3 Attributes of Website Conversion That Decide Success in Online Sales!

3 Attributes of Website Conversion That Decide Success in Online Sales!

Many startups and smaller tech firms rely on website conversion strategies to attract the customers and generate sales online. Like most other tactics, online sales to has both ‘pros and cons’ to its credit. While you leverage the pros, but you should not ignore the cons and keep yourself in contemplation to neutralize the cons for even better conversion rates.

It is all about adjustability. It isn’t wrong to say that adjustability is the conceptual basis of evolution from every aspect. The Darwin’s ‘Theory of natural selection’ is all about the way living being evolved with the changing world. The role of evolution works pretty much similarly in every sphere of life, even in today’s competitive market of startups.

How you choose to work is your choice but it is only about the scalability of those implementations and how you use it for the betterment of your business. You can’t use a screwdriver instead of a knife and expect the same performance from both the tools. You need to choose the right tool and learn to use it in a more efficient manner to ensure the best possible results.

For instance, if you want to travel through congested streets, a bike is more suitable for use instead of a Sedan Car. Though, that doesn’t change the fact that a sedan offers more power, comfort, and safety. But because you don’t need these aspects while driving through the streets, the pros are of no use for you.

On the other hand, a bike is a two wheeler, less powerful, comparatively more vulnerable and practically less comfortable but still, it works because it has the traits that will suit the street conditions. It doesn’t take much space, it is more cheeky, mobile and practically viable for the streets.

Viability should never be ignored. When you ignore cons, you might miss out on the fact that the cons might overpower the pros. Viability is the factor that tells you what suits you the best and when you talk of website conversions, there are certain viability factors which you can’t ignore.

The basic purpose of the website is to inform the user, invoke curiosity and then use this curiosity by converting it into a sale. Many people today, don’t stress on informing and making the customer curious and wholeheartedly focus on conversions. That is never going to work. Why do you think 90% business websites never take off successfully?

What Matters the Most in Online Sales?

Many businesses shy away from the part of informing and invoking curiosity to generate leads. That is the reason why online sales are mostly driven by cold calls. You contact unknown people with no particular information about his interest and hope that he turns out to be interested. It is a blind process that doesn’t guarantee a success or failure for a matter of fact. So you have no idea about how it turns out, no idea whatsoever.

First and foremost, it is really important to understand the limitations of online sales before you examine the ways to crack online sales. The most evident drawback is the factor that your visitor is not physically present before you so you can’t adjudge his interest in purchasing a product/service.

Secondly, it is much harder to get the desired response from those ones too whom you find interested. And this is can be confusing, to say the least. This can often turn out to be a misleading strategy and one can’t do much about it. So, you are actually trying to aim at a target which you don’t know about. So you never know if you will succeed or not. Just keep firing with a hope that you will hit the target by chance.

A smart business is more inclined to work on a very well researched and accordingly planned ‘strategy’ which has a clear intent, focused aim and an efficient work process. In cold calls, you get none. In other words, you have no clue about the opportunities that lies on your way to glory. You can’t board on a wrong plane and hope that it takes you to the right place. And if your business relies on such hopes, your vehicle of conversion is not on the right track. And sadly, it is taking you away from your own dreams.

On a broader view, a major portion of online sales strategy revolves around your website. While people tend to showcase their exuberance on their websites to pull visitors towards the sale, they often disrespect the criterions that can scale their website conversion rates, seamlessly directing the visitors toward sales. To be honest, You don’t need a sales oriented approach for online sales. What you need is the ability to satisfy a customer by offering him his desired solution.

There is a difference between ‘take my product’ and ‘here’s a product for you’ which you need to create in the online world. People have no reason to trust a business it’s product/service just because their website told you to do so. You need to build that trust with a very neat and uncomplicated interaction with the visitor. Here are the three key attributes of a business website which strengthen its chances of online sales by a remarkable margin.

