How ‘Team Spirit’ Transforms Productivity to Fullest Potential that a Team Has!

During my childhood, I loved playing Cricket as was with most of us from the similar age group who used to play outdoor games more often. (Just to Remind, Digitization, Technologies and Internet were not as much widespread as they are now) So, we didn’t had a choice to make and therefore, the most joyous time of the day was to reach the ground for playing. It is very unlikely to what most of the kids do nowadays. They tend to escape playing outdoor games and one would have to force and drag them if to play a physical sport. And even after being pulled to ground, they would pompously run away on the slightest of opportunity to do so.

Coming back to the topic, yes, I loved playing cricket and was amongst the first one’s to reach the ground in the evening. I wait for the sun to start tilt down towards meeting the horizon. I was a passionate player and used to play every day, every match and every time. Yet there was a similar feel of excitement and joy in me about playing and this generated a spirit in me to wait for the evening anxiously.

Now, this isn’t something strange or unusual. It is called just being passionate about a certain thing and this made me better than most of the other guys my age. Soon, we got along well and decided to play as a team. This development made a spirit of playing in unity which was slowly shaping our individual productivity.

Although we were not a team that had many good or average players, so generally relied on few of us who were better players. And yet, there was a certain thing about us that got us to perform much better in the local club tournament after a few months. We didn’t win it at last, but it was nothing short of exceptional to have been in the finals in a tournament consisting 34 teams.

During the tournament itself, i could sense a spirit to win that was expressive in the general behavior of our team. Few of our players who were not even average ended up outperforming their own expectations and it was looking believable. It wasn’t about drama of being a team. It was a feeling that we can do it as a team and confidently so. We were not even caring to get into arguments and general disputes of any kind that had been in past. There was an intent to perform which provoked us to win not for one’s desire but for being the part of such a ‘special’ team.

This was the most obvious reason behind team’s productivity without having too many excellent players. Passion actually transforms performance if it is immense enough to drive the emotions. This ain’t no miracle to see a person performing better when one is driven by emotions. There were the traits that helped us in building an impressive character while playing and increased the ability of every person to learn and implement for a purpose. The passion ignited for a cause as a team which helped us all to perform to the best of our abilities.

Let Your Employees Break Free And Feel Free as a Team Member

Employee Management and their productivity has always been a recurring issue that business organizations have faced since ever. But, most Managers don’t care to look beyond management, and thereby, they unknowingly restrict the potential of their team within a certain barrier.

When I think about it from a different perspective, I feel the performance of a team has more to it than just management and work ethics. There is a certain aspect in the ‘emotional connection’ which changes a human beings ability to unimaginable levels. Though, it needs to be kept in control or else it loses the right cause of being motivated.

There are certain traits which help your employees to believe that they are a part of something really special for them. This genuinely drags the overall competent spirit towards the assigned task and nurtures an inert conviction to do it for own satisfaction rather than achieving a mere ‘target’. This gives their job a cause for the better.

So, if you are a manager and you have been facing hard time to maintain the productivity of your team, may be it is the time for you to ease your stiff approach and think something different, something out of the box, something that adds more flavor to work as a team by being a team.

It is the time you should try to connect the team emotionally and bring about a spirit that translates more than just doing their respective jobs. It would be subtle and gradual but nevertheless incredibly effective too.

Break Free from Shackles of Job – Be Different, Be a Team that You Are!

Trying the orthodox ways of management aren’t meant to be held as strict rules. They basically emphasize performance and if you not getting desired result from them, why not try to develop an attachment for being the part of a team which is very special for them and thereupon try to make them comfortable and unnerved about doing their task. Make them feel confident even while things are not fluent and let your unconditional trust overtake their conscience. Let them feel that whole team is there by a member at any point of time without being called upon to help.

Soon, you will see a more responsible team members coming to you with improved results and better insight. They would want to perform, not because it is their job but because they are part of a process which they find and feel ‘special’ to them. They would work because it’s their responsibility towards their team. A better team awaits you, don’t miss being part of something special about being a team that you are.

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