What is Lead Management & How It Works?

Every business, whether they are small or big, depends on customers. In the initial stages, these customers are leads. You require converting every Lead into loyal customers.

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Lead Management System

Lead management 

Every business, whether they are small or big, depends on customers. In the initial stages, these customers are leads. You require converting every Lead into loyal customers. To do this precisely, you need to make every marketing and sales lead into loyal customers. ZNICRM provides the following features that can help to enhance your business. It includes   

  • Identify quality leads from the group of leads  
  • Nurture promising leads into consumers   
  • Analyse all the Leads for better results 
  • Improve response time 
  • Engage with Leads from multiple points   

What is a lead management system?  

What is lead management system

Lead management is the strategy or tactics of the sales department. This process helps to identify which leads are in the process of closure. It is a systemic process where all the incoming Leads can become loyal customers. In this process, this feature identifies, nurtures, analyse and makes data to convert into successful business opportunities.  

In a typical sales process, many leads come from various sales processes. These leads convert into deals. For this, you need to have a lead management system that can manage and handle all these leads.   

ZNICRM is consistently the customer’s choice as it provides a lead management process that helps in boosting leads and converting them into deals. With various features, any business, whether they are small or big, your sales representatives can convert more leads in less time. From lead generation to several other characteristics, ZNICRM provides the platform for all the customers.   

ZNICRM provides the lead management feature in the software. Their features include;  

Generating Leads  

Lead Capturing -  

The first process is lead capturing. Lead capturing is the essential feature of CRM software. You can create quick web forms for better marketing. The best marketing feature is to capture leads through contact forms that will help in getting information. You can also generate leads from our Zip Call tools.  

To make a form, you do not have to code for a single line. Everything is automatic in ZNICRM. With web forms, you can quickly convert website visitors to lead. After capturing the lead, you can transfer that lead to the sales department. After knowing the information, you can handle that visitor to become a potential buyer. You can also analyse the web forms to check how it is working. If you check the performance of your web form, you can generate more similar leads.  

Engage customers with CRM-  

Better results are only possible if you have happy customers. ZNICRM provides the feature of Zip Calls through which customers and employees can contact directly. It is a feature that can also help the customers to engage with the organisation in less time.  

Enrich leads

Profile management  

For better results and to boost growth, you require profile management. ZNICRM provides a feature that can automatically manage all the information of the customers. You do not have to manually enter all the information of the customers. The more information you get about the leads, the higher the chances to convert those leads. A software with lead management functionality can have publicly available information like lead contact, job title, location, time zone, company name and social media profiles. 

This information can help to track all the lead's activities on your website - the number of times they visited your website, their interests and resources downloaded. This information will help to personalise the sales efforts.  

Lead distribution  

The sooner your sales representatives contact these leads, the more likely you will receive better results. Suppose you handle more of these leads manually to the right sales representatives, then it will be more time-consuming. 

An effective lead management system can automatically transfer leads to the sales teams and also calls so that they can easily handle all the information of the leads.  

This way, you can easily assign the leads directly to the sales reps instead of manually searching in the CRM software. You can also make reports that can instantly analyse which sales reps are working the most and can perform the best in the whole department. You can transfer all the leads to the right sales representatives.  

Nurturing the leads   

Many of your leads are still not ready to become potential buyers. Lead nurturing is a process to educate and show the value of the products. The lead management system can send nurture campaigns to these leads. These nurture campaigns include determining values through content and promotional offers, helping them in their decision-making process.   

Benefits of using ZNICRM lead management system 

Improve lead nurturing- 

ZNICRM lead management system will help to nurture your leads. Nurturing leads is also important, just like sales. Our lead management system will enable you to sustain your Leads effectively. You can nourish your Leads, including social media marketing, email campaigns and more.   

You can effectively filter your leads. ZNICRM lead management system can help you filter your leads easily according to your criteria. Based on different demographics and other fields, you can classify your leads and focus on them.  

Develop insights- Our lead management system can help to develop insights with the customers. These insights will help in analysing employees’ desires and their priorities. It will help in the decision making and conversion process.  

Team coordination-  

Our lead management system will help to coordinate with the teams. This feature of CRM is useful when you have multiple employees. Coordinating different actions for a unique set of leads with various departments is complex. ZNICRM lead management system will resolve this issue. You can easily coordinate with the team with this feature.   

Improve response time- 

With the help of the ZNICRM lead management system, you can improve your response time. Presently, every customer wants their inquiries to resolve as quickly as possible. You can even schedule your responses to requests during peak and off-hours.