Employee Location Tracking Software

Employee Location Tracking Software
Track Location, Route Map & Distance Traveled

Stop wasting money on conveyance & DA Track real-time location of your employees using our mobile-based GPS based tracking solution. Enjoy the benefits of comprehensive reporting, task assignment capabilities, and simplified time-sheet management, all in one convenient package!

#1 Employee Location Tracking App For Android & iOS
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Mobile GPS Based Employee Location Tracking System

Improve customer satisfaction and optimise your workforce output with best field-force automation tools.
Location Tracking
Track real-time location, battery & route maps of your field force in sales, delivery or service within seconds.
Real-Time Employee Tracking
Attendance & Time-sheet
Mobile GPS based attendance, expense management, payroll, leave management. You name it, we have it.
HRMS & Payroll
Geo-Fence Compliance
Create geo-fence and ensure that your team stays within the limit of fence. Get instant alerts on breach.
Geo Fence Tracking

How To Track Your Employee's Location?

With TeamSpoor app you can track & manage your field force in a matter of minutes. TeamSpoor CRM app works on iOS & Android (all versions supported).
Contact Management
1. Register An Account
Create an account for your organisation (no credit card required) from here.
Create An Account
Marketing Automation
2. Add Users To Track
Add all the users you want to track. You can add users manually or import them from excel sheet.
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3. Check-In
Ask them to mark their attendance from the TeamSpoor app to start the tracking. Tracking works during work shift.
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Helpdesk & Ticketing
4. Analyse Reports
Check their location, route-maps, visits, meeting status right from your mobile. Get daily, weekly or monthly reports.
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Best In-Class Employee Location Tracking Features

All the tools you need to track your employees field activity. Track your sales team, delivery boys, service managers, field engineers, etc., with an ease.
Location Tracking

Location Tracking

Get real time location of your employees, any time and from any where during their working hours.
  • Track Location via Mobile GPS On Map
  • Check who is in meeting
  • Get alerts when somebody is wasting their time.

Geo Tagged Attendance

Get attendance through their mobile with accurate time and location of Clock-In / Punch-In time.
Geo-location based attendance make it most reliable and ensures everybody follows the rules.
  • Create Unlimited Shifts
  • Get advanced reporting on who is late or absent.
  • Built in Leave Management System to track leaves of your employees.
  • Complete Timesheet Application
Geo Tagged Attendance For Timesheet
Real Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Get real-time reporting from your employees right from the field. Stop guessing where they are, how many meetings they have done, which meeting was fruitful and which didn't worked out.
  • Every detail of their workday right on your fingertips.
  • Ensure all tasks were completed.
  • Inform customers about the scheduled visit.

Route Distance Calculator

Stop leaving the conveyance calculation on guess work and save ton of money for your business. With TeamSpoor you can get how many actual Kms or Miles your field executives travelled in a day for official work and duration of their travel.
  • Get actual distance traveled & duration
  • Only calculates distance for official work.
  • Save money for your business by optimising conveyance calculation.
  • Approve or reject claim.
Route Distance Calculator
Custom Forms

Custom Forms

Create custom forms for your field executives to be filled after every visit. You can create forms to get payment details, new orders, customer feedback or any thing your business requires.
  • Every form is geo-tagged, which ensures the authenticity of the data.
  • Assign different forms to different teams & visit type.
  • Get customer signature or images of the location as authentication of visit.
  • Download reports as per your convenience.

Geo-Fence Monitoring

Create virtual GPS based fences for your in-house employees to ensure they do not leave the location during working hours. It is very useful to track remote employees, which do not have supervision of a manager and are required to stay indoors during working hours.
  • Get detailed reporting of the breaches with in & out timings.
  • Create unlimited geo-fences.
  • Get alerts if somebody breaches the fence.
Geo Fence Monitoring
Route Map Tracking

Route Map Tracking

Get route-map of the employees they follow during the working hours. Route-map tracking ensures that the delivery or service teams do not deviate from their assigned route for some unauthorised adventure.
  • It ensures optimum productivity by the employees.
  • Ensures employee is following the designated path.
  • Saves cost by ensuring conveyance is not paid for unauthorised travel.

Beat Plan - Create Schedules

Create schedules for your teams, which they can follow during the day. A beat plan ensures that your team doesn't have to waste their time in guessing where to visit next.
  • Beat plan is must for delivery and service teams.
  • Create schedules before hand for whole day, week or month.
  • Check in real time how many scheduled visits have been completed and how many are left.
Create Beat Plan
Accurate Reporting

Accurate Reporting

Generate compliance reports, order forms, visits reports, etc with a press of a button. Check user's location on mobile map and other reports.
  • Saves time and improves productivity.
  • No errors.
  • Every report is backed by location data.

