5 Powers That Will Transform Any Ordinary Field Manager Into a ‘Super Manager’!

A few days ago, I was watching a funny stand-up act about the helpless condition of the Field Managers about their work. It went like, “A Field Manager is the most helpless person you can ever find. He doesn’t have a clue how to do what he is being paid to do.”

And if you reconsider it in your mind, it isn’t all that wrong to say that a field manager is expected to manage the people who are not with him, and of whom, he has no idea that what they have been up to, during the entire day.

Forget management, one doesn’t even know where his team members went, what they did there and how much efforts they made. He is left with no choice but to rely on the reports whatever the executives brief him over the phone calls (In case they pick one). He is expected to hit the bull’s eye without a ‘bull’ in their sight. Without any idea of what his team did on the field, a manager is yet expected to manage the team which doesn’t even make sense.

The mere helplessness of his responsibilities is also due to the fact that he can’t help to make it better. I wonder how hard it would be for a field manager to manage his team which is apparently not with him. It is hard to assume how can someone manage a person whose location is unknown, whose actions are non-traceable, and whose work report arrive at the end of the day when there is no scope for improvement.

It is harsh but nonetheless a fact that managers can’t remain present with all his team members at all time. You will always find a field manager worried about his team members while it is out on the field. As a child wishes to get those special abilities which fictional superheroes possess, the field managers also need some special abilities if he wants to manage his team members productively.

Here, we discuss 5 such powers that could convert any ordinary field manager into an extraordinary one. These are those abilities which strengthen the managerial concepts for a transparent and smooth sales process.

  • The Power To Know the Location of Every Member at Anytime.

A Manager can get the ability to locate his team members while they are working on the field through GPS Tracking System. Today, every smart-phone offers this incredible service with precision and consistency. If a manager could find out where his team is at any given point during the day, it is easier to keep an eye on the efforts put by your team members on the field. This power is a major requirement that every field manager dreams of.

But it is not that hard in today’s technology driven world. Just get your team a smart-phone and you are ready to go. Sales Tracking App effectively uses the GPS based satellite mapping system and traces the precise location of his team members.

  • The Power To Get Updated When A Member Meets The Client and For How Long The Meeting Went.

When your team is on the field, he is handed over specific tasks for the day that includes meeting with the client and convince them for sales. Now, it is really hard to find out how many meetings actually occurred, how much time those meeting lasted and how much effort did your team members put in their respective meetings.

For addressing these issues, the manager needs an ability to get notified when a team member meets the client. Then, he also needs to figure out the time a meeting lasts so that the manager could adjudge the efforts made by his team member to woo the client.

  • The Power to Fetch Reports as soon as a Meeting Ends.

But what about the result of the meeting? Was your team member able to influence the clients after a healthy long lasting conversation? To find it out, the manager should have the ability to fetch immediately.
The DSR Automation is an ultimate way to fetch reports as soon as the meeting ends. The sales report is autogenerated and the team member has to fill the inputs and send it. This will enable the manager to assess the individual performance of his team members and allocate them tasks according to their potential to mark an impression good enough for sales.

  • The Power To Maneuver Productivity ‘On The Go’.

This manager needs a communicative medium to convey his order, message, guideline or any other assistance to his team member whenever he wants. Unfortunately, the communicative medium services fail to prove their effectiveness if the team member doesn’t pick the call. What could the manager do for getting his message conveyed?

The Cloud messaging service is a reliable and considerably stable mode of information which can enable a manager to send messages to his team members and be assured that it will reach the person. Thus, it removes the inconvenience of not being able to communicate if a team member isn’t responding to his calls. This gives the manager a very special capability which he can use to maneuver the overall productivity of his team members rather easily.

  • The Power to Mobilize his Team at Will.

When your team is on the field, it becomes hard for a manager to mobilize his human resources for better results. There are certain occasions when a manager can leverage his team’s locations to grab an opportunity that is created circumstantially. But to do that, one needs to know the specific details about his entire team at the time and use the real-time data to catch those opportunities.

The mobilizing of Human Resources is really an asset for any field manager which he generally wishes to have. But it has been quite hard for obvious reasons.

TEAMSPOOR is a single unified management solution that can complete all these wishes effectively. The app uses technological tactics and wisely integrates them into a seamless Android based application for a transparent, productive and efficient field management. The DSR automation makes sure that you are up to date with each client meeting and manage the team when you want.

All these abilities are closely attached with the basic management requirements and such powers can really boost your business performance to a next level. So if you are an ordinary field manager feeling hopeless about your job, just try these super powers of the Teamspoor Android application, and transform yourself into a Super Manager who can plan his moves in real-time with unmatched perfection.

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