ZipCall Cloud Telephony - Stop Chatting, Start Talking

Talk to your customers in real-time from anywhere in the world, right on your website.
ZipCall setting a new standard in customer service, especially for SaaS providers. With ZipCall Click-to-Call solution you have tons of benefits.
  • Talk to your customers for free
  • No calling plan required
  • Works right from your website
  • Generate more leads
  • Comes With CRM
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Top Benefits of ZipCall Click-to-Call Solution

Handle unlimited calls from anywhere in the world with free IVR service.
Free For All
Let your customers call you for free from any country. It's free for them & it's free for you.
Works Everywhere
Your customers can call you from their phone, website or even right from Twitter or Facebook page.
Full CRM
Get a full featured CRM along with ZipCall to manage your leads & existing customers.
Close Deals Faster

Close Deals Faster

Solve customer's queries in a jiff without having them leave your website to fill "Contact Us" forms or looking for ways to contact you.

Make Customers Happy

Provide round the clock support to your customers right from your website. Let them call you instead of text chatting for hours to solve a tiny problem.

Make Your Customers Happy
Feet The Emotions

Feel The Emotions

Text chat is emotion less. When you are dealing with a customer who is having some issues with your product, you can not get their emotions always on a chat window. Voice Chat allows you to understand what your client is going through.

How's It Better Than Other Solutions

Best tool to provide Sales & Support to your international clients.
Easier Than Chat
Chat is boring & tiresome. A lot can be done over a 5 minutes call than over a 30 minutes of chat.
Be Local
Talk with customers in their local language. State & Country specific call routing.
Unlimited Scalability
Handle one call per minute to thousands of calls per minute. With ZipCall it's easy.
Connect For Free
ZipCall is free for everyone. Users can call any business or even their friends anywhere in the world.
Zero Bots
Answer your customer's calls through IVR, even during non-working hours. No more "agent is offline" message.
Go Remote
Run your call centre with distributed teams across the world. A true remote solution.

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