Live Chat Alternative For Websites

Best alternative to Live Chat softwares for your website. Don't miss leads just because your agent is not online.
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Don't let leads slip away! Capture every opportunity, 24/7.

Long wait times can be a bummer, but there's a silver lining! Setting clear expectations allows customers to either engage when there's more availability or explore helpful resources. This leads to happier customers and less stress for your team. Our tools works even when there is no agent online. Talk to customer as per your convenience.
User Engagement

Engage with your website visitor to offer your best deals across the website.

Lead Distribution

With Efficient lead distribution & handling you can get 70% more conversions of your leads.

Content Discovery

Show the best content across the website to your visitors no matter where they land.

Higher Conversions

With engagement & content discovery tools, make every page of your website a landing page.

Lead Details

Leads Tracking

Get all the details about your leads before you can talk to them as well as keep track about the lead assignment, sales agent's response time and other analytics.

With our advance lead routing technology, you can assign the leads to right sales agent depending on their reaction time, availability, geographic region, etc.

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Popup Notifications

A small popup at the bottom of the screen grabs the quick attention of the website visitor. Best used to offer page specific deals.

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Last Minute Deal

Get inside of your visitor's brain with Last Minute Deal popup. This intelligent box popups right before your website visitor plans to leave your website.

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Splash Image

Welcome your website visitor with an amazing offer, which they can't resist or just greet them once with a splash image..

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Deal Bar

Want to channelise all your traffic to one specific page or offer a site-wide deal? This is the best place to offer them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers have so many questions in their mind before buying a product and now you can answer them in a single location yet available across the website.

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Best way to build a trust between your product and your website visitor by offering testimonials of your other users right on the contact form.

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Contact Form

This is the heart of our services. It captures the leads, distribute to users and communicate with the website visitors.

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Advance Lead Routing

Getting a lead is just a starting but to get it converted it should be effectively manage, responded and followed. Our routing algorithm take care of most of the part.

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Social Bar

Sharing stories on social media is good way to generate more traffic to your website. Our social bar helps to stack all the social networks in one line for easy accessibility.

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Marketing Dashboard

Get Right Insights

Get amazing analytics about your leads, your visitor's usage pattern, tools responsiveness from a single dashboard and plan your new features accordingly.

Other analytic tools shows you from where you are getting visitors but our analytics tells you from where you are getting the most leads, who they are and what they want. Share it with your marketing department to optimize the marketing efforts.

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It's as ease as 1 - 2 - 3!

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We have a simplest registration form and sign up would take no more than a minute. Fill the form and confirm your email ID.

Paste Code

Get your WebCode and copy-paste on every page of your website. Using WordPress? We have a plug-in for that too.

Configure Tools

Configure tools like Contact Form, Notification Popups, Deal Bar, FAQs from our control panel as per your requirement. Enjoy 70% more conversions.

Deal Bar

A bar at the top or bottom of every page directs the traffic to a specific page with a Call To Action link.


Dynamically show the Frequently Asked Questions on every page. Visitors don't have to visit a new page to look after the answer of a new question.


Increase your conversions by showing testimonials on every page on the Contact Form itself. Right position for testimonials brings you more customers.

Contact Form

A very special contact form, which automatically popups after a pre-defined period of user activity on a page makes every page your landing page.

Advance Lead Routing

Route your leads in an effective manner based on sales agent's availability, geographic region, department or product selection.

Popup Notifications

A bunch of notifications to help you get the visitor's attention. Includes Last Minute Deal, Bottom Notification & Splash Image.

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