Lead Management System

Experience the power of ! It goes beyond mere lead management by not only helping you effectively handle your existing leads but also empowering you to generate an abundance of new opportunities from multiple channels.
A better lead management system is necessary to get most of your marketing campaigns.
  • Automate Lead Distribution
  • Contact Management
  • CRM Tools For Online Lead Generation
  • Best Third Party Integration
  • and more...
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Lead Management System

What is Lead Management System?

A lead management system helps you to automate the lead generation, scoring based on the actions taken by the lead, distribution to the right team and then handling the pre-sales process.

  1. Capture leads from a variety of sources, such as website forms, email, and social media.
  2. Qualify leads by assessing their interest in the business's products or services.
  3. Nurture leads by providing them with information and resources that are relevant to their needs.
  4. Track the progress of leads through the sales funnel.
  5. Identify and close qualified leads.

Automate Your Lead Generation & Distribution

A lead management system, which doesn't require your input* to manage leads.
Improve Lead Flow
Contact Form

An advance contact form, which will increase the inbound lead flow from your website.

Automate Distribution
No More Dead Zones

Assign leads automatically to different departments and users based on the lead query.

Open API
Connect With Any Source

User our APIs to connect any lead source you would like. Get leads from phone, social media or websites.

Real-time Reporting

Check the real-time updated on lead stage, user productivity, missed followups and more.

Lead Generation

Generate more leads from your website with our Engage tool. More leads means more conversions.

Lead Distribution

Create work schedule and distribute leads based on user's availability, department and the product user interested in. Sooner the right person gets the lead, better your chances are for conversions.

Profile Management

Manage complete profile of the lead, from contact details to sales data & documents. With a single point to access complete data about the customer helps you to improve your response time.

Lead Nurturing

With the help of marketing automation, nurture your leads and build user profile. The more you can personalise the message, better are your chances to get the conversions.

Improve Response Time

The sooner you will respond to customer's queries better are the chances of their conversion. With a handy user profile before the call give you an edge.

Build Relationships

The more the data you have for the customer the better solution you can give to them. Business relationships is all about how you can help them grow.

Your Pathway to Exceptional Lead Management

Discover the Art of Lead Capture

Say goodbye to manual data entry. With our intuitive, automated lead capture system, seize opportunities from all corners of the web. Simplify your process with easy-to-embed web forms and take control of your lead generation like never before.

Prioritize like a Pro with Lead Scoring

In the world of leads, quality trumps quantity. Our system doesn’t just amass leads; it helps you identify the stars among them. With our custom lead scoring feature, give every lead the attention it deserves.

Efficient Lead Distribution - The Right Lead to the Right Hand

Unleash the power of automated lead distribution. Say farewell to chaotic workflows as we bring you a system that routes leads to your sales team based on your predefined criteria. It's all about getting the right leads to the right people at the right time.

Master the Art of Nurturing

Sales are a journey, not a destination. Our platform ensures that no lead is left behind with automated email marketing and drip campaigns. Keep your leads engaged, stay at the top of their mind, and transform potential into profit.

Task Management - Don't Miss a Beat

Our smart task management feature ensures you're always on top of your game. Set reminders, track tasks, and never let a promising lead slip through the cracks again.

Seamless CRM Integration

Enjoy the peace of mind of seamless integration with your CRM. Our platform ensures an effortless transfer of information, painting a complete, detailed picture of each lead. Experience a fluid transition from lead management to customer relationship nurturing.

Unveil the Power of Data with Analytics

Every decision should be a data-driven decision. Our custom dashboards and reports give you insights that matter, shedding light on key metrics, lead generation, conversion rates, and more.

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Lead management at your fingertips. With our mobile-friendly platform, stay connected with your leads whether you're at your desk or on the go.

Uncompromised Security

Your leads' data is your business's treasure. Rest assured that our top-tier security measures protect this valuable asset.

Customization - Your Business, Your Way

Every business is unique. Our platform celebrates this uniqueness by offering you the liberty to customize fields, workflows, and other features. Tailor your experience to fit your specific needs.

Benefits Of Lead Management Tool

With so many channels to get the leads from like, Social Media, Telephone, Email, Website, etc. it is hard to manage the leads without a dedicated tool and analyse the RoI on each channel's marketing.