Top Benefits Of TeamSpoor Employee Location Tracking System

Field force tracking offers numerous advantages for companies, managers, and field employees, including automated reporting and cost savings. Here are 20 benefits:
Contact Management
Real-time Location Tracking
Companies can monitor the real-time location of field employees, ensuring they are at the right place at the right time.
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ZipCall Click-to-Call
Improved Productivity
Managers can allocate tasks more efficiently based on the location and availability of field employees, thereby improving productivity.
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Proposals Management
Enhanced Customer Service
By tracking field employees, companies can provide customers with accurate arrival times, enhancing customer service.
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Marketing Automation
Automated Reporting
Field employees can submit reports automatically, saving time and reducing paperwork.
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Virtual Assistant Daily Digest
Better Accountability
With tracking, companies can hold field employees accountable for their time and activities, leading to better performance.
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Optimized Routes
Field force tracking helps in optimizing travel routes, reducing travel time and fuel costs.
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Bulk Email Campaigning
Increased Transparency
Managers have a clear view of field operations, increasing transparency and control.
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Bulk SMS Campaigning
Safety and Security
Tracking ensures the safety and security of field employees by monitoring their location in real-time.
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Helpdesk & Ticketing
Cost Savings
Companies can cut costs by optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption, and minimizing overtime payments.
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Custom Forms
Data-driven Decisions
Managers can make informed decisions based on the data collected from field force tracking.
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Reduced Errors
Automated reporting minimizes the risk of errors in data collection and reporting.
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Deals Management
Improved Communication
Field force tracking facilitates better communication between managers and field employees.
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Helpdesk & Ticketing
Enhanced Performance Management
Managers can assess the performance of field employees more accurately, leading to improved performance management.
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Custom Forms
Compliance Monitoring
Companies can ensure that field employees are complying with regulations and company policies.
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Quick Response to Emergencies
In case of emergencies, companies can respond quickly by knowing the exact location of field employees.
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Deals Management
Automated reporting saves time for both field employees and managers, allowing them to focus on core tasks.
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Helpdesk & Ticketing
Resource Allocation
Managers can allocate resources more efficiently based on the location and availability of field employees.
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Custom Forms
Improved Record Keeping
Field force tracking ensures that all data is recorded accurately and is easily accessible.
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Competitive Advantage
By leveraging field force tracking, companies can gain a competitive advantage by offering better services and reducing operational costs.
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Deals Management
Enhanced Collaboration
Field force tracking facilitates better collaboration between field employees and office-based teams, leading to better outcomes
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What Makes Us The Best

TeamSpoor CRM app gives all day battery life even with the accurate location. Unlike other apps in the market which consumes a lot of battery and makes field force team life's hard.
Works On All Platform
Track activity from any platform be it iOS (Apple's iPhone), any Android device or on web panel via our CRM panel.
Works on iOS & Android
Saves Battery
Unlike other solutions which consumes a lot of battery we have a patent pending algorithm which saves battery.
Saves Battery
Accurate Location
Most accurate GPS location without draining the battery or harming the mobile handset. Works even if GPS is not working.
Accurate Location
Ultimate Plan

Simple pricing made after thoughtful consideration.

All the important tools to manage your business right from CRM to Field Force Management.

Per User

$ 5 /mo
Best suited if you want to track and automate reporting of your field employees.


$ 199 /mo
Plan for large business to manage their field force. Feature rich plan for Unlimited users.
Features Basic Lite Ultimate
Manage your leads & customer relationship.
Geo-Tagged Attendance
Get attendance with GPS coordinates and create geo-fences for valid locations.
Build timesheet for compliance. Calculate working hours, overtime & delayed check-ins.
Visit Reports
Get real-time DSR & visit reports with accurate location, time spent & meeting outcome.
Real-Time Location
Most sophisticated algorithm to calculate exact location via mobile GPS. No location spoofing allowed.
Mobile App Access
Get all the reports on the Admin Mobile App.
Web Based Access
Get all the reports on the web panel & download them in excel or CSV formats
GPS Based Distance Calculator
Calculate the distance traveled based on their mobile GPS coordinates. No more extra traveling allowance.
Multiple Offices & Teams
Create multiple offices, teams & managers to handle the teams.
Beat Plan/Task Scheduler
Schedule tasks for your team members in advance on in real-time basis on their location.
Image Upload
Let your users capture the site's image in real-time on every visit and upload them with timestamp.
Signature Upload
Get your customer's signature as a proof of visit.
Custom Forms
Create custom forms to capture data on the field as per the requirements.
Create geo-fences and get alerts when your users breach them. Ensures they stay at their designated location.
Multiple Shifts
Create shifts based on the user's location and profile.
Leave Management
Let your users apply the leave right from the TeamSpoor app.
Expense Management
Get all their expenses at a single place and create payrolls in seconds.
99.9% Accurate Google Maps Based Distance Calculator Premium
Most accurate distance & travel time calculations based on Google Maps. Works even GPS was off during travel.
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