Free Employee Attendance Tracker

The best employee attendance tracker for your business, to create timesheet and staff attendance reports. Create reports like Clock-In and Clock-out, working hours, overtime, punctuality and more.

Free Employee Attendance Tracker & Staff Tracking System

What is Employee Attendance Tracker?

Employee attendance tracker helps businesses to manage the clock-in and clock-out of the employees for payroll purposes.
Attendance tracker also refers to the staff overtime tracking as well.

Tracking exact working hours of employees is must for government compliances and to reimburse the employees for the hours they have worked properly.

With TeamSpoor employee attendance tracker, you can also track their leaves, overtime, expenses and get daily sales report.

Learn more about Employee Time Clock application.

Uses of Attendance Tracker

Real-time Location

Track your real-time location during their working hours. Also, get alerts when somebody is wasting their time.

Enhanced Productivity

Get more out of your field force with enhanced productivity tools like Beat Plan, anywhere attendance & more.

On-time Reporting

Real-time reporting allows faster decision making and up to date data from the field staff all the time.

Additional Features

Real Time Reporting

Get real-time location of your team. With InstaTrack you can track the location second by second. With patent pending technology you can also get alerts when somebody is wasting their time by staying at a location where they shouldn't.


Getting the Clock-In and Clock-Out time of the employees is as easy as pressing a button on your mobile. All they have to do is to mark the same once in the morning and once when they are leaving the office. All others reports will be calculated by the system automatically.

Route Map

Route maps are the best way to judge where your team is wasting their time or are they following the most optimised route to their meetings or destination? Route map gives a clear idea about the field executive's performance during the day.

Beat Plan - Schedule Jobs

Schedule all the tasks/jobs like delivery, visits, followups, installations, etc. in advance for your team. With beat plan, TeamSpoor also guide your team with an optimised route, which will save their time and your money.