Frustration Never Helps You Increase Employee Productivity!

The human psychology is as interesting as a subject could get. We tend to show angst on things that just don’t match with actual cause of it. As far as I have observed about business, many a times the managers make it harder for themselves to manage his team being frustrated about every damn thing that one can think. Don’t you know, this never helps increase employee productivity. In fact, it is the other way round.

One of my college friends working in a reputed IT firm, coincidentally met me last year in a shopping mart. We had a long conversation for about an hour in a coffee shop nearby. We talked of about everything that came to our mind. One of the things that he told me that left an influence on my mind was the of the place where he worked. He told it has suddenly turned to worst without a trace. The reason was their new manager. From what my friend told about him, I could only visualize but Adolf Hitler to relate with the identity traits.

He treated all his employees in rude, arrogant and unreasonably harsh way. Their last manager as told by my friend, was also fired for inability to increase the employee productivity which had hit the rock bottom since he took over. A new project manager was hired by seeking most strict attitude with no personal nonsense at work. But he could just turn the place a hell to work at but there is not a sight hope of improvement in employee productivity.

If you ask me, I can never ever see it working at first place. I don’t even expect in my wildest of dreams that such type of unreasonable approach produce any positive result. Although I can tell you plenty of reasons why it could take away any chance that you have had of making a comeback.

How Frustration Hampers Employee Productivity?

There is a certain problem about frustration that makes it hard to achieve anything if it ends up dominating your personality for too long. It is just your mind playing around with things that don’t even matter for the problem. But it unarguably proves troublesome for not just your own work but also to the whole bunch that you are supposed to lead from the front.

There can be numerous other reasons that prove to be hurdle while you are trying to increase employee productivity. But stay assured that frustration is one thing that can alone create any hurdle that you could think of.

There few very harmful impacts that frustration could cause to your business.

  • Destructive by Nature

It is not unknown to anyone that anger only destroy, not mend. When you take actions that are triggered by frustration, they often end up as a loss. When your employee productivity is going through a poor phase, the last thing that one could resist is destroying what’s left. On the contrary, first thing which you should care to do is preserve what is left to avoid any more loss.

  • De motivates Whole Team

The fit of rage when shown by someone who leads the group is a definitely a demoting aspect. To see their leader ferociously firing on every other irrelevant thing puts a lot of stress on your employees. The employee never feels comfortable while doing his work and such tense mindset could make anyone to go wrong to their dislike. This hurts the moral of entire team and makes them insecure to be able to focus on work.

  • Provokes Blind Decisions That Lead Nowhere

The first thing that one could think about anger is making instant and polarized decisions that may have anything but logic. The frustration provokes you to take such decisions even if you know they are wrong and unjustified for the better of your business. By the way, one such small decision could lead you nowhere yet it can ruin many opportunities that you could have grabbed with a tad bit wiser view of it. Even if you are expert at driving, do you still expect to perform the same blindfolded?

  • Makes Work a Burden

The frustration makes a leader put pressure on his team to perform or perish. This is mostly common in every other sales process that you will study. While controlled pressure can make you achieve magical results, overdose in hope to increase employee productivity could make it even impossible. Employee views his task anything lesser than a burden. While how you work is largely dependent on one ability, how good he tries is more about how you approach work.

  • Never Allows Optimism to Grow

The worst thing about a frustrated manager is his dismissive nature of a manager during such bad times. Even an eloquent performer would fumble under such a neglectful atmosphere. The hope is diminished with time and the growth gets out of your mind, even from your dreams. A team can perform as good as it’s leader could make them believe they can, but if the leader is itself careless to help his team at work, positivity gets out of the window altogether.

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