Why you need Social Media Widgets

Definitely, you have a great business website and healthy social relations. Also, you have given your website’s link on social media account but it is much more important to link your website by providing the social media button. Social media widgets is an exceedingly important for your website.
You may think, why? Why is it important?  How can you provide the button? Will it be so complicated? Will it ruin your website design or purpose? How can you link all social accounts? and many uncountable questions. But what if I say, I have the solution for all of your questions and the only answer is ‘Scrap.me’.

What is scrap.me and how it will be beneficial for you?
“Scrap.me” is a product of ‘Intueri Inc’. It provides various services, social media widget is one of them. They will provide you the code, you can simply paste it into your website and enjoy the service of social media button for ‘free’ and without any complications. Most importantly your widget has been displayed on the homepage of your website wherever you want so you do not have to compromise with your website design and purpose.

Let’s see why you should link your website with social media:

Ranking on Search Engines
Social media channels increase your ranking on google, yahoo, bing etc. When people search on the internet, it is high chance that people will find your website.
Google clearly mentioned it in the support section that “Linking your Google+ Page and your website is useful because…it provides Google with information that we can use to help determine the relevancy of your site to a user query on Google Search.”

Follow Buttons
These widgets help you to promote your business and exceptionally increase your fans or followers, that will help you to convert into a brand.
You may think, How branding will be possible?
So by placing these buttons on your business website, you can help to create visibility for your social media accounts and easily extend your reach there and you can put these buttons anywhere on your website, but we recommend at least placing these buttons on your website’s homepage/sidebar.

Share links
Your visitors can easily share your content and useful data now. These links allow you to expand the reach of your content to your audiences and generate new viewer to look back your website. You can add these link anywhere in your website, mainly it should be added where the visitor can have any shareable data like blogs, email contents etc.

So here are you! Now you can easily maximize your audience and targeted customer by taking the help from social media channels. Now your visitors can easily follow you and you can turn into a brand. All the best!

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