest control treatments.
Contact Management
Cleaning Services
For managing commercial and residential cleaning jobs.
Contact Management
Appliance Repair
To schedule and manage appliance repair services.
Contact Management
For tracking project progress, scheduling, and worker management.
Contact Management
To manage installation and maintenance of communication devices and infrastructure.
Contact Management
Security Services
For managing security personnel and services. Tracking live location & geo-fencing.
Contact Management
Facilities Management
To handle maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment.
Contact Management
Oil and Gas
For managing field operations related to exploration and extraction.
Contact Management
Transportation and Logistics
To track deliveries, manage routes, and handle scheduling.
Contact Management
For managing home health care services and medical equipment maintenance.
Contact Management
IT Services
To handle installation, maintenance, and support of IT infrastructure.
Contact Management
For managing farming operations, equipment, and personnel.
Contact Management
Automotive Services
To manage vehicle maintenance and repair services.
Contact Management
Property Management
For handling maintenance and repair of rental properties.
Contact Management
Janitorial Services
To schedule and manage cleaning and maintenance jobs in commercial buildings.
Contact Management
Catering and Event Management
For handling the logistics of catering services and event planning.
Ultimate Plan

Simple pricing made after thoughtful consideration.

All the important tools to manage your business right from CRM to Field Force Management.

Per User

$ 5 /mo
Best suited if you want to track and automate reporting of your field employees.


$ 199 /mo
Plan for large business to manage their field force. Feature rich plan for Unlimited users.

All The Tools You Need To Manage Your Business

We don't compromise on the features just because we are selling an affordable CRM.
Contact Management
Contact Management
Manage your contacts like a boss, every communication, every minute detail at your disposal in seconds.
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ZipCall Click-to-Call
User Engagement
Connect with your website visitors and get more leads from your same marketing efforts.
Learn more
Send invoices to your customers in a jiffy. All the details are automatically fetched from CRM.
Learn more
Helpdesk & Ticketing
Ticketing System
Better support helps to retain customers & let them self resolve their issues. With proper ticketing system you can offer 24x7 support.
Learn more
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Automate your marketing & run campaigns without human intervention. Send Email, SMS, WhatsApp messages on rulesets based on your business needs.
Learn more
Let your actions start a chain reaction to update the CRM or perform actions like sending an email to user or customers.
Learn more
Bulk Email Campaigning
Bulk Email Campaigns
Email is still has the best RoI. Run bulk email campaigns right from the CRM panel using any email service provider.
Learn more
Bulk SMS Campaigning
Bulk SMS Campaigns
SMS is cheap and gives you best open rate. Run the bulk email campaigns right from the CRM panel using any SMS service provider.
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Custom Forms
Custom Forms
Create forms as per your requirement and attach to the customer's profile. Get the data as you want and require.
Learn more
Deals Management
Deals Management
Always have your sales pipeline on your fingertips. No need to ask your team members or searching on the CRM.
Learn more
Proposals Management
Create custom proposals for your customers and send them as a PDF attachment. You can also create templates which can be used by every employee.
Learn more
Virtual Assistant Daily Digest
Daily Digest
All the tasks, missed followups, recommendations on a single screen. Get charts & graphs about sales performance and take actions on it.
Learn more
Employee Tracking System
Employee Tracking
No more guess work on whether your field employees are working or not? Get real-time reporting & location on your mobile or web-panel.
Learn more
Lead Management
Lead Management
Automatically distribute leads to multiple users based on different parameters, shifts and work load.
Learn more
File Manager
File Manager
Upload files like KYC documents, proposals, images, zip-docs or anything related to customers and access them anywhere.
Learn more
Fully Customisable
Fully Customisable
Fully customisable CRM based on your requirements. Add products & services, lead status or almost anything.
Third Party Integrations
Ready to use integrations with most popular sites used for lead generation like Google-Ads, Facebook/Instagram, JustDial, IndiaMart.
Learn more
Filters For Reporting
Create your own filters to get custom reports based on exhaustive search criteria. Create any type of report easily.
Learn more
Task Scheduling
Task Scheduler
Create & schedule tasks to get a reminder automatically before the meeting or followup. Forgetting a meeting is a thing of past.
Learn more
Send data to any third party software easily. A simple way to use one-way APIs.
Learn more
Escalations For Approval Management
Automate approval management with custom forms and processes. Improve turnaround times for approvals.
Learn more
Subscription and Membership
Manage memberships & subscriptions of your customers in a single interface. No more excel sheets to get their renewal dates.
Learn more
Universal Contact Form
Contact Form
Generate leads from any platform (Social Media, Email, SMS etc) without any website.
Learn more
Believe us, the list doesn't end here, we have just started.

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