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What is employee tracking in real-time?    Suppose your organisation is remote, hybrid or of any type you can monitor and track your employees. The tracking and monitoring of employees are productive for the business. The employees tracking will help to improve productivity. You can follow or monitor the employees and get insights. These insights will help to monitor when […]

Posted on January 3rd, 2022

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What is employee tracking in real-time?   

Suppose your organisation is remote, hybrid or of any type you can monitor and track your employees. The tracking and monitoring of employees are productive for the business. The employees tracking will help to improve productivity. You can follow or monitor the employees and get insights. These insights will help to monitor when your employees are working and how they are working. For example, suppose you dislike the way your employees are working. You can quickly address those problems with the team.    

In the past, employee tracking raised several concerns between the employees and the organisation. But presently, organisations understand that employee tracking and monitoring is not knowing employees’ information but how they work. TeamSpoor is one such tool that can handle and manage your employees’. The security and features are excellent. It is an application that can track employees in real-time locations. Many organisations are already using this tool. For further information, check out the website.     

Earlier, there were concerns regarding employee tracking. However, now things are different Employee tracking system is more transparent and reliable. Therefore, employee monitoring can also focus on technology and transparency.     

What is employee tracking?    

Employee tracking is the technology-oriented software that helps to accumulate relevant information on employees’ performance at the workplace. Employee tracking is the transparent software that will help to increase the productivity of the organisation. The employee tracking system monitors staff’s location and activities they do in the workplace. This tool will also help to prevent theft and check how the company’s resources are available. However, there are other types of employee monitoring, like keylogging and surveillance. An employee tracking system helps in preventing data breaches and loss of resources. It is a system that has several advantages.    

Recently, this employee tracking and monitoring helped many organisations to boost productivity. This software analyses the employees’ work behaviour that can increase workflow and become more profitable. TeamSpoor is a tool that offers various features like real-time tracking and attendance and geo-fencing.     

Employee monitoring and tracking analyse the employees’ performance to find trends, patterns and correlations across teams, groups and departments. This software tells the time. The employee tracking system indicates the period when an employee is more productive, application use, time spent on unproductive tasks. The employee tracking system is available for all the employees in and out of the office. It means that if an employee is in sales, then this system will automatically track everything.    

The employee tracking system of the live location results from the harmony between the hardware and software methods that help in tracking the software. For example, the hardware tracking system includes recording video calls, phone calls, digital interactions, etc.    

The software tracking system is the tracking system that requires internet connectivity. This tracking system will monitor employees without intervening manually. Software tracking includes internet monitoring utilisation, log-in and log-out. Employee tracking aims to ensure that employees are providing high-quality services to promote the business.   

 Employee tracking is tracking and analysing the customers’ work and performance. Employee tracking in real-time is tracking the employee where he is currently working and how they are working without physically calling. It will also tell that organisation is checking out the employees’ current location. This tool will automatically reduce the manual intervention. TeamSpoor is a tool that helps an organisation to monitor and track the field sales employee’s current destination. TeamSpoor will increase productivity.     

Technology change has opened up the way the organisation works. Technology was not that much in the past, so organisations used local techniques to track the employees. While with technology, it changed many things. Employee tracking and monitoring vary according to the software and type of industry.     

These days, most people know about the employee tracking system. There is a lot of transparencies that employees have an idea that the organisation is tracking their work. Many of them do not oppose, while some employees’ show concern. They showed concern for hindering privacy.     

Types of the employee tracking systems are:  

  • Internet and app usage– According to various surveys, we noticed that almost as many people do personal work during working hours. So, if any organisation tracks the URLs or the tabs on which their employees are using, it addressed their potential productivity. This type of employee tracking that tracks internet and app usage tells which browser or application your employees are using. For example, during working hours, they are doing their work or browsing shopping websites and could not address the emergency client. It is more likely that they are not working.    

This tracking system will cause serious concerns about the security of the employees. The tracking system will probably track how much time you are using the apps. The organisation can easily track all the applications the employees’ using. There are other security reasons like if the employee browses certain sites and they have some sensitive information about the organisation. This information can automatically get public. So, these employees are making themselves and the company at risk.  

  •  Screen video and capture– Many organisations, started giving remote work to the employees due to trust issues. The managers of the organisations think employees may not work productively and efficiently. These trust concerns between managers and employees also caused low productivity. The reason behind this was that employees’ had to rework because of managers’ dissatisfaction.     