Content Discovery

This attribute is basically about how easy is it for your customers reach a relevant content. When a person explores a business website, he is hardly in a mood to waste his time. And if you are not able to deliver what he expects, there is the least chance of him getting converted.

Content Discovery tools are designed to take your visitors to the content of their choice. It transforms your ability to impress your visitors. A complicated website is least likely to succeed in holding its website for long.

There is a reason which makes content discovery an important asset in online sales. When a person is mostly searching for information on the internet, so he is in for some assistance. When he is looking for assistance, there is no way one would accept such a disguised approach.

With the content discovery, you are avoiding those hindrances that could deviate your visitors from the primary purpose of gathering information. So you will offer him the solution which he needs, not the one which you want to sell, even though if so.

User Engagement

Once you are able to fetch a customer, you also need to keep his mind occupied by your content. User Engagement Tools specifically work for the same reason and keep your visitor’s mind occupied with its engaging tools. This easily highlights your business specialties in between those bits of information which your content serves.

While a person is going through your content, it is much easier to influence a person by using certain lucrative tactics with an inviting call to action. According to the human psychology, a person is more likely to give something a try if he is already thinking about a thing.

The user engagement narrows the gap between you and the user by capturing their details. A visitor is of no significance unless he leaves his contact information. Once he shares his details, you are straight at business and you need to make sure that you actually follow the next step without wasting your time.

Lead Routing

After fetching the details of your customers, you must route the information to your executives and make an initiative through the phone call or email, whatever is better in a particular case. Many companies waste their precious time in transfer the details to their executives which is really unfortunate, for their business. The quicker your initiative, the better it is for conversion.

Lead Routing is a simple and straightforward approach to distributing the data collected from your website to your executive that has the least work on his hand. A data shows that more than 22% people convert if contacted within an hour of their website visit.

There are many reasons which make Lead Routing a very important move in the process of website conversions. The People who submit their details don’t give it mistakenly. A person submits his details only after surfing the website and if he finds it relevant. So, that probably suggests that a person is willing to interact with the business. And if you actually reach them within minutes, it forms a really good and progressive image about your work efficiency as a business.

When you reach the same person after let’s say 24 hours, then the equation is altogether different. The person might not exhibit the same interest as he would show when contacted within minutes. Lead Routing is essentially the way to ensure a quick and no-nonsense attitude.

Online Sales; All About Being ‘The Best Possible Solution’

Most people on the internet are seeking information on the internet. But as it is, many businesses want to exploit it for sales. While there is no problem in this approach until and unless you follow the ‘basics’ but sadly, it isn’t the case.

Many businesses frame their website in a manner that is more concerned about Sales rather than informing the user. When you use this direct world strategy in the online world, the chances of success are next to impossible. The basic reason why it is bound to fail is because there is much difference between a face to face interaction and a website interaction.

While it has more to do with the behavioral and conversational aspects which manipulate the impression incredibly. The way it works on a website is pretty different. No matter how much you try to be conversational, it still isn’t a conversation in a true sense. You can’t assume that every visitor is going to read your content with as much interest as you took in writing.

The Online Sales works as simply being the perfect solution for your visitors. If you ably pull the interest of traffic coming to your website, nothing could prove better than that. Because once you know that a visitor is paying heed, it takes lesser effort to convert him into a sale. So, that should ideally serve as the perfect way to generate sales online.

When you think of it, profit should never be your priority. If you prioritize profitability, you actually kick your own chances of gaining profit from the website’. The Ideal way of using your website is –

  • Firstly, frame a website that is easy to explore so that more people reach it.

  • Secondly, Engage the user by offering the ideal solution that he is looking for, and collect the details of the one’s showing interest.

  • Lastly, use precise and fast Loud Routing to reach those interested ones without any delay further on.

This will satisfy the basic thing which a visitor comes seeking while also strengthening your business prospects simultaneously. So, the visitor gets his solution and you get your customer. To conclude, it is the script for a natural happy ending for both, your business and the customer.

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