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Custom Reporting Filters For CRM
Custom Reporting Filters

Build reports as per your requirement. Custom reports helps to fetch the data from CRM, which is most important to you.

Save Time with Automation. Time-efficiency is probably one of the most important benefits of custom reporting. Instead of gathering data, preparing and crunching the numbers in Excel, and then having to create the report, for example, in PowerPoint, you could use our reporting tool that does all of that for you.

Pull The Right Data When You Want With Custom Reporting Filters

Create a filter once and use it anywhere in the CRM. No need to select tons of options every time you want to pull data.
Create Once, Use Anywhere

Filter once created can be used anywhere in the CRM. It saves your time and your data is available whenever you want.

Control The Data

Multiple filter options allows you to control the data flow to the specific data points. E.g., leads created by user X, who were not contacted in past 20 days.

Bulk Transfer

Use the filters to transferring the leads from one user to another to delete them in bulk.

Use For Marketing

Same filters can be used for bulk email & sms marketing. So you will know that you are running campaigns on updated data.

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