5 Flaws of Business Website That Deflate the Hope of Visitor Conversion!

They say ‘Old is Gold’ but as per my observation about Business, I am damn sure that ‘Old is always Cold’ as far as sales and conversions are concerned. It is the worst for your business to see the visitors hop away from your website for any inconvenience that you could have avoided. It is worst because it is entirely up to you to control your website. There can be certain issues that you can’t help to fix but ‘website’ is definitely not amongst them and hence it is always your inability and impotent approach to be blamed.

If you prepare a website, it must carry the responsibility to make a good first impression on your visitor. The user should find the your website authentic and dependable right away from the overview itself. If might not have thought about it but you can unknowingly upset your visitors to turn away from your website and thus not engage with your business. This is a lucrative opportunity that your website visitors bring along with them and if you strike a right chord with the audience, you business is ready to own a healthy volume of satisfied customers very soon. This is what you want from your business, don’t you?

Therefore, set a priority to make the best use of vivid platforms to reach out to as much audience as it’s possible and nurture genuine leads out to target them for sales. When it comes to audience, never ever commit the mistake of ignoring the online world. This is why your website could prove to be an ultimate asset for your business. After all, how you present your business is largely dependent upon its website. Now, if you didn’t bother to make it impressive yet (which is by the way under your complete control), you might have missed out a lot that your business could have had.

Here, I share a few website flaws on seeing those makes me skip a website merely within a brief glance at it. These are those certain things which I find abrupt and it never helps to convince me about the credibility of the business. If you want visitor to convert, you better resolve these issues at the earliest or it might get too late to help the business.

5 Flaws in a Business Website

Vague Self-Obsession

Yes, I find it really absurd when i see a business using its own website to advertise itself loathing in self obsession of own greatness. If that could impress visitor, even I would like to claim myself as the ‘God’ and make my website a tool to praise me for my greatness that makes me the ‘God’. How weird did that sound? (Or may be, I got a bit carried away)

Be honest to answer this, Would you believe my claim of being the ‘God’ and view the extraordinary exaggeration I presented through a website enough to make you believe my greatness? It will certainly feel unreal and non sensible by any mean. So, if I will be living but in a fool’s world without clue of what my visitors actually feel on viewing my website. If I think that this will be enough to convince the audience, it is already absurd enough and there is no reason I wouldn’t need psychological help. Just making vague claims is the least helpful approach that I can make my visitors assume it to be true.

So, if you are being too obsessed about your business (which is obvious) and draft your website in the influence of that obsession, you shouldn’t expect your visitors to trust you as authentic. This will in fact ruin your impression as an arrogant and over confident from the word ‘go’. Your perspective is never considered worthy to weigh your business. If people see you loathing in profound exaggeration of self and more so, being foolish enough to make as trustworthy claim as being the God, let alone conversion, it would be no lesser a miracle if a visitor could show the courage to tolerate such outright illusion even if for half a minute.

Custom Stock Photos

The last thing that your visitor could think of about a trustworthy business its authenticity. I could say with confidence that using custom, duty free or stock images is never going to help, not even a bit. This is suspicious to the user to correlate to a business from its website if it has simply flaunt its collection of stock images all over the pages.

It is generally taken the other way round than what stock images were meant to show. If I as a person find a website filled with stock photos for eg. A meeting of board of members, a manager giving a presentation on a whiteboard, overview of an office with people working on their respective computer devices, and there are too many of them which I believe you would have understood from my examples. I find businesses fake if their website showcases only stock images. There has to be a white thread in its beard. If I visit such a website of business, I make sure to not visit it ever again even if by mistake, not even in my dreams, at least not in this life.

Don’t let your visitor to form an impression of his own choice by offering stock images that are non relevant to your business organization. This tends to make a visitor presume that the business doesn’t has a credible infrastructure which is why it used stock images. Had it not been the case, it would have used images of its own.

Always try to use original photos if needed or opt for graphical illustrations to your favorability instead. At least you would sketch your impression as per your choice rather than being fake.

Tacky Website

Being non responsive and tacky is a curse for any business website. The slow and boring nature creeps the hell out of frustration and visitor feels to irritated to last for one more second on a business which has website as doomed as that.

The website always works better if it is consistent and fluently so. The design shouldn’t be too much to make thing slow even on faster internet connections. Ask any Indian who books train tickets online about the reservation website and I can bet that he will give an unapologetic feel that a tacky website could give.  Do you think that your visitors would wait for your page to load completely for 2 minutes when he could visit 15 such webpages in the same time of easy to load website.

If your website is tacky and takes time to respond and you don’t pay a heed to it, either you want your business to be finished or you are trying to punish people for landing on your website. And trust me, they won’t do the same mistake ever again. Your permanently lose a customer once he ends up landing on your page and will certainly blacklist the same in future. In case you think tacky is fine, be prepared to lose as many customers as your website traffic. He would promise himself that the visit would be the first but unarguably the last.

User Unfriendliness

When you talk to a person who is hard to understand and there is a certain strangeness in the way he presents himself, you wouldn’t easily try to befriend him. There has to be some relevant things that you could relate to about a person to befriend him. The uses complicated layers of content and disorganized pages that don’t go with any flow. It can puzzle up a visitor fed up the complex site design. And for your information, he didn’t come to solve puzzle at first place, or did he… ?

The same goes with any business website. When a visitor lands on a page, he should be helped to engage with you in finding the content which he came searching for. If you try to be ignorant enough to visitor inconvenience, you are losing many customers everyday. The purpose of your website is to present your business in best possible light and help your visitors in reaching his point of interest without much of an effort.

If you make a complicated and don’t try to be user friendly, then obviously you won’t be building new friends for your business. In fact, you are making a wrong impression for your business. Your visitor should find your website easy to explore and soothing to the eyes even if by adopting simplicity. A person comes to a website with an intent and when he is unable to relate a website to that intent, he has no reason to not hop to some other sites.

Unclear To Explain Business

It is really a shame but I have actually found some websites to be very poor, in fact so much so that it is unable to clear to the visitor about what the business is offering to visitors. Can you find a more pathetic business to deal with? I don’t think so…

While making your website, you are supposed to showcase your aura as a business and why a visitor can’t get better a business than you. But if in all the while, if you actually ignore to make a clear cut image of your business process than everything else you did will not have any significance for the user. This is often a problem with a business which takes it as granted that a visitor visiting the website already knows about your business. Now how the hell could an approach get more wrong than this?

If you think that a visitor already knows the basic purpose that your business is meant for, then your customers will be limited to your dreams. Because you are never going to convince a person about your quality of work unless he knows what’s the work and if you don’t tell him about it, all your efforts not even worth it.

Flaunting too much writing creativity, or to satisfy your lost love for literature, isn’t going to help the cause of your business. So keep it restricted as a hobby and don’t let complex word play to mess with your visitors or else, sales will soon become extinct from the dictionary of your business. Make your website to explain your business to cater to the audience that it is meant to address. Or else, a website doesn’t means business.

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