To Grow Your Brand On Social Media Start Acting Like Human Being On Social Media

The first thing that comes to your confused mind is the title and you would have thought that am I not acting like a human when I am using it or what is this foolish thing! Well, I don’t want to shift your mind at any other thing but want to point out that when your business is in social media, you should treat your followers and friends as real people not as consumers nor use it as a marketing and sales.

Every day comes a new automation and people want to have it for their own business. Social media platform is nothing new and a stranger to anyone, it is a great platform which will help a company in a lot many ways. But, it is up to you how you make it happen. By just marketing and selling your product on social media will not result in the branding your product but the brand and human relationship are playing a huge role in persuading people to buy products and services.

How to go viral on Social Media?

Viral is a thing which everyone wants to happen with their own posts and videos. Some think as soon as they have posted anything, it will go viral and become famous. There is no rocket science to make anything viral. Things that will attract users and customers which will automatically go viral. But it takes time and you should know which platform to choose, where to post it and how to interact with your audience.

Social Media should have the human element!

Why has social media become the talk of town everywhere? Especially for a business owner to promote their product, they use this platform fully and sometimes they overdo it so much that it lost its charm and just forget to interact with their followers and friends as real people.

Branding of your business has a lot to do with how you promote your product on social media. People who follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn wants to interact with a human nor that they want to interact with a business entity, it’s just that they expect to have interactions as natural as possible.  

Socialize with people and do not consumerize!

Your thought of treating your customers as just another person who consumes your product, is wrong on social media. The customer who follows you on your social media account want to interact you personally and you should treat them as real people. Listen them, reply them, solve their queries etc. These things will help you in building up your brand as your customers will feel that they are interacting with humans not robots.

A human-first approach is the foundation of social media engagement!

Socialize with your people and interact with them in the best way. Few things to note while posting on social media and promoting your brand.

  • Create an amazing business profile that will attract your followers and they want to comment on it and interact with you.
  • Produce and post user driven content consistently and share it on social media.
  • Take a stand, be opinionated and try to substantiate it with facts.
  • Whenever you share anything, keep sharing it with what you share.
  • Do not always try to promote your product and brand only.

These things are not the only key which will take your brand to heights but will help you influence your brand on social media.

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