5 Landing Page Secrets that Steal the Customers from your Competitors!

‘Landing Page’! Yes, the word has caught the eyes of many businesses. Why not be? For businesses, Landing Page has to be one of the most successful media for lead generation. It enables them to convert their website visitors into customers without having to empty their pockets as it was the case with conventional means […]

Posted on May 16th, 2017

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‘Landing Page’! Yes, the word has caught the eyes of many businesses. Why not be? For businesses, Landing Page has to be one of the most successful media for lead generation. It enables them to convert their website visitors into customers without having to empty their pockets as it was the case with conventional means to attract the audience.

You might know the basic info about landing page optimization but to be frank, just the basic idea won’t be of any help to your business.  But if you really knew enough about it, then you wouldn’t wait to utilize it for your business growth. And trust me, you have been missing out on a lot of potential business opportunities that could have been yours.

Landing Page is the page of your website that is specifically optimized for just one purpose in sight i.e. Conversion. So it is specially curated with an aim of converting your website visitors. If your landing page hits a right chord with the visitors, you will seamlessly gather healthy leads, increases the number of customers and enhance the sales.

The landing page is the second part of sales funnel of a business website. The first part is, of course, bringing visitors to your site. You can bring them by various tactical strategies depending upon your product, marketing budget, and resource management. The idea behind using a Landing page successfully is to engage your visitors from passive state to an active state.

Two Different Types of Landing Pages

There are basically two types of Landing Pages that can be drawn on the basis of the intended purpose of creating them.

1. For Sign Up

Most of the website you will see on the Internet have the option to sign-up new visitors. The purpose is clear which is to collect sales lead from the website traffic.

But if you believe that a visitor will sign up for your website just because you have given him the option to sign up, then you are living in some other world. The basic reason why simple sign up is ignored by many visitors is because it needs them to fill a form. And nobody is going to waste his time for the better of your business.

It always helps if the sign up is offered with special leverages. People are actually more likely to sign up for a content or any freebie that is not accessible otherwise. Designing a good sign up landing page can be the best thing that your business could possibly do for better sales.

The landing page of a business website is essentially the most effective way of Lead Generation. The collected details of your visitors have very high chances of conversion if your website offers a high level of user engagement. Sign up pages are perfectly foiled for visitors directed through search engines or social media.

2. Click-Through Page

Such type of pages has a direct and straight forward sales orientation. Therefore, this landing page is optimized to direct a visitor towards making a purchase in the very next step. This page warms up the lead and takes them through to another page that initiates the sales process.

The click through pages is a significant part of any business that aims to sell online. If a visitor is redirected to your website from a Pay Per Click advertising, then a Click-through will be the preferable option to proceed with. The Click-through page must highlight your product or service and illustrate its magnificence because most of the traffic direct through an advertisement is interested in the product.

Therefore, you need not waste your time by imposing a signup form to waste his time. It could rather act as a turn off for the visitor. So just introduce the influence of your product/service and captivate it instantly by taking him straight towards making a purchase. A nicely sketched click-through page can bring a plethora of sales for a business. A successful click-through landing page is the one which compels the visitor to make the next click.

Elements of an Influential Landing Page

While making a landing page, you must incorporate these elements to make an influence that seamlessly guides your visitor. So, find out ways of using these elements to entice and convince your visitor to proceed further. If you don’t use appropriate use of these elements, I am afraid that you might make the visitor to follow your intent.

Charming with a Visual Appeal – If you want to capture an immediate attention, you need to use a visual element that reflects a heroic instinct of your product/services.

Eye-Popping Heading – The headline should give your visitor an immediate connect with what you are offering and how is it going to help him out. This is basically to address the concern of your visitor regarding what he should expect.

Convincing with the ‘Content’ – Here you must focus on the benefits that you are offering and it is certainly not about your features. Online sales work better if you are offering a solution to the problems of your visitors.

A Sophisticated ‘Call to Action’ – Usually at the bottom of the form, you’ll include a descriptive call to action that instructs the reader on what to do next.

Social Acceptability – Whether you include testimonials or social media share buttons, you need an element of credibility on your landing page.

The Signup Form – You can’t have a signup landing page without a signup form. This is the star of the show, and it should be easy to see and fill out.

‘Secrets’ to Create an Influence!

  1. Use Floating Landing Pages –

    The idea of using a landing page has nothing to do with your homepage. It isn’t necessary that each website visitor is going to land through one specific case, no matter how much you try. For instance, Blogs are often helpful in bringing customers to your website.

    So, would you let them go if they skip without reaching your optimized landing page? Do you actually think all your customers will find and reach your landing page? The Scrap.me offers floating landing page that is not restricted to a certain web page but whole website altogether.

    Such optimized floating designs are timed to pop out as soon as a visitor lands on any page of your website. This practically means that any page of your website will serve as a Landing page. This only makes it better and easier to capture your visitor’s details, no matter how he lands on your website. Now that’s what I call a Safe Landing?

  2. Incorporate More than One Landing Page

    If you want to leave no stone unturned in approaching the visitor for his contact info, you should try two or three(max) different kinds of call to action on two distinct designs. Like I mentioned above, one can be for sign up, other can target directly towards sales, or offering other probable approach depending upon your business and it’s field.

    This increases the probability of engaging your visitor successfully and effortlessly collect their details in the meantime. There can be customers who may not wish to inquire and are hurried to purchase as soon as possible. By offering them a direct call to action that takes them to direct sales, you can easily convert them online within a few seconds.

    On the other hand, many people come in looking for solutions with no intent to purchase instantly. Such visitors can be easily made to sign-up and submit their details for targeting them later on. So, try to approach your visitors more than once in two or three different calls to action. But I would also sincerely request you to avoid using too much of it or being irritatingly repetitive.

  3. Offer that One Can’t Get His Eyes Off

    If you can make your visitors interested enough, he will himself interact with you. This is the reason you must catch your visitor’s eyeball. It could be done by making simple offerings that visitors would really love to have. Many businesses have constantly use premium content in exchange of user info.

    Similarly, discount offers or promotional codes also tempt the visitors to give away their details. These ways are noteworthy and enticing at the same time. This trick does wonder if you want to highlight the value for money proposition of your product.

  4. Design for the User

    One thing which you should never forget is the fact that your visitors are coming to your website with an intent. Your success in converting your visitors will always depend upon the way you address the user intent.

    While reaching to a website, a person is clearly looking for solutions for a problem. You shouldn’t believe that a visitor is coming to your website because he already knows about the product and it services. Now, it is up to you to use the factor for the better of your business and generate revenues.

    When you optimize your page just for lead generation, you must design it with a purpose at hand, which is by enacting as the intended Solution. This approach will keep up with your visitor’s motive behind surfing through Websites. The chances of him jumping out will be the least if he finds what he came looking for.

    Therefore, don’t develop your landing page with business in your mind. Rather than that, design it closely in accordance with what the visitors wishes to see.

  5. Be Mobile Friendly

    You are living in a different world altogether if you actually believe that only computer or laptop user would be used to open your website. Most people in today’s age of mobile connectivity are consistently using their smartphones to view websites. So, did you actually consider the importance of this aspect?

    No matter how good your page has been optimized, but it would be of no use for many of your visitor’s if you didn’t bother to make it mobile-friendly. Everything good about your landing page will be of no particular use if a person visits the website through a mobile device.

    Make your design in adaptive and flexible to bring a similar impact whether your visitor is surfing on a mobile or a laptop. The nature of your optimization should more or less be retained in any case. Not giving weight to this aspect will definitely affect your lead generation remarkably as more than 50% people are turning to use mobile devices more often.