Daily Digest

No more guess work or scrolling the reports to find out the best leads to work upon. Every single followup you need to do during the day or person you need to contact will be available on Daily Digest.
Daily Digest keeps you organise and helps you close deals faster. Daily digest gives you a glimpse of;
  • Actions to be performed during the day.
  • Tasks lined up or missed.
  • Active deals require your attention.
  • Leads missing data or yet to be contacted.
  • and more...
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Daily Digest
Your Virtual Assistant

Missing followups? When you get a lot of leads on the daily basis then the chances of old leads getting lost are higher. With Daily Digest you will get a clear picture of your daily tasks, missed followups, target achieved and many more analytical data.

An Intelligent Assistant To Manage Your Day

No more guess work on followups or juggling the calendars. Let the system manage your day for optimal productivity.
Pending Actions

New leads, responses received or leads assigned to you by LMS. Everything with priority will be at your disposal to take action on.

Tasks & Followups

Single window report for all your pending tasks, missed followups and what action should be taken on them will be displayed here.

Overshot Deals

Missed the deadline for a deal or the deal was slipped from your mind? Don't worry, Digest will show you all the deals here which require your attention.

Missing Data

A CRM is only good as data entered into it. If your team members do not update the data then you can't get the CRM's full potential. We will not let it happen.

Let your team check their performance in real-time

Sales Target

Displays realtime status of target achieved vs total target. Keeps the sales team focused.

Lead Status

Displays the quality of leads received during last 30 days. Also, helps in judging sales pipeline.

Deals Performance

It helps to understand where the team is lacking based on the number of deals lost vs won.

Hot Selling Products

To achieve targets, one should focus on customer demand. This chart helps them understand what customers want.

Conversion Ratio

Getting hundred leads in a month but closing just a few. Conversion ratio is a very important data point to understand performance.

Daily Activity

Get a glimpse of daily activity like how many leads received, created, mails sent or received etc.

All the essential tools to run your business smoothly...

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