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LT Professional

Best for small business to manage automate tasks for teams.
  • Lead Management
  • Deals Management
  • Basic Invoicing
  • Workflows
LT Business

Best for teams with advance requirements. Manage complete lifecycle of customer.
  • Professional Plan Features
  • Ticketing & Helpdesk
  • Advanced Invoicing
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Lifetime Plan Add-Ons

Additional Contacts
$10 per 1000 Contacts
Additional Space
$10 per GB/year
Setup Support
$100 per session (max 4 hours)
LT Professional
LT Business
CRM Licenses Included
Additional CRM License
$ 50
$ 100
Number of Contacts
Lead Management
Lead Distribution
SMS & Email Campaign
Custom Gateways
Bring in any Email or SMS gateway and we will integrate it for you.
Product Management
Custom Forms
Standard Integrations
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Document Storage
10 GB
50 GB
Website widget for chat & lead generation. Know more...
Universal Contact Forms
Generate leads from any source via customise contact forms. Know more...
Marketing Automation Rules
Workflows Rules
Invoicing (Quotes + Invoices)
WhatsApp Integration
Facebook Official WhatsApp API.
One Click Payment Collection
Payment gateway integration
Ticketing Solution
Includes ticketing, custom domain & knowledge-base
Custom Domain
Custom sub-domain for payment gateway & ticketing support.
Ticket Based Support
Free On-boarding

Do you have any doubts regarding Lifetime Offer Plan?

Check out following FAQs regarding Lifetime plan pricing. If you couldn't find answer to your question below then feel free to contact us from here.

This plan comes bundled with ten user licenses. They cannot be increased or decreased.

CRM license is the core of everything, therefore even if you want to give access to a user for Helpdesk only, you will have to purchase license for CRM as well or otherwise they won't be able to see the customer details.

Yes, every user you want to give access to CRM data will require a CRM license. You must explicitly assign the license to the user.

Please refer to above given plan comparison table to understand what features are available in your plan.

Please refer to above given plan comparison table to understand what features are available in your plan.

ZNICRM is undoubtedly offers the cheapest CRM plan. Have you found any other company, which is offering cheaper CRM plan than this. We offer the cheapest CRM plan in the world with no fine prints.

Access from Desktop, Mobile and Tablet is included in the CRM license cost and you will not have to pay anything extra to use the CRM from a Desktop PC.

  1. Free Trial: We offer a complimentary trial period of seven (7) days during which customers may access and evaluate our product or service at no cost. This trial period is provided solely for the purpose of allowing customers to assess the product's suitability for their needs.

  2. No Refunds: After the expiration of the seven (7) day trial period, no refunds or reimbursements of any kind will be entertained, and all fees or charges incurred are non-refundable. Customers are expressly notified that no exceptions shall be made to this policy.

By accepting this offer and commencing the free trial, customers acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions regarding the trial period and the refund policy.

In a lifetime plan for a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, the term "lifetime" shall be construed as follows:

  1. Duration of Access: The "lifetime" access provided to the customer under this plan is contingent upon the continued existence and operational status of the SaaS product offered by the company.
  2. Company's Discontinuation: In the event that the company offering the software ceases its operations, either voluntarily or involuntarily, and the SaaS product is discontinued as a result, the "lifetime" access granted under this plan shall immediately terminate without any liability whatsoever on the part of the company.
  3. No Obligation for Continued Service: The company shall have no obligation to maintain or provide access to the SaaS product beyond the point of its operational continuity. In such cases, the customer shall have no claim or demand against the company for any form of compensation or restitution.
  4. Legal Disclaimers: Customers are advised to carefully review all terms and conditions associated with this lifetime plan to fully understand the limitations and implications of the "lifetime" access provision in the context of the SaaS product's existence and the company's operational status.

By accepting this lifetime plan, the customer acknowledges and agrees to the foregoing provisions, including the understanding that the "lifetime" access is intrinsically tied to the ongoing viability of the SaaS product and the company offering it, and that the company shall bear no responsibility or liability for any cessation of access resulting from the discontinuation of its operations.

If there is no usage in your account for a period of 90 (three months) then your account will be deleted automatically by the system. However, you will not lose the license but you have to show us a proof of purchase to re-enable the license on the new account.
In case where there is no usage for a year the license will be lapsed without any refund.

Please check the add-ons for the lifetime CRM plan to get an estimation of your future expenditures on the CRM.

This plan works on a self-serve basis. You can register for a free trial at but the training will only be provided after the payment.
Also, once an account manager is assigned then this plan cannot be activated in your account.

This is a self serve plan and no account manager will be provided you. Instead, you can check our YouTube videos and help articles from to setup your account. We also run free webinars on weekly basis where you can learn about the CRM or ask your questions to our representatives.

Please refer to above given plan comparison table to understand how many contacts you can have in your account.