With a right lead management software RoI can be improved many folds by judging the spending on right marketing channel.

A lead management system can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. It can help businesses to improve their lead conversion rate and generate more sales.

Here are some of the benefits of using a lead management system:

  • Increased efficiency: A lead management system can help businesses to automate many of the tasks involved in lead management, such as lead capture, lead qualification, and lead nurturing. This can free up time for sales and marketing professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Improved visibility: A lead management system provides businesses with a single view of all of their leads. This allows businesses to track the progress of leads through the sales funnel and identify any potential problems early on.
  • Improved productivity: A lead management system can help businesses to improve their lead conversion rate. By providing businesses with the tools they need to qualify leads and nurture them through the sales funnel, lead management systems can help businesses to close more deals.
  • If you are looking for a way to improve your lead management process, a lead management system is a good option to consider. There are many different lead management systems available, so you can choose one that meets the specific needs of your business.

All the essential tools to run your business smoothly...

Best Features Of

We don't compromise on the features just because we are selling an affordable CRM.
Contact Management
Contact Management
Manage your contacts like a boss, every communication, every minute detail at your disposal in seconds.
Learn more
ZipCall Click-to-Call
User Engagement
Connect with your website visitors and get more leads from your same marketing efforts.
Learn more
Send invoices to your customers in a jiffy. All the details are automatically fetched from CRM.
Learn more
Helpdesk & Ticketing
Ticketing System
Better support helps to retain customers & let them self resolve their issues. With proper ticketing system you can offer 24x7 support.
Learn more
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
Automate your marketing & run campaigns without human intervention. Send Email, SMS, WhatsApp messages on rulesets based on your business needs.
Learn more
Let your actions start a chain reaction to update the CRM or perform actions like sending an email to user or customers.
Learn more
Bulk Email Campaigning
Bulk Email Campaigns
Email is still has the best RoI. Run bulk email campaigns right from the CRM panel using any email service provider.
Learn more
Bulk SMS Campaigning
Bulk SMS Campaigns
SMS is cheap and gives you best open rate. Run the bulk email campaigns right from the CRM panel using any SMS service provider.
Learn more
Custom Forms
Custom Forms
Create forms as per your requirement and attach to the customer's profile. Get the data as you want and require.
Learn more
Deals Management
Deals Management
Always have your sales pipeline on your fingertips. No need to ask your team members or searching on the CRM.
Learn more
Proposals Management
Create custom proposals for your customers and send them as a PDF attachment. You can also create templates which can be used by every employee.
Learn more
Virtual Assistant Daily Digest
Daily Digest
All the tasks, missed followups, recommendations on a single screen. Get charts & graphs about sales performance and take actions on it.
Learn more
Employee Tracking System
Employee Tracking
No more guess work on whether your field employees are working or not? Get real-time reporting & location on your mobile or web-panel.
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Lead Management
Lead Management
Automatically distribute leads to multiple users based on different parameters, shifts and work load.
Learn more
File Manager
File Manager
Upload files like KYC documents, proposals, images, zip-docs or anything related to customers and access them anywhere.
Learn more
Fully Customisable
Fully Customisable
Fully customisable CRM based on your requirements. Add products & services, lead status or almost anything.
Third Party Integrations
Ready to use integrations with most popular sites used for lead generation like Google-Ads, Facebook/Instagram, JustDial, IndiaMart.
Learn more
Filters For Reporting
Create your own filters to get custom reports based on exhaustive search criteria. Create any type of report easily.
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Task Scheduling
Task Scheduler
Create & schedule tasks to get a reminder automatically before the meeting or followup. Forgetting a meeting is a thing of past.
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Send data to any third party software easily. A simple way to use one-way APIs.
Learn more
Escalations For Approval Management
Automate approval management with custom forms and processes. Improve turnaround times for approvals.
Learn more
Subscription and Membership
Manage memberships & subscriptions of your customers in a single interface. No more excel sheets to get their renewal dates.
Learn more
Universal Contact Form
Contact Form
Generate leads from any platform (Social Media, Email, SMS etc) without any website. It's Free!!
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Believe us, the list doesn't end here, we have just started.