How to Master Sales Productivity With the Charm of Management?

A wish to master sales management! Mere thought of being the sales leader leaves any sales employee in excitement that is too obvious to tell. But that’s a really tough job and its ‘tough’ for a reason. When you are supposed to manage a team of employees, set up targets and motivate them to reach there, most of you won’t care to think about the spirit of being a team.

A recent research concluded by few scholars from the Harvard Business School observed some really inspiring trend. This research was conducted only on those business organizations that have been showing a consistent progression and inclining revenue charts over a large span of time. One of the aspects from this research suggested that they adopted a subtle gradual shift in their approach to motivate the employees for getting enhanced performance. And yes, these companies didn’t distribute financial incentives for enticing or motivating their teams. On contrary, they cared to create a healthy work-culture for the employees to give them a sense of purpose under a coherent optimistic environment.

Unsurprisingly, a little detailed view over the mentioned factors is enough to realize that these are nothing but the basic prerequisites of growth in disguise. Such strategies work fine and it is clearly evident in most businesses that turned out to be successful with the passage of time. Once you create an environment free from frictional glitches of any kind whatsoever, it ought to boost team efficiency and the overall productivity simultaneously.

It is about the general attitude of work in business operations, therefore the part of a sales manager is huge and decisive. Then how to master sales management? A manager is just the one who controls, but a master is the one who could make a difference by utilizing that control.

A master of sales management must follow these important objectives during the sales process to make sure that there is a positivity that his employees relish –

  1. Specify Different Roles and Goals to Each Team Member –

    A good manager is always careful to express his expectations from an employee by individually assigning the individual roles of each members and set up different targets depending upon their role. It is hard to figure out member’s productivity unless you set individual parameters to determine their potency.

  2. Keeping Tab On The Progress Made –

    While sitting in his office with a mug of coffee in hand, a manager should be aware about the progress being made by his employee towards the aim. Team members should be made aware about their progress and performance intuitively by using metrics, leader boards, dashboards etc and insist the ways that can help them in enhancing their scores.

  3. Never Overburden the Team –

    A human body has certain limits which the manager must respect. Throwing heavy workload to an employee often backfires by resulting into poor productivity. Don’t do it. It’s much better to assign targets and let the employees free to accomplish it on their own. Just show them their progress reports and give suggestion of help. It gives comfort to the employee at work.

  4. Clear the Intent And Convey the Purpose Behind It

    – An employee feels passionate about his goals if he connects to a product. For this, they should know the problem which the product deals, and the intent of the product and a sense of purpose that the product has been aimed at. Unless a person has an insight about his product, he can’t motivate others to use it. If a manager is able to connect his sales team with the product, his job becomes as easy as the water. Moreover, this connect with the product evokes a passion to work and achieve the target.

  5. Recognize The Achievements And Reward them –

    The immense pressure to accomplish target is nothing new for sales employees. They are always under the heat to deliver and therefore work hard to reach the aimed figure within a given period of time. So, it is important for a leader to understand the peer pressure of work which his team faces at work and should celebrate when the targets are met. He should recognize the performance and reward it. This type of team celebration and rewards make the work more exciting especially because stress involved in sales.

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