What is Marketing Automation And How is it Beneficial For Business?

Marketing automation helps your business to retain and convert clients in a most efficient manner without spending time on it.

Posted on January 15th, 2022

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Customers receive hundreds of messages and emails of marketing messages. It is pretty tricky for your products or services to have different techniques. Nowadays, customers are aware of marketing trends and techniques, so it is almost impossible for any organisation to market any product. What do you require right now with so many issues? You require any tool or feature to make your product/services unique from others. Marketing is evolving day by day and has become perplexed than ever. However, marketing automation in CRM can grow significantly and boost your business. It is a tool that can optimise marketing tasks.   

Marketing teams are under high pressure to innovate and optimise the marketing tasks. The solution for these issues is marketing automation in ZNICRM.  

What is Marketing automation in CRM?  

Marketing automation in ZNICRM is the feature that can automate marketing activities. Some marketing activities include lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead scoring, email campaigning, and others. These activities are segments according to demographics, interests, and customers’ wishes. You can customise your marketing campaigns and make them unique.   

Marketing automation in CRM is a tool that can identify potential buyers. It is a feature that automates nurturing those leads to sales-readiness. It can automate the process and bring customers to the point that they can buy your product/services. These tools can only happen when you can reduce the manual work during the whole marketing process. It is a feature that can bring the prospects to directly enter to the point where they can immediately close all the sales deals.  

Thus, marketing automation can build trust between the customer and the organisation. It can also help to improve sales and boost revenues. It can improve the efficiency of employees and increase productivity. These tactics of marketing can create broad-based marketing campaigns.   

For instance, early in the lead nurturing process, you must educate and be aware of the customers. Marketing automation creates and supplies valuable content to build trust between customers and organisations. Using automation techniques, you can tell what your products are and how these products will help to raise your organisations’ value. Using ZNICRM software, all your customers narrow down with the type of product they are interested in. You can then analyse and give customised messages or emails to these customers.  

Overall, the marketing automation feature in ZNICRM can help companies sell and market better by automating all these products and services to potential buyers.   

Let’s discuss marketing automation and how it can help your business.  

Why should businesses treasure Marketing automation?  

Customers are king to every business, whether small or big. However, lead generation is a critical process to grow a business and boost revenue. From lead generation to lead nurturing and then from marketing to sales, you can quickly gain more customers if all these processes are automated. Automating these processes can help your team focus on nurturing and overall strategy. It means that more prospects will gain more revenue for the organisation.  

Marketing automation features provide a richer, more detailed picture of customers’ behavior patterns. The customers’ behavior patterns include purchasing style of the customers, likes, dislikes, and other things that can help you grow your business. Using the marketing automation feature in ZNICRM, you can check and customise all the campaigns.   

For instance, if any customer visits your website and checks on various or broad aspects of the products. It means that these customers are in the first stage of the purchasing process. After this, they narrow down their searches if they download the prospectus or white paper to know more on the website. Later on, sales reps can contact them and customise all the conversations using this information.  

Using all the information from the first step of touchpoints, from website visits and downloads, social media activity, the number of customers interested in your product or services, direct marketing scoring, lead scoring, qualifying, and taking other steps. All this information can help to create broader marketing campaigns like   

  • Trigger-based marketing messages   
  • Personalised Emails   
  • Facebook or Twitter messages   
  • Dip-freed emails  

What is the dissimilarity between marketing automation and CRM software?  

It is essential to understand the difference between two software because that is the turning point of your business. Marketing automation software is different from CRM software. Marketing automation software works at a very early stage of lead nurturing. Although they are different from each other, these two software works extremely together to make a good profile of any customer.  

Marketing automation software is a technique, particularly for marketing campaigns.  

You can create personalised emails or campaigns.  

This software is limited to marketing. It allows companies to streamline marketing campaigns and does all other activities to improve sales and boost revenues. That means, first, marketing automation gets a handle on the prospect interests and then handle all the lead generation and nurturing.   

After that, CRM software proceeds with those leads tracking sales and opportunities. It manages the ongoing customer relationship with your organisation.  

On the other hand, CRM software is customer-centric. This software focuses on customers and a 360-degree view of all the details. The main difference between Marketing Automation and CRM is that there are no restrictions. CRM software is flexible to any business plan and helpful in customising all the business plans. CRM software can also integrate with other applications that will help build a new customer base.  

Marketing is when raw leads qualify to the point where the sales team takes over. The after-sales team takes over those qualified leads converts them into potential buyers. The primary ambition of this process is to make them realise and sell your products/services.   

CRM software and marketing automation software are indeed similar as both these software stores data.  

Why integrate marketing automation with CRM?  

Marketing automation with CRM software can cut costs and can gain productivity. Though both these reasons are valid and accurate, there is much more to explore about this integration. Using both these software differently is complex and can also face several issues. These issues include data leakage and also disruption in customer interaction.  

