Custom Forms

Customise the CRM as per your requirement. We do not limit you on what we have, instead build the forms as you want.
With custom forms feature you can
  • Gather data as you want
  • Link the data to a customer's profile
  • Capture information as per your business
  • Get unlimited flexibility.
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Contact Management
Custom Forms
Capture data as you want. Build custom forms in the CRM for any task and link it to a customer's profile.

You can create customer form to get payment data or the profile data which is not available by default on the CRM.

Custom Forms Gives You Flexibility

Capture the data as you want and in the format you want. Forms are linked with contacts and can be printed anytime.
Build Forms As You Want

Customise the fields, choose from Input, Dropdown, Product List and Date.

Unlimited Forms

Add as many forms you want in a contact. Use it to get payment info, policy details etc.

Use In Approval Process

Create custom process on form submission, like mailing to a user or send for approval to supervisor.

Real-time Reporting

Create reports based on the forms. In our Advance CRM plan these reports can be customised as per requirement.

Some Use Cases Are

Payment Form

Get the payment details in desired format and send it to Billing for confirmation.

Policy Details

Add policy details (expired or new) of the client. Send reminders on due date.

KYC Data

Get the customer's data as per your requirement e.g., Tax Information, Bank Account Details etc.

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