7 Tips On How To Generate Customer Satisfaction By Your Website

Customer Satisfaction is the foremost thing in any business before generating profits. And if it is not, then change your plan!!

Well, if you are running a business what steps do you follow to maintain your website?? The company website is the public face of your business, the more attractive it is, the more people will know your business. Those businesses who don’t have a website are thought and considered to be not in the market and some people might not trust them because they don’t have an online existence.

Not just having a website is enough, you need to maintain it and design it attractively. The websites that are badly designed – whether functionally, organizationally or aesthetically may lack its appeal and lead to failure in the businesses.

A Customer satisfaction on websites has different satisfaction ratings depending on the engagement it provides to visitors.

Let’s take an example of a customer satisfaction rating given to various websites done on a survey.

The bar graph below shows a number of websites and their satisfaction level by different customers

On the graph, it is quite evident that the satisfaction rating 7th has been given to a maximum number of websites almost to eighteen and the highest rating i.e. 10th is given to none of them.

Rating of 3rd,4th and 5th are almost same given by customers to different websites. And the 9th rating is the highest of all, given to three websites.

Why the websites have different ratings of satisfaction ??

It depends on a lot more on how a website is designed and what features it has. If I say, you can improve your website and improve your customer satisfaction rating, then??

Yes, it is possible if you note few tips which can improve your customer’s satisfaction level and leave your customers clicking for more:

TIP # 1 : Provide Value

If you want that visitors choose you before any of the competitors, they will need to perceive that you are giving them real value and that will ultimately result in customer satisfaction.

Your business’s value depends more on the value you provide to your customers. If you want people to choose you more of your value than the goodwill of your name, you need to focus on the quality. Providing value will give satisfaction to your customer and it will remain with them forever.

TIP # 2 : Respond To Customer Faster

‘Customer queries unanswered’- definitely, create a bad impression. You need to make your customer happy by providing a solution to their problems. By responding to your customer can take you a big step towards improving customer satisfaction. The quicker and instant you provide a solution to your customer the more satisfied they feel.

A Human tendency shows that nobody wants to wait either on call or for the query to get answered. Like:

  • About 60% of customers hung up the phone if they have to wait for more than one minute while talking to customer care representative, and
  • 30% of customers hung up the phone if the representative doesn’t take the call within one to five minutes.

TIP # 3 : Create Engaging Content

Competition for attention online is intense and you should not worry about it to create engaging content. About more than two-million blog posts are published daily, this creates the competition for blog post more and which reflect you to deliver an engaging content which stands out from the rest.

Remember that readers skim through the text, so try to indulge them by adding pictures and info-graphics.

If you are successful in building an engaging content, it will definitely start generating you traffic and your website will create a satisfied customer.

TIP # 4 : Know Your Audience Through Google Keyword Tool

The main aim of creating a website and adding content is to make it rank in the google. So, before writing anything you must know what your audience wants through Google keyword tool. The tool helps you in making it possible to determine how often general keywords and phrases are being searched and the competition it has.

Website analytics will provide you which pages on your site are getting the most traffic and this will make you know your audience more closely.

TIP # 5 : Make Your Website Design Appealing

Websites design needs much attention, you just can’t like a large body of text and some movable GIFs on a high contrasting background. For this, you need to hire a professional website designer who knows the way it works i.e. your website should be simple, crisp and well-organised which attracts people easily.

A professional website needs full attention regarding its design, the visitors who visit your website know you first only through the design of your website, later they scroll more for the information they are looking for.

TIP # 6 : Focus On Navigability

The Proper design may attract visitors but if you don’t have the right tools to retain them then your effort goes into vain. You must have interesting navigation tools which lead your visitors to the destination point otherwise they may get irritated and try their luck elsewhere.

You need some well-defined tools to enhance your website. These tools will help you provide some navigation through which you can track your visitors and make a navigability that helps them in locating specific pages. You can focus on navigability by maintaining your website through scrap.me. It helps in making your website, focuses on navigability and enhances certain pages through various tools.

If nothing of the above works, try this :

TIP # 7 : Offer To Help

Offering help to your customer when they visit your website is a great way to make your visitors engage. You can help them through FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which help them provide all the relevant and necessary questions. The help, you offer to you visitors, eases their work and while reading few of the points, they are able to catch the most important points first.

Providing help is a great way by which you can derive customer satisfaction which also involves solving their queries.

These tips are definitely a great way to enhance your website and create customer satisfaction. Apply these tips and make your business worthy through your website.

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