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Facebook is widely used for generating leads for business due their vast number of users and targeted advertisement opportunity. Learn how you to use ZNICRM as a Free CRM to receive the Facebook leads.

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Nothing can beat Facebook in terms of social media engagement and this also makes it the number one channel for advertisers to generate targeted leads for their business.

What makes Facebook more interesting for generating leads is the granularity they provide to target the audience for your product.

You can target by demographics, like age, sex, region, work profile or the interest your audience have like Business, Real Estate, Agriculture etc.

Even you have multiple CTAs for your audiences, like, forward them to your website if you want to generate traffic through the ads, or ask them to fill up a form with their details.

The data generated by this form can be downloaded within 30 days in a periodic manner.

However, downloading the data manually is not the only method to get leads from Facebook. You can also connect your CRM application like Intueri CRM to automatically add the data in the CRM in a real-time manner.

Why should you use FacebookAds for lead generations?

 In the present scenario, there are millions of small businesses that are boosting their leads through Facebook. Now you can think that your business can reach many people through Facebook advertising and marketing. 

So, how you can reach the target audience? The answer is Facebook Lead Ads. Let’s discuss Facebook Lead Ads. 

What is Facebook Advertising?

It is the job of marketers and other representatives to reach the audience. Presently, Facebook has 2.7 billion users on Facebook. It means that current and potential users are present on Facebook.

So, to target the audience, it is essential to reach with excellent Facebook Advertisements.

Facebook Ads help to target audiences that are potential buyers and current customers on the platform. The best feature to make Facebook Ads is that you can customise your ads. Facebook asks questions from you and the potential buyers about their preferences, geographical location and various other parameters. After asking these questions, Facebook uses this information to target those audiences. 

Facebook also asks you about your budget, placement and target audience number. After all this information, Facebook becomes more specific to generate leads. 

What is Facebook Lead Ads?

In the traditional lead generation path, customers land on the website or any official site to get information about the organisation. We can think in this way that if any potential customers first interacted through Facebook.

Then, to input the information, they land on the website. That means these people are high-quality leads. We can say this because they left the complete work altogether to know the information. 

However, what if the customer is mildly interested? The customer does not want to leave the work which he is doing. So, for this purpose, Facebook Lead Ads is the best solution. Facebook Lead Ads is a tool that can boost leads. Facebook Lead Ads enable the users to stay on the platform while completing and submitting the lead form. You can create the lead form and ask for the details of the customers similar to the lead’s name, email address and contact information. They can complete this information precisely on that same platform where they are presently available. 

It is the best way to impress your customer. They will experience a user-friendly platform, and with that, they will get a user experience. You can give a positive impression to the customers. 

People can easily tap the information and can get the information.

The pre-populated forms are already present on Facebook, and with simple taps, they can get the information they want. You will also get qualified customers.

Facebook Lead Ads is a tool that generates leads at lower prices. You can get the information from mobile phones and desktops. 

How do Facebook Lead Ads work?

Facebook Lead Ads is like paid Ads. You can set up an ad through the Facebook Ads manager. You have a unique feature to customise these leads or Ads. The customisation of these leads includes customising targeting features, creative assets, and budget. 

Facebook then uses this information to target potential users. These ads are visible on the news feed of Facebook. Facebook will try to handle all the issues. These Lead Ads work through the promotion of these Lead Generation offers. If you want to get any potential customers, they will click these sponsored posts, after which these customers will get proposals. You can make these offers as a tool to generate more leads. 

When the customer taps, these ads then all the data of the clients are automatically available on the form.

After filling up this information, the customer will receive a “Thank you” message.


Before you start integrating the CRM for the Facebook leads please ensure you have the following configured;

  1. Active Facebook account.
  2. A facebook page for your brand/company.
  3. Active Facebook Ad campaign.
  4. Lead generation form should be connected with the campaign.
  5. A paid subscription to Intueri CRM with licenses for Web-Leads.

