10 Reasons Why Wise Businessmen Do Not Choose Free Services

“Free”, “Heavy discounts” and “Sale” sound a ringing bell to your customers and compel them to buy but if yours is business, you need to think twice before you opt for free services. However tempting the term free may appear to you, it is better not to burn your finger with it and let your […]

Posted on January 25th, 2017

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“Free”, “Heavy discounts” and “Sale” sound a ringing bell to your customers and compel them to buy but if yours is business, you need to think twice before you opt for free services. However tempting the term free may appear to you, it is better not to burn your finger with it and let your business feel the heat of it.

Here are the top 10 reasons why choosing free services is an absolute blunder.

1- Free Services are not really free:

Trial versions are meant only for introducing features only

It may be costing you not in cash but every information or data has its own cost. When it comes to online services, that something is usually personal data or content you’ve created — think Facebook and Instagram, whose privacy policies obscure the line between what you own versus what they own. For consumers, that might be an acceptable offer but for business organizations that trade may be unacceptable.Free softwares are not free in real terms.Trial version is only meant to introduce the features of the softwares.

2- Free Services Means Sacrificing Your Identity:

In the business world, establishing brand is the greatest of challenges.Your business identity is essential for the market presence. Any free service provider will not highlight your business. Customer will not be impressed by it. It lands you in a doubtful category. Many business organizations use free services like yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc.In fact, they sacrifice a great opportunity to get the name of their company on the minds of customers.

3- Free Services are less Accountable:

Business flourishes on the mutual faith and trust with customers. Accountability is the feature which attracts everyone immensely. Accountable organizations are supposed to be more reliable and responsible.Free services do not promise accountability. The customer can not be sure to get the timely response from free service. The element of doubt lingers on in customer’s mind.It sacrifices your image as an accountable organization.Free services do not promise fair and honest deal. Free softwares do not promise operational efficiency.

4- Free Services are not authentic:

Free services for small businesses do not last. Free services for small businesses come and go. Google Apps used to be free, now it is not. Free services do not last for the small businesses because the market is so challenging to reach and serve. If you understand the market challenges then you get the reason behind paid services.Sometimes emails are not delivered due to an error in the email server. These emails land in the spam folder and get unnoticed.

Public mail providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) are under heavy scrutiny for spam. Also, if you use too many words such as “lower price”,” discount”,”I represent” and similar, be sure that your mail will be marked as spam.Most SPAM filters these days are looking for free email account email addresses like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo!. The reason is that SPAMMers typically use free email accounts to send out SPAM. It is easier to setup a free email account and it doesn’t cost them a penny.Free services do not communicate correct information. Customer is always skeptical about their authenticity. Free softwares are pirated and having many adulterations.They damage the system.

5- Free Services are Unprofessional:

Customers love to interact with professional organizations.If you are using a free email service you are sending the wrong message. If the email you send comes from your personal email account and not your business account,It distracts the customers.You should have your own website for your business otherwise customer can presume that your company cannot afford a domain name and a professional website with email.

You should be organized or professional enough to get a domain name for your company. You can realize the difference if you use [email protected] instead of [email protected] one looks more professional and exhibits organizational skill. It gives you a professional recognition when you use software with your company name.

6- Free Services sacrifices privacy:

Business organizations can not take chances with the privacy of customers. Since money is involved in every deal. It is advisable to maintain privacy while dealing with customers. Free Services do not maintain confidentiality among customers. Customers do not want to share confidential information to free service providers.Beside it, competitors can also intrude into your plans and hamper your business. Faith and trust are highly confidential issues.Sanctity and confidentiality of customer should be maintained and confidential information should not be left open to hazards.

7- Free Services are not secured:

Security is a major concern nowadays. You should understand the pitfalls of using public email services.When hackers gain access to your email account they can and often to use it to send spam and even possibly adult content to your list of contacts which could include your clients, vendors, business partners and so on, making it even more crucial that you keep your login information as safe as possible.Free services are not the secure way to communicate.Free softwares are not secured. Pirated version of softwares have many corrupt files and viruses which expose your system to various hazards.

8- Free Services provide poor customer service:

Free services can’t provide great customer service. Everyone knows that email sent to a free service is not sure to be responded. Running the business with free services is suicidal. Customers take interest in products but poor customer service drives them away.According to a study,86 percent of consumers said they’ve quit doing business with a company due to a bad customer service.

Nowadays, customers expectations are only getting higher. 51 percent of consumers admitted they’d only try to contact support once before giving up on a purchase.It is essential to provide good customer service to boost sales. One satisfied customer will recommend others for your business organization.78 percent of them will recommend your product to others after a great customer service.Poor communication will cause you to lose out. Free softwares do not provide good customer service.

9- Free Services are not efficient:

Business organizations survive on efficiency.In today’s faster world, everyone aspires for quick services. Time is the most scarce resource.Customers do not want to wait, they expect quick responses from your side.Success stories of many businesses prove this phenomenon.Since free services are not least bothered about your image, they are not efficient to serve the customer. Usually,free services take more time to respond.Customer may be lost or go somewhere else.Poorly informed customers do not have correct information about your business.Free softwares are inefficient.

10- Free Services are limited :   

Nobody provides everything free. Your needs may differ for different customers,geographical locations,vendors,marketplaces or clients etc. A free phone helpline is needed for reporting complaints.Fax or mail services are needed to communicate with business organizations.Free softwares to manage business seems good but their maintenance cost is very high. Free softwares offer only some limited features. It is advisable to use the complete service instead of trial version. In fact, trial version is designed to just give a limited exposure of the real product product.