Send data to any software automatically through CRM.
Do you want to implement outgoing calls through CRM or send data to your in-house ERP solution as soon as it was entered in the CRM? All this can be done through the help of Webhooks.
  • Connect Any Software
  • Automate Processes With Workflow
  • No Need Of Exporting Data
  • and more...
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Webhooks, Send Data To Any Software
What Are Webhooks?

Ever wonder what happens when you press a button on your TV remote?

We are not going to teach you about the science behind it but in short, the remote sends the signal to TV and based on the signals received by the TV it performs some actions.

Webhooks works on the same principal. You are not interacting with a third party software manually, instead whenever an action is performed on the CRM, it sends a signal to third party software that something happened and here is the data about it.

Another simple example is if you are running a Facebook Ad and when somebody enters their data in response to that Ad, Facebook calls our web-hook with the information passed by the user. This makes whole transaction real-time.

Send Data To Any Software With Webhooks

An easy to use one-way API to send data to third party softwares.
Instant Connectivity
No code API

Just enter the URL where you want to pass the data and enter parameters. That's it! You are ready to roll.

Platform Independent
Use Any Programming Language

Use any programming language at the other end, webhooks will still work. No language dependencies.

Push Data
Real-time Access

No need to poll our servers to fetch new data. Post it to the software in real-time.

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