5 Reasons Why Field-force Automation is a Boon to Sales-team

Truly hard-working, skilled, disciplined, punctual and responsible sales professionals will always want a transparent system so they can be awarded for all the benefits they are incorporating into the business growth. Well, manually it is not possible. But, today’s technical world is pretty advanced now and keeps an appropriate solution for each tiny problem.

Field-force tracking is not a spy-tool

The best solution came out from the digital market to introduce the visibility in the business model is sales team tracking App. Although initially people were very reluctant to use it as they had a misconception that the tool would track all their real-time activities and forward it to the higher management which,in turn, could certainly lower their work freedom. But, as the time flew, the organizations found significant increase in productivity and efficiency of using this software solution and changed the mind of other competitors showing their hike in revenue graph.

There are so many qualities of this tool that attracted the top market leaders for using it. I am going to discuss some prime reasons why businesses today are focusing more on this solution.

  • Daily Sales Report (DSR) Automation

Sales force is the base of organizational growth hence at the end of day each sales executive is asked for maintaining a report related to all workplace related tasks done during the working hours. Well, preparing it manually is though possible but can be erroneous sometimes and also, time consuming.

“Anything that you do more than twice has to be automated” – Adam Stone, CEO, D-Tools

The employee monitoring App helps to keep all the work related information at the tip of finger. The software is the combination of web based dashboard for top management and android App for sales reps. The manager is notified for each real time activity done by field executives at the workplace through this software.

The software is basically a GPS based tracking system. As soon as the executive presses check-in button , GPS automatically tracks his/her current location through Geo tag and the manager gets notified for the start of meeting. Pressing the checkout button indicates the end of the meeting on the dashboard.

The whole data means the name of the sales executive, the prospect he/ she is dealing with, total meeting time, address of the prospect and result of the meeting are automatically stored on the dashboard in respective columns just after the checkout. There are two major benefits of garnering authentic data in such a way.

  1. Sales team needs not to waste their precious time on maintaining the daily sales report.
  2. The time can be used efficiently for more production.
  • Attendance management and productivity both are equally important for sales team

           Field executives never work inside the office premises and also, their job is not confined up to 9 to 5. The prospects can call reps anytime anywhere as per their free time or requirement. The field professionals get their salary based on the punctuality they show during office hours therefore attendance plays a major role here.

What if at the same time an executive gets trapped between marking attendance and meeting prospect? Which option he/she should chose first to go with? Selecting only one option would ultimately hamper company’s growth. Don’t you think a system is needed here to run both the tasks along?

“Punctuality is the soul of business” – Thomas Chandler Haliburton

The Sales force automation is the best way to get  rid of this problem. With the help of this App sales staff can mark their attendance at time from anywhere when they are busy in meeting with people. In this way, by showing the virtual presence the sales team can work efficiently to help generating the maximum revenue.

  • Great bonding between sales-team and IT

           Initially sales reps were very less aware about the technology hence they used to ignore knowing the complexity behind it. But, with the passage of time, the simplicity and flexibility of the applications dragged their attention and inspired them to be well trained in using it.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” – Henry Ford

There was a time when the whole business was dependent on the new ideas developed by information technology but now the IT depends upon which business processes are being followed.

The user friendly approaches implemented by the IT industry are increasing the confidence level of sales professional in operating the technical systems and giving birth to more smarter sales force.

  • Reward for hard-work and create a competitive environment

There is a psychological fact, ‘ appreciate a person for anything what he does good, trust me, he would come up the more better version for the same piece of work next time’. It absolutely works better in business industry too.

“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread”- Mother Teresa

Gift your sales staff better incentives, vocal appreciation, gift cards as reward for their true efforts. Such praising fills enthusiasm in them and inspire for bringing more productivity.

It is true that surrounding impacts us more than anything. Seeing their co-workers doing great at workplace would automatically push other field executives to improve their efficiency and productivity, hence, it helps in raising competition among skilled professionals to modify the overall business growth.

  • Sales team supporting business in big decision-making with authentic data

           The real time analytics on the dashboard of higher management is a proof of sales team work’s credibility. Organizations have to take many decisions to optimize their business models. But , sometimes a wrong decision can affect the whole unit adversely, so each decision must be based on authentic data and in favor of the whole business team.

“Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful” – Jose N. Harris

An individual who is continuously adding benefits in your business, usually keep more informative data about user requirements and desires. They can suggest a better idea appropriately that can meet the user needs and take business to the next level of growth.






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