However, integrating marketing automation with ZNICRM can organise and centralise all your data. Using these two software in one will also improve other relationships with customers. You can easily understand the customer behaviour, interests, and how they think about your website. The right combination of marketing automation with CRM can help take full advantage of these platforms. These two platforms or software can bring productivity and enhance results.   

According to SessionCam, almost 89% of organisations use marketing automation with CRM. Using both this software is beneficial and also helps in data management.  

How does Marketing automation in CRM improve the process in the organisation?  

We all comprehend that sales and marketing are a critical part of every organisation. These two parts will help in enhancing the work and also boosts revenue. Evolution is essential for any organisation to grow. Similarly, sales and marketing processes are evolving. Sales and marketing systems integrate with CRM that will help to boost revenue.  

The efficient combination of sales and marketing can align sales and marketing. This alignment is essential for the organisation as it helps both teams. Both the departments, that is, sales and marketing, can understand their issue and resolve all the present obstacles. Using this advanced technology, you can easily understand the problem and resolve all the obstacles. When two departments are in the same frequency, achieving the goals and objectives is easy.   

How can marketing automation enhance the CRM process that will further lead to sales?  

Marketers can use this advanced technology to make automated drip emails. They can build online forms that can help manage and organize the customers. Using marketing automation, you can create a brand image.  

Marketing automation has the essential and fundamental advantage of automating all the processes and qualifying for leads. You can prioritise the leads according to specific parameters and criteria. These parameters are on the customers. It denotes all the leads or customers’ actions record due to this technology. The customers’ detail includes  

  • Deletes the email  
  • Number of times they visited your website  
  • Clicks the link  
  • Whitepaper of product description downloads  

With every passing day, you will get to know whether these leads are interested in your products or not when the marketing automation technique applies and shares in the CRM process. Using ZNICRM, your sales reps can directly contact these leads or use different campaigns to approach them.  

What does marketing automation in CRM exactly do?  

Marketing automation in ZNICRM is a combination of tools that can enhance your business and boost revenues and sales. It is a tool that designs itself in the form of such capabilities that can streamline some of the repetitive and, thus, time-consuming marketing.   

You should choose marketing automation so that it has lots of features that can help your business grow. However, some fundamental concepts can form the bedrock of this feature or tool.   

  • Running campaigns-Using a marketing automation tool, you can run campaigns that can help to boost revenues. All marketers and organisations know that you require go-through communication to increase revenues. The communication can be via email, calls, or messages. The essential part of this campaign is to have the right audience and the right time. Marketing automation is the solution to all these issues.   
  • Organising and storing the data-The best result of this tool obtains when you can use customer data effectively. Using customer data at the right time can boost revenue and maintain relationships with customers. It is a whole process that obtains data from different sources and uses it in the right direction. Marketing automation allows for the creation of highly personalised data and relevant campaigns.  
  • Setting up workflows-Workflows defined as a list of automated tasks and processes. These tasks are beneficial to convert leads into customer-for-life. The functions that we mentioned are generally trigger-based, which means you require a relevant, contextual, and timely response to all the customers. Using marketing automation, you can have personalised interactions with all the customers.  
  • Checking the whole customer journey and touchpoint- The customer journey starts when those customers start taking an interest in your product/services. The journey begins with customers, and when these customers contact you from different sources like emails, calls, and other channels, it is touchpoints. We require touchpoints to be precious and effective; marketing automation is the better option.  

Benefits of using marketing automation feature in ZNICRM  

  • Promotes efficiency-The better results of business obtains when your business is efficient. It is all possible when you can automate various tasks. As we know, customers are the key to boost revenue. However, if you communicate with all your leads manually, that is impossible and can also disrupt certain situations. All your customers will all be an indifferent journey, and for that, you require personalised communication. It is the best way to communicate with all the customers and gain trust. Automation makes sure that these emails and other communications can be autopilot. It also removes any manual error and can also increase work speed.  
  • Boosts productivity- Now that we discussed above that automation already removes any manual error, so it frees up all the time to do some critical work. In fact, according to the latest surveys, you can boost productivity at work. It can also increase sales productivity. You can quickly move to the complex part and leave all the technical work to this feature.  
  • Centralise database- You can receive all the customers’ information from various touchpoints that include social media like Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. However, you can easily view a 360-degree overview of each customer using this feature. All this data is centralised and handled from the platform.
  • Better decision making- With all the available data in the database, you can comprehend the behavior, likes, interests, identify patterns, and build better campaigns. Using all this data, you can interact with your customers on good terms and make better decisions.  
  • Personalise the journey- Using the marketing automation feature, you can personalise the journey and make better campaigns. Personalised communication can enhance customer acquisition and can also retain customers.  

Together, ZNICRM and marketing automation provides a unified platform to track customers’ behaviour and analyse activities. The integration will help both the marketing and sales department. We already know that marketing and sales are the two sides of the same coin and can achieve great success together. Using ZNICRM as the platform, you can manage your sales and marketing effectiveness.