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CRM Reseller Partner Program

Join us in transforming businesses with our robust CRM solution and earn lucrative commissions as a part of our Reseller Partner Program.

  • Affordable & Cheap
  • Feature Rich
  • Higher Commission Rates
  • Dedicated Account Manager

How it Works:

1. Sign Up: Join our Reseller Partner Program with a simple sign-up process.
2. Get Trained: We provide you with comprehensive training about our CRM product, its features, benefits, and how to market it to your customers.
3. Start Selling: Promote and sell our CRM solution to your customers. Use the provided marketing materials and sales tools to make the process more effective.
4. Earn Commission: For each sale made, earn a significant commission. The more you sell, the more you earn.

Earn Lifetime, Recurring & Unlimited Commission

There is no limit on how much you can earn. Our commission rates varies from 30% to 60% and with our affiliate program you can even earn money on just recommending our software.
Earn From Recommending

Don't want to sell the software yourself but still want to earn through it?

Join our affiliate partner program and earn 30% commission on each sale received (for first year) through the leads generated through your affiliate link. Post it everywhere e.g., on your website, blog posts, social media or send it via WhatsApp and see your revenue grow.


margin on first year
Start with a single customer & get upto 40% margin.
  • Flat rate commission
  • All features
  • Multiple billing options
  • Free support & training
  • Recurring Revenue @ 10%
  • Deposit Required: $500


margin on first year
Qualify the level with 20 customers & get upto 50% margin.
  • Flat rate commission
  • All features
  • Multiple billing options
  • Free support & training
  • Partner Badge
  • Get listing as partner
  • Recurring Revenue @ 20%
  • Deposit Required: $1500


margin on first year
Qualify the level with 50 customers & get upto 60% margin.
  • Flat rate commission
  • All features
  • Multiple billing options
  • Free support & training
  • Get leads from us to convert
  • Partner Badge
  • Get listing as partner
  • Only one Diamond Partner in a city
  • Co-branding on Web-Panel
  • Recurring Revenue @ 30%
  • Deposit Required: $2500

Why Join the reseller partner program?

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is designed to help businesses optimize their customer interactions, streamline their sales and marketing activities, and improve their bottom line. By becoming a reseller, you not only get to offer an industry-leading solution to your clients but also earn a significant commission on each sale.

Industry-leading CRM Solution: With our CRM, your clients will be able to nurture and grow their customer relationships like never before. Our solution offers features such as sales force automation, marketing automation, customer support, and social CRM.

Lucrative Commissions: For each sale made, you earn a substantial commission. The more you sell, the more you earn.

Dedicated Support: As a reseller, you will have a dedicated partner manager to provide support and answer all your questions. You also get access to training, marketing materials, and sales tools to make your selling process seamless.

Flexible Program: We provide a flexible program that accommodates both small and large-scale businesses, allowing you to choose the level of involvement that best suits your business model.

All the essential tools to run your business smoothly...

But Why Should You Buy ?

There are plenty of CRM service providers then why should you invest your money in ?

ZNICRM is super affordable for any size of business with a flat rate pricing unlimited number of users. Yes, you don't have to pay on the basis of number of users you have in your organisation.

Any business be it a small startup or an enterprise can easily use our CRM without worrying about the dent in their bank account.

Feature Rich

There is not a single feature, which our competitors can claim that it is unique to them.

We have every feature in-built and building more on more on our customer's request with a flat pricing. You shouldn't pay exclusively for a feature, which is available for everyone.

Fast & Secure

Working with our CRM is breeze and fully secure.

Unfortunately, we can't say that we are not hackable or there will not be any downtime but what we try is to give you upto 99.9% of uptime and data reliability.


Customisation a CRM based on your requirement is bare-minimum requirement of a software if it wants to be a CRM.

We understand that every customer has a different requirement and based on that we have built our CRM so that every aspect of it can be customised.


Create as many users you want and juggle their licenses as per your needs.

