Location Sharing: Best Way to Encourage Your Sales Team

It is very important to keep sales team motivated as they make the foundation of the business developing healthy and positive relations with the clients. Every sales manager dreams for a highly motivated sales team which is always ready to put 100% effort even for the impossible goals. But, this type of situation is hard to find in reality.

Although there are so many tactics available in the market to inspire salespeople but contribution of field tracking solution has its own importance. It makes a pave for sales professionals to achieve the goal faster that too with high enthusiasm.  It introduces transparency in the system and makes sales staff easy to believe that whatever profit scheme is being offered to them, is purely non-discriminated.

The already existing ideas for keeping salespeople’ morale high, can be optimized with the help of tracking App. Apart from motivating the field staff, it effectively helps in accelerating the productivity too. Since world is running towards digitalization hence replacing each paper work with PC work is pretty obvious and that’s when the field force tracking solution takes place.

Here I am going to describe how incorporating tracking solution can benefit your business prompting salespeople.

  • Incentivization

The American businessman and co-founder of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. has perfectly said – “ It’s not just buying the company. Sure, we picked the right companies, and we picked the right management and, most importantly we’ve given them the right incentive to perform.”

Employees talk about money whenever they are asked to perform well or extraordinary. Money has become the essentiality of human life and this is the reason why they put their best to accomplish all challenging targets.

“Scholarships offered to students in colleges or schools is a best way to filter the real talent and also inspires them to perform more better next time. The scholarships are also some sort of incentives.”

How location sharing helps in incentivization?

The tracking solution is the best way to track your field executives in real time. It is a web based dashboard for top management with mobile based android App for sales reps. It keeps managers remain connected to their field staff. Thus they can monitor their team in real time and make a statistics of how much productivity has been done by each individual.

With the help of this data, a proper strategy is implemented. This real time information is the evidence for sales managers to show his team that only deserving people are being rewarded.

Actually management has the whole information about each professional on the dashboard under the respective columns, therefore,they have a clear idea about who is contributing effectively in sales. For keeping those in the winning list always, rewards are offered in terms of incentives so they can help in overall business growth likewise.

  • Game Strategy & Small Gifts

You may have noticed school kids’ excitement when teacher asked them to play a game. Changes are important and sometimes it brings some considerable benefits. Organizing daily attendance, classes and preparing results are the basic activities each school does but to keep all these things in perfect tone some other implementations are important. Hence, school choose some extra-curricular tasks to be done for increasing the motivational behavior of students.

“Teaching children is an accomplishment; getting children excited about learning is an achievement .” – Robert John Meehan

Apart from games, students’ crave for small gifts are also much appreciable. For example, if teacher says examination topper of the class test will get a pen as prize then students give their best to top in the exam. Likewise situation is seen in businesses also. If sales reps are offered gifts like electronic devices, holiday ticket or something like that in return of more productivity, they automatically try to perform better.

How location sharing helps in offering rewards?

The real time authentic information generated through App helps managers to prepare a list of those reps also who are very close to hit the targets. The big brother offers some rewards in form of movie tickets, holidays tickets, gift vouchers and gadgets etc. to push them getting goals faster.

Humans are different in nature. Some might get attract to such gifts and some might not. Many people find a short break in work or playing game for a while during working hours is more important that financial benefits and help them to work more effectively. The progress graph tracked through field force tracking solution assists managers to arrange interesting games if target has already been met before the time.

  • Value to work experience

Thomas Paine, an English-American Activist and Philosopher has perfectly said – “ The mind once enlightened cannot gain become dark”.

As you know, for two main reasons executives love their job – financial comfort and passion. Therefore, many sales reps are in the industry having target to learn more and more than getting gifts. For this, companies run many training programs and try to optimize the business model incorporating better decisions.

For passionate workers, meeting to top level or experienced people in the same work is not less than a boon. Going on dinner with such talents resolves their difficulties they are facing during sales.

How location sharing helps in better career growth?

Promotions are based on your performance. The field-force tracking App gives a clear picture of reps who are performing consistently well. Such executives are offered better appraisals.

Winners usually adopt a different strategy to do something, so they share very unique ideas once they are introduced as the icon in front of crowd. Such ideas are very helpful for learners as their motive is to step up on the success ladder.

Talent is always worshiped but it can never take the place of experience because an experienced person has already seen the situation which you are going through or might go through in future. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself aware of effective solutions.



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