How The Sales Tracking App Can Multiply Your Sales?

When things go wrong, nothing seems to work. No matter how hard you try, It goes in vain and it actually looks too hard to pull the brakes of slumping sales graph. Just because you can’t find a solution doesn’t mean that there is no solution to your problem. There is a solution to each […]

Posted on March 21st, 2017

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When things go wrong, nothing seems to work. No matter how hard you try, It goes in vain and it actually looks too hard to pull the brakes of slumping sales graph. Just because you can’t find a solution doesn’t mean that there is no solution to your problem. There is a solution to each and every problem in this world. It’s just that you are unable to figure the right way out and all your efforts are not heading towards a proper solution.

In business, a slump in the sales graph is one major issue that makes one feel hopeless and helpless at the same time. But Nowadays, you have a very simple and intuitive solution in form of a ‘Sales Tracking App’ that strengthens the field management, introduces transparency and increases efficiency, all at once.

The work efficiency of a Business largely depends upon its team. Lack of teamwork is a very common reason behind poor sales. The result is way below the expectations of a business. If your team is disorganized, all your effort fade. The stress overweights your mind and infuses negativity. Before you resolve an issue, you must figure out the conceptual problem.

Understanding The Conceptual Problems in the Sales Process

Sales is a process and therefore, it depends on various factors that can increase or decrease the eventual results. The problems have their respective solutions but first, you must diagnose the issues which are synchronized with the process and play a major role in the conversion of a prospect into a sale. Let us understand few such issues in detail and try to figure out the conceptual solutions to resolve those issues.


  • Lack of Transparency –  You can’t keep your eyes on the team when they are on the field. This is a major issue which directly or indirectly leads to many other problems. You have to assume a lot of things without any information about your team members. You are left with no other option but to depend upon the report given by your team members irrespective of its authenticity. You can never expect to hit the bull’s eye while you are blindfolded, can you?    
  • Improper Planning – Sales Team are often ignorant of their sales plan. They keep doing work as it comes to their mind without any order, plan or research as such. If you want to prepare a tasty dish, you need to prepare it as per the recipe. You can’t just throw all the ingredients together and hope that it turns out to be the dish you wanted to prepare.
  • Disorganized Team Effort – When you don’t have a plan, your team’s effort are mostly scattered into different directions and somehow, the impact is not there. We all know the power of unity. Teamwork is essentially about distributing the workload equally amongst themselves so that every member can understand his role in the team and contribute to the overall process.
  • Unclear Priorities – It is another big reason that results into poor sales. Timing plays a very vital role in decision making. You can’t target anyone just because you can. For a matter of fact, every business is aiming to land itself a place in Fortune 500 but 99.99% of them will never get there. So, It is much better to set the priorities straight rather than jumping to any opportunities as they come.
  • Delayed Response – Brands are always known for their punctuality. If you want to see your business at the top, you need to target your prospect before your competitions. In sales, either you stay ahead of others or you lose the customer. You have to stay ahead of your competitors because they are always in a wait to snatch every opportunity before you.


What is Sales tracking and how it help in Sales?

Sales tracking app is GPS technology based geographical tracking systems which keep you updated about the sales progress in real time. Such apps can be used to track the location of your team members in real time and help you fetch reports as it happens. This is important as it boosts your ability to mobilize the resources as per the requirement and increase the efficiency of your sales team through well-orchestrated efforts.

  • Bring in Transparency – As discussed earlier, transparency is vital for running successful sales campaigns. Sales Tracking App is a direct gateway to transparency, especially for the on-field tasks. You have the real-time data which helps you in planning your sales target with precision. Transparency is essential for centralizing your efforts in most effective and timely manner. Transparency takes you a long way ahead as it comes handy in each and every step of Sales in one way or the other. 
  • Better Management – Geographical location of your entire team members is always available on the sales tracking device which keeps you aware of the process at any given point while your team is on the field. Not just that, it is also able to track the total distance covered by each team member on the field during a day. So, no more fuss about measuring the distances?
  • Uncompromised Teamwork – Sales tracking app gives you real-time connectivity with your team members. In other words, you not only know about the locations of your team members, but you can guide them throughout the sales process if needed. Thus, you don’t have to compromise the teamwork while your team is on the field for a specified task. You can mobilize your human resources and make them work as a team on the whole.
  • DSR Automation – Sending reports has always been a major drawback of on-field tasks. DSR Automation is the way of ending the reports as soon as a client meeting gets over. This allows you to plan your next moves well in advance and convert more leads. It also closes the door of skepticism or manipulation of the report as it has always been.
  • Individual Accountability – When your team works on the field, there is always doubt about the individual performance of the team members. There is ample scope of evasion for poor performers as there is no clear data about the work efficiency while a member is on the field. But when you have the complete information about the work progress of each of your team members in real time, you can conveniently adjudge the individual performances of each team member.

Invoke Team Spirit

There is rarely a chance of failure of you can manage to pull it off as mentioned. Field management is always a complicated and convoluted job. But as the Sales tracking app helps you along throughout the process, it simplifies many of these complications. If you are able to introduce transparency and accountability, you also have to motivate your team to move ahead with a positive approach.

With so much data at your disposal, there are a lot of options to motivate your team and infuse more fun into the tasks. One of my college friends is working with a tech company which uses recreational task games which have actually shown some great results. And trust me, no other job offer can ever convince my friend to leave that company for a better job. He is too happy to leave his company. And that is what we call a team.

So always remember, your business will do much better with a true team spirit. There are a lot of ways to invoke such spirit. Your team will work better if you adopt recreational team games disguised as tasks. Your team will look forward to accomplishing their tasks in fun instead of considering it mere burden. This makeover can actually work wonders for your business.