CRM For Facebook Leads

Facebook is widely used for generating leads for business due their vast number of users and targeted advertisement opportunity. Learn how you can configure ZNICRM to receive the leads from Facebook.

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Nothing can beat Facebook in terms of social media engagement and this also makes it the number one channel for advertisers to generate targeted leads for their business.

What makes Facebook more interesting for generating leads is the granularity they provide to target the audience for your product.

You can target by demographics, like age, sex, region, work profile or the interest your audience have like Business, Real Estate, Agriculture etc.

Even you have multiple CTAs for your audiences, like, forward them to your website if you want to generate traffic through the ads, or ask them to fill up a form with their details.

The data generated by this form can be downloaded within 30 days in a periodic manner.

However, downloading the data manually is not the only method to get leads from Facebook. You can also connect your CRM application like Intueri CRM to automatically add the data in the CRM in a real-time manner.


Before you start integrating the CRM for the Facebook leads please ensure you have the following configured;

  1. Active Facebook account.
  2. A facebook page for your brand/company.
  3. Active Facebook Ad campaign.
  4. Lead generation form should be connected with the campaign.
  5. A paid subscription to Intueri CRM with licenses for Web-Leads.

How to configure Facebook Leads with Intueri CRM

Login to CRM from and click on Settings -> Integrations -> Facebook


Click on “Continue With Facebook”


Login with your Facebook account. Once logged-in then it will show the list of Facebook pages managed by you. Select the pages for which you want to manage the leads.


Once the page is selected then, click “Next” and allow all the permissions it asks to manage the pages. If you disable any permission then the integration will not work.


Once, you reviewed the permission then click on “Done” and then it will take you back to the Intueri Facebook integration page and will display a list of pages (allowed by you). You have to click on “Connect” given along with the page name for, which you want to receive the leads.


That’s it. All done!

Now, whenever someone fills a lead form for your Ad, then you will get the data directly into your CRM.

If you don’t have an account for Intueri CRM, then click to create a 15 days free trial account.