Pink Slip To Paperwork. Hello Employee Tracking Software!

Do you still search for a diary and pen around you whenever it comes to write-up some data or information? Hey, dude! Which century are you living in? Nowadays everything is available at our fingertips and just in a few clicks, you can access anything. Yeah, since digitalization is trumpeting across the globe and people are becoming more mobile-oriented. Throwaway your myth that electronic world is an overpriced market! Digital methods are not only pocket-friendly but reliable, error-free and less time-consuming too.

How many hours do you waste just keeping your employees in waiting phase as the to be processed schedule takes more time to get ready because of a slow manual process? Is it okay to continue with such loss? Absolutely no, that too, when multiple digital tools are giving ways to prepare any report or track any record accurately and in less time span.

Employee tracking software is a wonderful invention of technology that enables managers to get connected with all sales reps working in the field. Also, it helps to calculate the fuel-consumption, total productivity hours, time duration of each meeting etc. Our prime goal is to sharpen the productivity because doing so will bring the business benefits. With the help of this software solution, the process of maintaining manual daily sales report can be automated.

Workers confuse this technical tool with spy tool. Today, although many successful business giants understand its worth initially almost all organizations were reluctant to accept such digital tools. According to them, monitoring someone’s personal activities is absolutely not ethical and an illegal doing while they must get a clear difference between personal and professional tracking. Yes! The tracking software is invented in order to collect information about whether corporate resources are being utilized properly or not, employees are working efficiently or not etc. There is no intention of interfering in someone’s personal matters.

Accurate and Authentic Information

Salespeople don’t need to mention all business related activities on paper -they are accomplishing at the workplace during working hours as the field staff tracking software automatically generates the whole report after a single sign in. This automated process creates an error-free report that has no manipulative base means, the information displayed on the dashboard remains 100% authentic.

Saves much time

Since manual work takes a good portion of time hence, it will be lucrative to an entrepreneur if this time could be saved anyway and utilized in some productive tasks. The digital tracking method enables employees to save their precious time in order to fetch more revenue.

Better payroll management

It is the no-brainer that in absence of monitoring software, sometimes employees can be unfaithful with their boss. For example, as per their given information, they are meeting with the client or customer while, in reality, they might be caught fulfilling their personal works. Here first loss is, employees are not disciplined at the workplace and wasting their time, and second, they are spoiling the corporate properties in non-essential tasks. The tracking software cuts the per employee cost and thus saves the organization from financial loss.

Many problems can be resolved over the phone

There might arise a situation when the prospects can put some tough or confusing questions before the sales reps. In such situation, if salesperson postpones giving the response, he might miss out on a potential customer. Here, the best solution is to directly communicate over the phone with the person having perfect knowledge in the respective domain.

Here I can conclude that implementation of employee tracking software is a wise investment for two main reasons. First- it sharpens the productivity and second- it cuts the pain up to a great extent.

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