How to configure Facebook Leads with Intueri CRM

Login to CRM from https://dash.intueri.io and click on Settings -> Integrations -> Facebook


Click on “Continue With Facebook”


Login with your Facebook account. Once logged-in then it will show the list of Facebook pages managed by you. Select the pages for which you want to manage the leads.


Once the page is selected then, click “Next” and allow all the permissions it asks to manage the pages. If you disable any permission then the integration will not work.


Once, you reviewed the permission then click on “Done” and then it will take you back to the Intueri Facebook integration page and will display a list of pages (allowed by you). You have to click on “Connect” given along with the page name for, which you want to receive the leads.


That’s it. All done!

Now, whenever someone fills a lead form for your Ad, then you will get the data directly into your CRM.

About pre-populated form or Facebook Lead form

Facebook Lead forms are the form that collects lead information like the lead’s name, contact number and email address. The lead forms mutually benefit both parties. If you are availing the consumer then you will also receive one potential customer. These lead firms can boost the leads.

The most important feature of these lead forms is that the customer can automatically fill up all the customer’s information. The customers do not even have to leave the platform. 

How can you get potential customers from Facebook Ads?

You can receive potential customers if you will keep in mind some points. 

  • User-friendly - Pre-populated forms mean people can submit the form and receive information through the small screen. Facebook Lead Ads is user-friendly to generate more leads.
  • Reduce manual work- Facebook Lead Ads reduces most of the manual work. The Ads present on Facebook automatically fill up the contact details that minimise manual work.
  • Target the right audience- Target the right audience in advance. If you target any, the user then optimises and personalises these ads accordingly. 
  • Ask the correct question- Facebook Ads should ask the correct question so that you can get more information in minimum time.
  • Integrate with your CRM- To make your Facebook Ads more user-friendly and, to the customers generate leads through CRM The CRM will provide the best and customise lead ads. 

Benefits of Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Here are some benefits that help in generating the lead.

  • Native functionality- Facebook Ads will help to generate leads as the users do not have to leave the platform. They can automatically fill in all the details without actually leaving the Facebook platform.
  • The mobile responsiveness- The app is already on the mobile. So, the Facebook Lead Ads is beneficial for mobile. It means you can use your mobile and check out these ads.
  • Timesaving- Facebook Lead Ads saves time as they automatically fill up all the details.
  • Customisation-You can easily customise the Facebook Lead Ads according to the customer’s needs and preferences.
  • Efficiently collect the data- Facebook Ads easily handle all the data. These add easily collect the essential information of the user.
  • Provide a lot of lead generation campaign kinds- It provides a lot of campaign kinds like webinar sign-ups and content downloads.

How to create a Lead Ad form from your Facebook page?

In the beginning, review your lead Ad with the legal team to check out the advertising policies and the questions you are going to ask. The reviews will make you look different. 

  • Open your Ads manager- Login to the Facebook page and navigate the Ads manager. Then, you can click create.
  • Select your Campaign aim- After this, you should select the campaign aim. It is necessary to tell the purpose of the marketing or lead form. 
  • Name your Ad Campaign- Mention the campaign aim. If these Ad Campaigns have their name and intention, it is easy to target the audience.
  • Create an Ad-set- Ad-set is the basket that will help to keep all the ads in one basket. You should add as many descriptions as possible. The Ad-set should reflect the name so that you can take reference afterwards.
  • Identify the business page- Use the drop-down to check where your business page exists. Your company may have various company pages.
  • Take advantage of dynamic assets- This option allows describing the creative assets. It is essential to define the combination of creative assets as it can create the headlines, image, CTA and other subsegments of the audience. 
  • Filter the audience – You can select all the characteristics and behaviour of the target audience from age to interest. Facebook has unique segmentation where you can choose users’ interests, behaviour, or demographic information. You can also choose to exclude people based on specific criteria.

If you don’t have an account for Intueri CRM, then click https://dash.intueri.io/register.php to create a 15 days free trial account.