Field Staff Tracking Touches 79% in the Market Graph

Sales Team Tracking

“According to a survey, before year 1997 only 35% companies used the field force tracking software while today around 80% of the top organizations prefer monitoring their employees for a perfect schedule management.”

Keeping tabs on the email use, productivity and phone calls by the sales reps give the employer a clear idea about exactly what is going on around him and how to shape business model for optimizing it. The tracking solution is like monitoring and surveillance of the workplace.

Many executives use office Internet and emails for unfair works which is obviously punishable. With the help of tracking application, manager easily fire the employees for transgressions.

For a long time span, many organization had been facing a problem of receiving false report from their field executives regarding the visit. For example, a sales employee might be busy doing his personal tasks that too using the organizational property which, in turn, is a big loss for the company in any way. Since the employer’s mind is set on that his planned field workforce management is going on perfectly while, in reality, there is no such case. The field workforce tracking app enables upper management to track employees and all their activity in real time means where and what they are doing.

The biggest financial sectors- banks, insurance and real estate etc are using this monitoring app in some form and as per statistical record, this use has increased up to 92% in last five years. Not only in financial sector but manufacturing companies, technical service providers, service technicians and many other organizations find profitable using this application as it helps to incorporate transparency in the system.

One good reason behind this significant percentage raise is receiving the authentic data. Since the employer gets the real time information about sales related activities on his dashboard so there is no sense of making doubts on the staff. Also, this data is further used for better decision making so that target can be met out easily.

Before the dense use of the software, only 27% organizations were ready to implement, rest all were simply reluctant since they considered it as the spy tool that was not good for the organization and somewhere controlled the freedom of the sales executives in the workplace. As soon as the companies using software shared the revenue portion generated because of the use of this tracking solution, other organizations also got inspired to move in the same direction of using it. And, today around 80% of most growing enterprises are using it.

A company might fall down because of so many reasons like recessions, inflation, national economy etc but you have no option to control over all these issues. What you can control is the productivity of your sales staff and somewhere it plays a huge role in the business growth. This need pushed many companies to keep eyes on each small business activity going around.

The application is typically used for making a persistent connection between the inside and outside business.

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