Do You Know That About 32% Of Employees Waste An Hour Daily At Work?

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While there are many good honest and hardworking workers, but there are also some employees those who put in less extra efforts. These things affect employers at the time of providing salary to them. Yes, an employer doesn’t want to give high salary to a less efficient employee whereas those who are doing their work with honesty and dedication are sometimes ignored.

In a survey, it was found out that the cell phones use and texting has been the biggest concern and most noticeable form of employee distraction. But this issue cannot be dealt with by just getting rid of smartphones in the workplace.

What is wasting time attributed to, in the workplace?

  • Talking on the phone
  • Sharing gossips
  • Using the internet for personal work
  • Using social media websites
  • Taking long tea breaks
  • Playing games
  • Taking too much time to travel to meeting
  • And much more.

This is sad that many workplaces deal with such type of distracted employees. But sometimes it works for the beneficiary too as an employee need some free time to get refreshed from the workload.

In a survey done a few years ago, a statistical breakdown was done on employees activity during office hours.

Here are some ways to make sure that your employees are devoting their time in the office hours.

Set Goals

First, find out what needs to be achieved daily and then set a target by setting goals that you can achieve. Organizing your task by setting priority and the frequency will ensure that you have the most productive task and things to look after.

If you will design goals beforehand and set targets, it will give you the motivation to work according to the desired scheduled. Any wasted time can be thought to provoke and innovative.

Better working policies

When you set up a company, you must assign a policy for your company and make sure that everyone abides the policy. If you will pre-plan the policies, you can easily have better working conditions with your employees.

A proper rule and regulation will not let employee combat it and work along with that policies. You should assign and prepare those rules which can easily abide by employees.

Set a good example

Don’t post on social media or text often as these will let keeping employees in keeping your activity down. Set a good example by keeping your work as its priority and other things next. Avoid ignoring important task which you feel is not fun to do, as when work is considered you have to keep everything going smooth.

Internet Filtering

In a workplace, it is necessary to have the Internet which is provided to all the employees with systems. There is no guarantee that employee uses the internet only for work-related, they may often use it for their personal work too.

Blocking social media website is a very extreme measure which an employer do with all his employees. Every company must filter and protect its computers from unwanted material at work and block malware that arrives through illegal and unsavory sites.


Sometimes, employees are not aware of the company implications and what are its norms. They may find it normal of using company’s time for activities such as disparaging the company, mocking clients, gossiping with fellow workers and more.

You need to provide your employees these knowledge that wastage of time may affect company’s profit. And, it will be difficult to ensure that your activities will stay private.

These strategies will help you in focusing employees attention towards their work.

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