Have You Incorporated Sales Force Automation On Your Business?

The increase in competition scattered leads, uneven distribution of resources and increasing rate of sales force together all can be a frightful situation. The more efforts you put in to increase sales the more you get dissatisfied by reduced productivity.

If you are in a business handling sales force and dealing with the above-mentioned problems then you should incorporate Sales Force Automation to your business. As it is a technique which helps you automate the business task of sales and you are more likely to increase revenue and profits. SFA also saves time and instead of slogging in more hours, you are able to finish in lesser time. SFA helps you to work smartly instead of hard work.

Whether you have a small, medium or big business; Sales force automation can be incorporated in all sizes of business which generate increased sales and higher productivity.

A survey conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) states that the use of sales force automation in businesses leads to:

  • Increase in deal closure by 30%
  • Sales Cycle reduced by 18%
  • Sales administrative time cut down by 14%
  • These figures when applied to a million dollar financial institution increases the overall productivity and profit can be quite worthwhile.

The above data shows that Salesforce Automation can be quite fruitful for an organization.

How a business could get benefited From SFA?

Lost Opportunities Are Utilized

Your sales employees try hard to increase sales and revenue by putting in a lot of efforts but sometimes it may become difficult for your sales force to present accurate sales report after all they are humans only. Being persistent is necessary for an employee to close up more deals. Right tool and sales force automation lets them manage reminders about each potential deals. This allows sales employees to complete up their task with increasing number of interactions with the client.

Work Hours Cut Down

An organization which runs because of their sales employees i.e. how much sales the employees bring, the revenue gets generated and leads to profits and growth. So to manage your sales force effectively will only allow you to do so. You need to adopt sales force automation which calculates the number of hours your sales team spend on scheduling sales appointments, tracking lead contacts and creating sales opportunities.

When you incorporate sales force automation your majority of the task will get automated which save time. SFA provides all information on your fingertips and will provide a good customer service.

Easy To Forecast Sales

A business runs to increase their sales and a sales force automation helps in understanding past and current sales trends. Your sales team can easily know about sales scenario by checking into the present sales database and can create a bunch of new opportunities.

Management of Sales Team

Most of the sales team of your organization are busy with the sales work. Sales force automation makes it simpler for the manager to manage his team easily for measuring sales revenue.

SFA is helping the management to easily handle the sales staff of their company by tallying the metrics from different sections. All the data of sales related are recorded of real-time with 100% accuracy. A manager can level in an underperformed employee or the less earned revenue month.

Upselling And Cross Selling

SFA stores past customer history which can be utilized to improve the sales. Upselling encourages the customer to purchase a higher end product and cross-selling makes the customer buy complementary product. Sales managers analyze past trend information such as what customer prefers to buy, their purchase pattern, and customer demographics i.e. which type of customer will be suitable to buy such product.

Thus, basically, Sales Force Automation helps a businessman to easily automate his sales team and induce to work harder to achieve the set defined goals.

Now, answer the above question – “Have you incorporated SFA on your business till now?”

Almost half of buyers (48%) rely on manual methods and a total of 38% of companies are using CRM and SFA solution. This shows that the majority of companies are still using manual methods. The reason can be many such as there might be a disconnection between managers and sales employees or sales reps fear using their client information with management. As who doesn’t want to automate their sales team, many businesses who rely on manual methods until now are making a shift to sales force automation.

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