Simple & Affordable CRM Pricing

One affordable CRM plan with all the essential business tools. A CRM built for growing small business with upto 500 users.

One Plan


Simple per-user pricing, No minimum users required to start & pay monthly.
All the essential features your business needs to grow. Pay monthly or yearly.
Check full working of CRM with our demo video.

Lead Management
Manage all your leads & their conversations at a single place.

Send Quotes & Invoice to your customers right from the CRM.

Help Desk & Ticketing
Provide your customers the top notch support they deserve.

Field Force Management
Manage your field force right from your mobile. Real-time tracking.

Plus a lot more
This is just a glimpse of the features we provide. Click here to see the complete list of features.

Cancel Anytime
No long term commitment. Pay monthly or cancel anytime.

Free On-boarding
Completely free onboarding & training for your team.


Field Force Automation (TeamSpoor) Pricing

Automate reporting and track your field staff. Know more...
Simple Pricing
Flat Rate, Per User Pricing

Simple pricing made after thoughtful consideration. Start small and upgrade with your business growth.

Unlimited tools to manage your field force in matter of minutes right on your mobile or computer. Check features...

Attendance & Tracking

$ 5 /mo
Location tracking & accurate timesheet. Pay per user..

Tracking + CRM

$ 10 /mo
Plan for growing business with all the advanced tools to manage your field force.
FeaturesTracking & AttendanceCRM + Tracking
Free CRM
Manage your leads & customer relationship.
Geo-Tagged Attendance
Get attendance with GPS coordinates and create geo-fences for valid locations.
Build timesheet for compliance. Calculate working hours, overtime & delayed check-ins.
Visit Reports
Get real-time DSR & visit reports with accurate location, time spent & meeting outcome.
Real-Time Location
Most sophisticated algorithm to calculate exact location via mobile GPS. No location spoofing allowed.
Mobile App Access
Get all the reports on the Admin Mobile App.
Web Based Access
Get all the reports on the web panel & download them in excel or CSV formats
GPS Based Distance Calculator
Calculate the distance traveled based on their mobile GPS coordinates. No more extra traveling allowance.
Multiple Offices & Teams
Create multiple offices, teams & managers to handle the teams.
Beat Plan/Task Scheduler
Schedule tasks for your team members in advance on in real-time basis on their location.
Image Upload
Let your users capture the site's image in real-time on every visit and upload them with timestamp.
Signature Upload
Get your customer's signature as a proof of visit.
Custom Forms
Create custom forms to capture data on the field as per the requirements.
Create geo-fences and get alerts when your users breach them. Ensures they stay at their designated location.
Multiple Shifts
Create shifts based on the user's location and profile.
Leave Management
Let your users apply the leave right from the TeamSpoor app.
Expense Management
Get all their expenses at a single place and create payrolls in seconds.
99.9% Accurate Google Maps Based Distance Calculator Premium
Most accurate distance & travel time calculations based on Google Maps. Works even GPS was off during travel.
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Do you have any doubts regarding billing?

Check out following FAQs regarding CRM pricing. If you couldn't find answer to your question below then feel free to contact us from here.

The CRM licenses are priced on per user basis i.e., you will be charged based on the number of users you want to give access to CRM. However, you will also get same number of licenses for helpdesk, invoicing and other features.

CRM license is the core of everything, therefore even if you want to give access to a user for Helpdesk only, you will have to purchase license for CRM as well or otherwise they won't be able to see the customer details.

Yes, every user you want to give access to CRM data will require a CRM license. You must explicitly assign the license to the user.

Our CRM license have access to all the features like Helpdesk, Invoicing, Marketing Automation etc. It is upto you to whom you want to give access for which feature.

We offer all-in-one pricing for CRM i.e., all the features are included in the CRM price mentioned above and they can't be bifurcated or purchased separately.

ZNICRM is undoubtedly offers the cheapest CRM plan. Have you found any other company, which is offering cheaper CRM plan than this. We offer the cheapest CRM plan in the world with no fine prints.

It depends on the size of your organisation and the number of licenses you have. If you are on a yearly plan with minimum of 10 licenses or on a monthly plan with 100+ licenses then there is no extra charges for integration of popular third party tools. Otherwise, it would cost you from $50/hr of work.

The cost of CRM licenses can be easily calculated based on the number of users you have. We have two fixed price plans for up to 50 users and for unlimited users. You will not be charged anything extra.

Access from Desktop, Mobile and Tablet is included in the CRM license cost and you will not have to pay anything extra to use the CRM from a Desktop PC.

You can create up to 5000 contacts in our startup plan. The limit on number of users you can create is none i.e., you can create unlimited number of users.

No, there is no limit in our Unlimited Users Plan in CRM. It's a true unlimited plan and you can create any number of users in it and assign them CRM license. However, other features may not be unlimited. For example, in Unlimited plan you will get only 20 Helpdesk licenses, 10 Inventory licenses and so on. Please consult with our sales team to get full feature list and their FUP.

TeamSpoor unlimited has a fair usage policy limit of 100 users. To keep the resources in check we have a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) where after 100 users you will have to justify the increment of the licenses to add more users and basis on the request the company (Intuerias Technology Private Limited) will decide to grant more licenses or not. The rights are reserved to Intuerias Technology Private Limited to accept or reject the request.

We have a single plan with all the features. No pricing comparison required.