Even if you buy just 5 licenses, you can create unlimited number of users, however, only 5 can use the CRM at a time.


Easy is the synonym of .

We didn't want our own employees to waste their time to learn how to use a CRM then how could we expect it from you. You can up and running within 30 seconds and no configurations are required to get started.

Mobile Friendly

Our CRM is 100% mobile browser friendly.

You can use the CRM on any device and it will give you similar experience as the desktop. So you are not limited with basic features, which generally available on a Mobile App.

24x7 Support

If you need our support then we are here for you. Be it trial user or as a paid customer.

We are available round the clock on ZipCall and on ticket based support. You can also call us on our direct number as a paid customer.


We are not a fly-by-night operator. It is not because we are just saying it but our experience proves it.

Intuerias Technology Pvt Ltd, was incorporated in year 2016 and providing SaaS solutions since then. With over 7 years of experience in running high volume SaaS products we can ensure you that your data is in good hands.

Do you have any doubts regarding partner program?

Check out following FAQs regarding CRM reseller program. If you couldn't find answer to your question below then feel free to contact us from here.

You will need to create five different accounts from your partner panel or you can share them your partner registration link so that they can create their account.

Every customer will have different billing and number of licenses as per their requirement.

Yes, every user you want to give access to CRM data will require a CRM license. You must explicitly assign the license to the user.

Our CRM license have access to all the features like Helpdesk, Invoicing, Marketing Automation etc. It is upto you to whom you want to give access for which feature.

We offer all-in-one pricing for CRM i.e., all the features are included in the CRM price mentioned above and they can't be bifurcated or purchased separately.

Deposit/Wallet Lifetime amount is total amount you have paid to ZNICRM till the date. Basis of total receipts, your partner level will increase automatically and so as the commission margin. This deposit amount is completely adjustable towards your future purchases within a year. Please note this is a non-refundable amount.

It is your responsibility to collect the payment and add them to their panel. If you want then we can also collect the payment directly and pass on your commission to you based on the invoice raised by you.

The cost of CRM licenses can be easily calculated based on the number of users you have. For example, if you have 50 users which are going to use CRM & other features and you are opting for yearly plan then the total cost would be

$2 (per user price) * 50 (number of users) * 11 (months + 1 free, i.e. 12) = $1,100/yr

Access from Desktop, Mobile and Tablet is included in the CRM license cost and you will not have to pay anything extra to use the CRM from a Desktop PC.

We recommend you to create their account first on our panel before sharing the details about the CRM. You can create a CRM account or else you can just create a lead on the CRM account provided to you as a reseller. Once a lead is assigned in your account then it will never be shared or dealt by our internal sales teams.

There are so many components to manage and that cannot be done with a white-label solution. Hence, we do not offer white-label solution.

Cobranding means your logo will be displayed on the customer's web panel at dash.znicrm.com along along with Intuerias logo at the footer section. This co-branding is visible only to your customers.

You will get the equivalent discount when you are renewing your customer's account. If your customer directly pays us then we will deposit the amount in your account after deducting necessary taxes as per the applicable laws. The transfer is only done if the commission is over $500/- in a calendar month.

Partnership agreement is only applicable to Diamond Partners and rest are covered with our regular Terms of Service agreement.

Sorry, that is not possible.

To get regular commissions for lifetime, your reseller partner account should be in active mode. To keep your account in active mode you need enrol a paid customer at least once in a quarter or quarterly sale of USD $250.

Our system will check the account activity every quarter and make your partner account inactive if there was no paid enrolment or min sales amount is less than $250 from your account in past three months.

It is safe to say that to keep your partner account active at least $250 worth sales every quarter is required.

No, it's completely against our policy and we do not allow such activities. If we find any such activity then we will terminate your partner account without any notice along with your customer's account.

However, as a Gold and Diamond partner you will get free 5 & 10 licenses respectively of our Oydessey plan. These licenses will be activated for three months at first and will get renewed automatically if you keep your partner account active.