What is User Engagement And How It Affects Website Lead Conversion?

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves” says, Steve Jobs.

Understanding customer behavior is not a difficult task and if you get it right, you are on the right path.

Getting closer to the customer or understanding them can be done through User Engagement, which is an assessment of an individual’s response to some type of offerings, such as a product, service or a website. In other words, engaging people to your product or service can be done through a user engagement tool.

This can be explained or talked about in the context of the website. Answer few questions below and you will get the rest.

  1. Do the users actually enjoyed the experience when they are on your website?
  2. Do they want to visit your website again?
  3. Did they find any relevant information?
  4. Does your website do something to keep visitors coming back when they have left?

What happen? Do most of the questions have a ‘No’ as your answer? If yes, then you are reading the right thing. User Engagement basically helps in keeping user engage with your brand and also provide the solution to the above questions. Or to simply put, User engagement refers to how frequently and how long a user interacts with your website, app, or other products.

A user engagement tool provides some really exciting offer and deals which attracts a user and leave them wanting more.

The inverted pyramid above shows that by using the user engagement tool the visitors are tend to appear higher than on those marked in green at the lower bottom who are not using user engagement tool.

User Engagement Tool Affects Website Lead Conversion in a broader sense.

For a business owner, it is easy to keep a track on website traffic and assume that a high traffic website provides user engagement. But sometimes it is not so, there are some spammers and bots visiting your website which are unreasonable and uncountable. To increase genuine traffic and customer satisfaction on your website user engagement tool is the requirement.

How to increase user engagement that affects website lead conversion? Check out:

  • Increase Visitors Frequency

A site’s performance is measured through visitor’s recency i.e. how often a visitor visits your website and at how much time they return back or even not at all. A user engagement tool helps a businessman to improve their website which would be worth analyzing and attract the visitors. This will make high number of returning users and which means more users are engaged which is beneficial for your website and will ultimately result in the well-being of your website.

  • Interact with User

Interacting with the user is a great way to engage them and remain your customer forever. Imagine, you have asked a question somewhere and it is unanswered, this is definitely to create a bad impression. Right? Your interaction with the users makes them feel satisfied that their query is being answered and they feel important.

But, the interaction with users doesn’t end after they choose to download few trial packs, interesting offer or deals but you need to continue the engagement keep going by sparking a conversation.

  • Address the problems Immediately

Whenever you set out to handle a problem of the customer, the first thing you have to do is listen. The hard work you put in addressing the problem of your customer will make your customer feel satisfied and will engage more on your website. Addressing the customer problem and know what upsets them, help gain the confidence of customer and will ultimately make them happy.

The user engagement tool makes customer engaged by addressing the problem and will lead to website lead conversion.

  • Create engaging Content

Traffic numbers are important but it is more important that they get engaged on your website. To ensure, you must create an engaging content which helps users stay on your website for a longer period and get engaged. Your content should be informative, conversational and should be presented well with info-graphics and pictures.

Ultimately, if users are engaging with your content, you are successful in website lead conversion.

  • Do internal linking of the pages

Internal linking on the pages of the same topic will give a greater insight to users and if they are looking for some further information, they get easily redirected to the linked pages and can gain depth knowledge of the topic. It also signals google that these pages are related and know that these pages are real which will help you in keeping people on your site for a longer duration.

Final Thoughts..

Thus, a user engagement tool is a great way in running your website efficiently and affects website lead conversion and lead to the success of your online marketing strategy and goal.


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