5 Ways To Observe Remote Staff Productivity

Handling remote workers gives birth to many factors such as the need of technological implementation in the business model, changes in the economy, worker demands and the environmental changes. But, beyond everything, the most important thing is whether the remote workers are working productively or not and if yes, then what methods should be used to calculate this productivity.

Leveraging to the same strategy can never give a guarantee to the smooth business growth. While initially companies more often show a reluctant attitude for any kind of change and this is the reason when field staff tracking solution hit the market, organizations had been extremely negative for this. While the only aim of the mobile workforce monitoring model was to revamp productivity, accountability and performance stats. The concern of organization not being able to look into whether remote employees are efficiently working in order to send deliverables or simply spending the office timing in other unnecessary work- had been a big pain for several years.

A variety of questions take place when an organization starts using employee tracking solution such as the trust issue, privacy issue etc.

Some best ways are discussed below that help managers to observe the field activities that too keeping a healthy relationship with them.

Measure important stuff

How will you manage something that you can’t measure? In the old time, the productivity calculation of the employees was not that tough. With the help of GPS tracker software, the fleet managers were able to get the real-time position of the vehicles but the software was not able to calculate the deals done in a day or how long a meeting takes to get done etc. the ultimate goal of a company to increase productivity so the measurement metric should be employee productivity only.

Communication-line should be transparent

Making interference in employees’ work all the time disturb them immensely hence, there should be an open communication-line lined between the manager and the remote workforce so, both the sides could connect as per their need. Always remember it should be a two-way communication as managers are supposed to listen more and talk less. With the reporting automation solution like TeamSpoor, creating such real-time path is an easy deal. This software solution allows both the parties to communicate and share all the business activity related data in real time when required.

Deliverables matter more than activities

Today the working system inside the organization is way more different than the old days. No longer managers are interested to dictate and control all tiny tasks with the team rather this is the time to take legs back and look at the bigger picture. Means, discuss and assign the requirements with the team and leave them to apply their creative tactic to achieve the business goal. In this way, you will not only enjoy the wonderful outcomes but also, welcome the logical ideas.

Excel the management style

If you are an ‘over-the-shoulder’ manager then the first challenge before you to tackle will be the variation in the management idea that you have been following. Doubtlessly changes are not that easy and trouble is obvious. But once you show the willing attitude of change before the team then they will also understand the importance and improve themselves accordingly. The employee monitoring software is a real-time management system that keeps aligned the inside business with the outside business activity.

Optimize the management system using technology

Technology helps in better management of remote workers but it is a myth that technology one day will take the place of the manager. Technology just acts like tools that help in perfect management. For example, for the smooth text exchange we have WhatsApp as an application likewise field staff can share their important data in real time through tracking solution but to who and by who are irreplaceable ever.


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