Why Do You Need Mobile Based Software For Tracking Sales/Field Person?

Technology has seamlessly dissolved in our life and till we recognize, it is already an inseparable part of our life. There rarely exists a part of us that is yet to adopt the thrust of technology. One such part of our life is ‘Smart Phone’ which is now an essential part of our daily life.

In a recent research conducted by Psychology Department of the University of Pennsylvania, more than 62% people accepted that they will still touch their mobile devices at least once in an hour even if they are at a place where using mobile devices is prohibited.

It goes down to indicate the involvement of a smartphone in our lives. It is to such an extent that one can actually call it an addiction. This genuinely shows the critical role which a mobile can play in running your Business.

Sales Force Tracking – A Headache For Every Business

When you manage a team for your business, you will naturally frown at those team members who don’t perform to their abilities. But in the case of an on-field sales team, it is really hard to figure out their efficiency and efforts other than what their reports suggest. You are often suspicious about getting misguided by the manipulation of reports.

Salesforce tracking is a need that needs to be addressed. And Mobile can be the blessing in disguise for resolving the translucent procedure of on-field sales process. Why?

Q – What a Mobile based App can do for your business?

A mobile based app can –

  • Track The Precise Location of Each Team Member

While there are restrictions in the physical world, digital world offers the luxury of real time geographical tracking with precise and dependable results. The GPS-based mobile tracking is a convenient option to know the whereabouts of each team member. It is a more saturated mean of navigation. There are many on-field sales issues which will easily get resolved by simply utilizing this feature of the mobile application.

  • Minimize Administrative Risks

It is typically a complicated task to manage an on-field sales team. There are a lot of issues which increase the administrative risks related to such tasks. Most of the administrative decisions made by the field managers are based on speculations rather than facts. This associates an undisputed risk with the decisions and the outcome ought to be uncertain. But if you know the specific details about your team and its activities, it reduces the need for speculation based decision making and therefore the administration with better insight has lesser risk involved with it.

  • Organize the Team

When most team members are located at different locations, there is no certain knowledge about how an on-field-team can perform in an organized manner. There are certain limitations in the management of on-field sales staff which are intertwined with a field sales team. You can manage your team in a much better manner only if you can get your entire team to work under your vision and keep a thorough idea of how their location can be utilized for better results. Such an approach can be of real help specifically in cases where you need mobilize team members without a prior planning.

  • Fetch Real Time Updates

When your team member completes a meeting with the client, you have to wait for the report till the evening. The mobile device can help you get the report with quickness and equally dependable consistency. There are two issue which mobile can help with –

    1. No delays in report submission – There are many issues which are prevalent with a delay in report submission. I remember a friend of mine worked for a company where field sales staff visit their office once a week just to report their weekly activities. When I asked him why don’t you, he said that it is not possible for them to come daily. Such a delay? It is obnoxious…Mostly, an air of suspicion starts floating around with the delay in report submission which needs to be cleared. Real time updates can help us to know about the results of a meeting and how to plan ahead in a faster and more realistic manner.
    2. No need to visit office just for report submission –  Certain businesses compel their on-field staffs to visit the office on a daily basis just for the sake of reporting the work progress. It is important to report work progress on a daily basis but not at the cost of any disruption of work itself. It is rather a diversion from the proceedings of field work. Using mobile devices and an app as a medium of submission of a report which can avoid such unnecessary disruptions.
  • Increase Transparency, Efficiency And Therefore Productivity

Every team requires transparency management of on-field sales staff or more efficiency and efficiency for more productivity. One needs to under management of on-field sales staff and that efficiency cannot come without transparency and productivity cannot come without efficiency. If you have certain issues with transparency, efficiency will go down and when your efficiency deteriorates, your productivity will surely go down.

So productivity is indirectly or directly influenced by the transparency of the process of working as a team. A mobile app can enhance transparency by the means of connectivity and by providing a direct access to your team members. When you can stay connected, you will know the whereabouts of your team and easily guide them to perform adequately. This will surely increase the productivity of a team in long run.

  • Data-Driven Opportunity Management

Planning has a major role to play in an organized management of on-field sales staff group activity. Field Sales activities are no different in this perspective. Every activity that is planned to perfection yields better results and facts approve the same…

While planning for a field sales activity, a data-driven approach is more likely to achieve more conversions. The Mobile devices can provide a data-driven platform for scheduling your tasks and completing them in a coordinated manner. It can enhance the mobility of resources to capitalize on certain opportunities. This will not only benefit the results but also reduce the wastage of time that goes vain in non-productive activities.

These reasons are more than enough to state the impact of a mobile-based app on the management of on-field sales staff. It boosts work efficiency and thus more productive results in an appropriate manner. If you adopt such business technologies and implement them to perfection, you are undoubtedly moving toward prosperity.

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