Free Enquiry Form For Lead Generation

You don't need a website to generate leads. With enquiry form you can generate leads from anywhere.
Create -> Share -> Get Leads
Works everywhere on every device.
  • Easy to share via email, SMS, social media etc.
  • Fully customisable
  • Run workflows on the leads received.
Easy to use and fully customisable contact form for lead generation

Best Form Builder To Generate Leads

A fully hosted solution to generate leads from any platform. Run campaigns via Email/SMS or on Social Media and get leads directly into CRM.
Fully Customisable

Build forms as per your requirements. Add fields, make them optional or mandatory or just build an email database. It's all upto you.

Branded Link

Create branded links for each form, which promotes your brand e.g.,

CRM Integration

All leads are automatically added to CRM. You can route leads to different executives based on their department or their availability.


Run marketing campaigns on the data received from the lead form by adding your Email or SMS gateway or just send confirmation mails without adding anything.

It's Free

You will not be paying anything to receive leads or build form. Everything is free, including the CRM for lifetime.

It's Hosted

It's a fully hosted solution i.e, you don't have to worry about building forms, managing emails or infrastructure.

It Works

Being a universal contact form it works everywhere, with less distractio for the users you will get more leads.

Complete Lead Management Solution

Mnaage your leads like a pro. Conventional "Contact Forms" at best sends the data on e-mail, which doesn't fulfil the purpose of lead generation. With ZNICRM you can control how is your data handled once a lead is received.

Contact Management
Run Workflows
Workflow allows you to automate your repeated tasks like sending welcome mail or SMS or adding the leads to a particular group based on the input.
Cloud Telephony
Lead Distribution
Create rules for the incoming leads based on which the leads are distributed among your staff automatically. No more manually forwarding of mails are required.
Save Time & Money
ZNICRM makes your lead handling process more productive. Smooth processes saves both time and money for the organisation.
Helpdesk For Customer Support
Manage Feedbacks
Not just the leads, you can receive feedbacks and support requests from your customers and then route them to support staff with the help of our Helpdesk feature.

Are you ready to improve your lead flow?

It will take just 3-minutes to get a ready to use form.