5 Proven Tactics to Make an Irresistible Call to Action!

A ‘Call to Action’ can decide the fate of your business. Whether a business proliferates or deteriorates can be determined by its effectiveness. Do you find it a bit exaggerated? No, it is not because a Call to Action is the most prominent element of your website landing page. It can make or break your conversion rate in no time.

The Call to Action is the factor which takes the user engagement to the next level by collecting the details of your visitor. In short, it is the major step towards conversion. If your invitation is unable to ooze an irresistible charm, then you are losing out on many probable opportunities of conversion. Why would your visitor choose you if he finds you ‘average’?

Better start focusing on your call to action now. I hope you are not being ‘kind-hearted’ enough to let your customers sway for the benefit of your competitors. It isn’t that hard as you think. Here are 6 proven tactics that you can improvise to make an irresistible ‘Call to Action’ that will compel your visitor to go for it.

What ‘Matters the Most’ in a ‘Call to Action’?

A tempting Call to Action avoids using generic words like Submit, Subscribe or Accept etc. If you want to make an impression, the least you could do is think of anything but ordinary. Else, there already exists a huge crowd of ordinary businesses and one more name will be added to a long list.

A competent ‘Call to Action’ must exhibit these three attributes –

  • It is Persuasive

A Call to Action should tempt the visitor to click on the link, at least for once. It must exhibit an invitation that is hard to ignore. It must be convincing enough to dismantle any arguments or doubts against itself. It ought to be smooth and fluent.

  • It is Quality Driven

The content of a ‘Call to Action’ should instantly convey why the visitor should care to go for it. That is why ordinary or generic approach mostly lets you down. A person will probably go for ‘Yes, I want my freebie now’ but ignore ‘Subscribe now’.

  • It is Pleasing to Eyes

A ‘Call to Action’ is the worst place to flaunt your literary prowess, so better save it for a place more worthwhile. Don’t exercise it to ruin your ‘Call to Action’ by using hefty and convoluted language. Keep it simple, make it easy to understand and pleasure to eyes.

So, now you know what you should essentially seek in an irresistible ‘Call to Action’. Make these three components noticeable and your visitors would find it hard to stop themselves from taking an action.

Tactics To Create an Irresistible ‘Call to Action’

  • Keep Your Aim in Mind

While preparing the Call to Action, you should have a clarity about what you are aiming for. It can be an offer to make them purchase or collecting their contact details for a direct conversation. When you know what you want from the visitor, it easier to outline your Call to Action intuitively. Keep pushing towards your desired goal but beware, it shouldn’t feel forced.

  • Make it Actionable

Using words that provoke action packs an added punch to the overall impact. The visitor is less likely to take an action on reading passive phrases that lack energy. It is an outdated concept that might work on newspapers and magazines but not in the online world. If you closely examine the language used by few renowned influencers, they stress on doing words (Verbs) like ‘Yes, Show me my freebie’ or ‘Send me those tools’.

  • Try To Get Personal

People are always fond of personal attention. So why not use it here. In fact, personalized approach has higher chances of getting converted than a universal approach. Using first person language adds panache to your call. It effortlessly drives your visitor to follow your instructions with a gentle nudge.

  • Use Soothing Visuals

While your content will be the king, yet you should also incorporate visuals that complement the overall impact. The visuals easily catch attraction and you can use it to grab the attention of your visitor towards the content. Use subtle fonts and flamboyant colors that gel with the content for added edge over the mind of your visitors.

  • Keep it Short, Be More Specific

If you are able to convey your call to action in less than five words, you will be ruling the internet hands down. Though, it isn’t always possible. Still, be strict and try to avoid using even one more word than you are supposed to use. Being said that, get as much specific as possible and put it precisely as to what you are offering in exchange of the click to your visitor.

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