Why Tracking Is Not Bad For Your Business?

Those who think tracking lacks privacy and is not fit into the business, are wrong!!

Employee tracking is totally fine and legal. Being a business owner it is his right and duty to know where is his employee. A fleet manager cannot rescue and run away from getting tracked. It also makes them feel relaxed that their activity is getting recorded and work harder to make their image under his employer.

A business owner says, ”I have tracked my fleet managers and known their GPS location. This has helped me in my business and the ability to judge who is more efficient and who is not”.

A business owner’s demand related to tracking his fleet managers is totally acceptable and is definitely not bad for their business. They have a right to know every single detail about their fleet employees as they are spending their money on them and they are the one who meets clients and make things done.

Here are few reasons why tracking is a good thing, and how it can actually benefit both employer and employee:

  • Tracking Gives Insight Into An Ideal Work Process

When you decide to track your fleet managers, it helps you to easily track their current location which results into an ideal work process. The time your employees spend on different tasks and projects is all tracked in an app which brings you the productive and unproductive employees.

Suppose, a business owner decides to track his fleet managers and all the details and activities are done by the fleet manager is recorded in an application which helps a manager to take important decisions and it provides data that can be used to reward the employees those who are working hard and efficiently.

  • Tracking Helps In Limiting Interruptions

To track your fleet managers is not just to keep an eye on them but it also yields data that is critical for monitoring business. When tracking your team it also helps you in limiting interruptions in the workplace. The burden of managing your employees helps in reducing your workload and being a manager you can focus on more important things.

Suppose, you are bombarded with a lot of works, this tracking feature helps you in reducing work and limiting the interruption caused while working and you can focus on more productive things.

  • Tracking Helps Companies With Remote Employees

With the help of the web, improved tools and gadgets you can easily keep a tab on your remote employees and to expand your virtual team more is no more a point of concern. Being an owner of a company, you tend to get stressed out while tracking your remote employees those who are on-field from day to evening.

It helps you save money on labour cost and keep your remote employees more productive and honest.

  • Tracking Helps In Rewarding Efficient Employees

As an employee, you are working hard and giving your 100% in performing a task but still, you are not being rewarded as no one notices your hard work you put in and instead other inefficient employee comes into focus and is getting rewarded. But, a tracking application makes an employee happy as well give manager power to judge who are more efficient and who are less.

Those who work exceptionally well can be easily known through tracking and can be provided incentives based on their performance.

  • Tracking Makes You Save Tons Of Paperwork

In order to deduct most of the expenses, you need to record the updates somewhere of maintaining DSR, receipts or bills. You can easily keep a note of your employee’s whereabouts which reduces your tons of paperwork. Tracking helps you in recording and making important documents such as Daily Sales Report which allows you to focus on important tasks.

Tracking has given an easy and effective solution to the business which can make your business easily run and is definitely a boon for your company.

Now, ask the question for yourself… Is Tracking Good For Your Business?

In a study, it was found that how employees spend their time on meetings and on reading and answering emails.

  • At office on emails: About 36% people never record their time and 25% say that they rarely track time on reading emails and answering emails

  • In a meeting: 60% of people always track their time spent in meetings, 9% who never record their time and another 9% who rarely record their time spent on the meeting.

The above data shows that tracking is used everywhere whether tracking your fleet managers or whether tracking the time worked in an office on emails and meetings.

A report also suggests that of about 40% of working time is not recorded or tracked incorrectly. So, for better management of your team and to improve the productivity of your business, tracking is an essential part.

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