#1 Pharma Reporting Software

The only pharma reporting software for MR you will ever need. Manage your MR’s timesheet, meeting schedules, location, payrolls & attendance right from their mobile. Application available for iOS and Android.

Clock In & Clock Out

Let your employees mark their Clock In and Clock Out time from anywhere in the world. No hardware required.

Track Visits

No more guesswork. Get the accurate reports of their visits and time along with meeting outcome.


Create geo-fences & beat plans to ensure all the sites were visited as per the schedule.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) Application for Pharma Industry. 

Track your MRs activity, automate reporting and calculate incentives all from the single software.

With our MR Reporting Software, you can create, modify and send beat plans (a schedule of visits) to your medical representatives on the go or make an advance schedule for the whole month.

You can approve or disapprove tour deviations of sales representatives, or they can mark their visits to doctors, add new locations of doctors.

Managers can track the number of visits completed by the medical representative, pending appointments, the route followed and meeting details form a single mobile application software.

Pharma SFA (Sales Force Automation) Software automates reporting hence saving time and improves the productivity of the Medical Representatives (MR) on the field.

TeamSpoor automatically creates the work report of the salesforce as they work during the day and can be tracked by managers and supervisors on a real-time basis.

You can also create a managerial hierarchy and assign privileges based on their designations. Reports are available on a real-time basis on the Web as well as through a mobile app.

Medical Representative reporting app can make an expense report, automatically calculate conveyance based on the distance travelled, track real-time location, and provide attendance management system.

Pharma Reporting Software Features

Anywhere Attendance

Get the Clock In and Clock Out time right from your MR's mobile phone. The best application to track their attendance and build the payroll.

Real-Time Reporting

Get real-time reporting of Medical Representatives. No more home based calling, which leaks revenue and kills performance of the MRs. Exact reporting for the day with GPS tags.

Geo-Location With Address

Every attendance data on the timesheet (clock-in and clock-out) is bundled with geo-location (GPS coordinates) for authenticity. Check from where they started their day.

Location Tracking

Built in employee location tracking during working hours helps managers to deploy their resources at the right location at right time to get best productivity.

Payroll Reporting

Export your data in CSV or Excel format for payroll creation. Data also contains the distance traveled and conveyance rates for auto reimbursements.

Task Scheduling

Create beat plan or schedule tasks for your MRs to help them get the most productivity during the working hours. Ensure every visit was completed in timely manner and get reports in real-time.

Why Do You Need SFA Software?

A SFA software will increase the accountability of employees and leads to higher productivity of the MRs.

Create payrolls faster and incentivise the right employees for their work. With automated and authentic reports you can save lot of cost and motivate the employees too.

Stop paying the incentives and conveyance based on a guess work. Get conveyance & expense reports for the actual distance travelled and visits made.