So, it handled this issue when screen video and capture came into employees’ tracking system. With the help of this, an organisation can see employees’ screen videos. In addition, managers can see screenshots on which employees were working to ensure they are working on the right path. However, the way this tracking system worked raised high privacy concerns. This type of tracking system randomly collects videos of the employees’ and their screens on the laptops or system. Many employees started raising questions on this, which made screen video and capture tracking systems obsolete.    

  • Time tracking system and file tracking- Time tracking features give employees’ power to clock in and start the time. Suppose the employee is on break, then they can easily pause the time button. Employees can record themselves for how long they are working. Furthermore, if the feature is specific, they can also record how long they worked on one particular project.  

Time tracking helps in tracking the time for their teams, including agencies and others. TeamSpoor is the tool that will help in monitoring the time of the employees. This tool has various features like Real-time tracking, Route Map, Geo-fencing, etc.     

  • Keylogging-Keylogging is the tracking feature when keyloggers record every stroke on the computer in a readable file. This type of tracking system has posed crucial privacy threats. Because of the keyloggers’ feature in the tracking system, the organisation can see the employees’ passwords. There is also a lack of transparencies.     
  • GPS tracking-This tracking feature helps in tracking the location of the employees. It is the essential feature of the employees’ who are in sales. These employees who are on the field help the company grow to boost productivity. The organisation tracks the location. Tracking the position of employees’ mobile is also on the rise. This tracking feature will track the employees’ who are on the field to boost efficiency and productivity.     

What is TeamSpoor?    

With the increasing competition in every sector of the corporate world, the only thing that can make one organisation ahead of the other is employee productivity. The organisation’s productivity can increase when the employees are efficient and use all their capacity to succeed. Tracking and monitoring the employees’ is one such thing that can boost productivity.    

TeamSpoor is a tracking system tool. It is a tool that can boost productivity. The organisation can track the employees’ who are on the field. This tracking system is a boon to all the sales department staff. TeamSpoor is one such application that can     

  • Staff location tracking     
  • Attendance and time-sheet     
  • Job scheduling    

Tracking the employees can boost productivity. It can also ensure that employees are not lying somewhere and asking for variable pay. TeamSpoor solves all these problems.     

Features of TeamSpoor  

TeamSpoor is an application that is available on Android and iOS. It is an application that tracks employees in Real-time locations.   

Real-time locations are the location where the employees are presently present.  

It automatically sends all the information to the organisation. TeamSpoor has the following features.    

  • Real-Time Tracking- The best feature of TeamSpoor is using real-time locations. You can get real-time locations with tons of other training data. The supervision task is to check if the employees and the other representatives reached the destination.  

This tracking system will help to check the location of the employees without manual intervention.     

  • Real-time location- is the feature of the TeamSpoor. You can track the location of the employees from dawn to dusk. You can check the real-time location within 10+ minutes of interval.  

This tracking system is useful when you have employees across the nation. You can use this GPS feature to locate and track your employee. We can understand the genuine issue of real-time locations is battery usage.  

TeamSpoor understands this concern and ensures that battery usage should not be over 5% with the best accuracy. The accuracy of the TeamSpoor application is quite good. You can track your employees with full accuracy.    

  • Route Map– You might have some concerns that your employees are working or not. So, TeamSpoor offers this Route Map feature to get a glimpse of the routes which your employees are using. This feature boosts productivity.   

Route Maps ensure that employees’ use the designated path. Many times, employees do their work and then do overtime. Overtime automatically uses the company’s resources. However, if you use this feature, you can check which paths your executive is using.     

This feature will also save costs and ensure on-time delivery.    

  • Geo-tagged visit reports-With Real-time reporting now, the managers do not have to wait for the executives for attendance. TeamSpoor offers everything online.     

This feature is important for all the sales departments because it automatically handles all the issues. Automation can immediately reduce manual work. Reporting Automation will automatically reduce the process of daily sales entry, which takes a lot of time. The other thing is you can provide real-time details to the management. With TeamSpoor you can stop fraud. Several times, many employees do not visit the customer and talk on calls.     

These employees’ then fill the DSR that he was physically present there. This application eliminates fraud automatically. You can use TeamSpoor and take the actual attendance of all the employees. You can use many integrations that are helpful for your organisation.    

  • Route distance Calculator- This tracking system is the feature that calculates the route. Route distance Calculator calculates the measures the exact location and duration of the location. TeamSpoor measures the interval between the two points automatically. The route distance calculator is the feature is the calculator that calculates the data to mark your attendance and measure the whole route till you log out at the day end.    

The distance calculation in TeamSpoor is accurate and saves a lot of time.