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CRM Built For Growing Business

One Platform, Every Business Tool. Unlock Growth Potential & Streamline Operations.
Boost Sales and Enhance Customer Relationships Effortlessly.

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360° Solution For Lead Management

is not like other CRMs in the market that ends at lead management. We offer many more tools to help your business grow.

Lead Generation

You get the website traffic but no conversions? Our Engage tool will get you to get 80% more conversions.
Employee Management

Deal Management

Manage all your deals in a single place, customer wise, account wise or product wise.
Field Force Management

Sales Tracking

Track your sales in seconds. Create custom reports or use one of the 90+ reports available.
Sales Tracking

Preferred By The Top Companies In The World

Integrated Business Tools To Streamline Operations

With you will get all the essential tools to manage your customers & business operations from pre-sales to post-sales.

20+ CRM Tools For Business

Best CRM tools for your business to run all key processes from sales to marketing & support to invoicing & inventory.
ZNI CRM Features

One CRM Software To Solve All Your Problems

is designed specifically for Small Business & Startups to help them grow in to a large enterprises.
Centralized Customer Information

Eliminates data silos, reduces the risk of losing important information, and ensures everyone is on the same page, improving team collaboration and efficiency.

Keeps all customer data (contact details, purchase history, preferences) in one place, accessible to the entire team.

Improved Customer Segmentation

Facilitates targeted marketing campaigns, personalized communication, and better understanding of customer needs, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Allows businesses to segment customers into different categories based on various criteria (e.g., demographics, purchase history).

Enhanced Customer Service

Addresses issues of slow response times and impersonal service, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Provides quick access to customer information and history, enabling personalized and efficient support.

Streamlined Sales Processes

Helps overcome challenges of missed opportunities due to poor lead management and follow-up, increasing sales efficiency and closing rates.

Automates and manages sales tasks (leads tracking, follow-ups, conversions), making the sales process more efficient.

Efficient Marketing Automation

Reduces the workload on marketing teams, ensures consistent communication with prospects and customers, and enables more effective marketing campaigns.

Automates repetitive marketing tasks (email campaigns, social media posts), allowing for more strategic use of marketing resources.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Helps small businesses move away from guesswork and make informed decisions based on real data, optimizing strategies for better results.

Offers detailed reports and analytics on sales performance, customer behavior, and marketing effectiveness.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Addresses the issue of limited resources in small businesses by enabling teams to do more with less, improving overall productivity.

Automates routine tasks and organizes work processes, freeing up time for strategic activities.

Improved Customer Retention and Loyalty

Addresses the challenge of customer churn by providing tools to create a more engaging and satisfying customer experience.

Helps businesses understand and anticipate customer needs, fostering positive experiences and long-term relationships.

Better Team Collaboration

Eliminates information silos and miscommunications that can lead to inefficiencies and errors.

Enhances communication and collaboration within teams by providing shared access to customer data and interactions.

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But Why Should You Buy ?

There are plenty of CRM service providers then why should you invest your money in ?

ZNICRM is super affordable for any size of business with a flat rate pricing unlimited number of users. Yes, you don't have to pay on the basis of number of users you have in your organisation.

Any business be it a small startup or an enterprise can easily use our CRM without worrying about the dent in their bank account.

Feature Rich

There is not a single feature, which our competitors can claim that it is unique to them.

We have every feature in-built and building more on more on our customer's request with a flat pricing. You shouldn't pay exclusively for a feature, which is available for everyone.

Fast & Secure

Working with our CRM is breeze and fully secure.

Unfortunately, we can't say that we are not hackable or there will not be any downtime but what we try is to give you upto 99.9% of uptime and data reliability.


Customisation a CRM based on your requirement is bare-minimum requirement of a software if it wants to be a CRM.

We understand that every customer has a different requirement and based on that we have built our CRM so that every aspect of it can be customised.


Create as many users you want and juggle their licenses as per your needs.

Even if you buy just 5 licenses, you can create unlimited number of users, however, only 5 can use the CRM at a time.


Easy is the synonym of .

We didn't want our own employees to waste their time to learn how to use a CRM then how could we expect it from you. You can up and running within 30 seconds and no configurations are required to get started.

Mobile Friendly

Our CRM is 100% mobile browser friendly.

You can use the CRM on any device and it will give you similar experience as the desktop. So you are not limited with basic features, which generally available on a Mobile App.

24x7 Support

If you need our support then we are here for you. Be it trial user or as a paid customer.

We are available round the clock on ZipCall and on ticket based support. You can also call us on our direct number as a paid customer.


We are not a fly-by-night operator. It is not because we are just saying it but our experience proves it.

Intuerias Technology Pvt Ltd, was incorporated in year 2016 and providing SaaS solutions since then. With over 7 years of experience in running high volume SaaS products we can ensure you that your data is in good hands.

All-in-One CRM To Manage Your Business