Some Use Cases Of TeamSpoor And Which Industries Can Use It

Are you a business owner or Sales head of a company? Does your team go out on the field for work? Do you feel a bit stressed out while tracking them? If yes, then continue to read…

These problems are a bit common for every other business owner. Now, what can you do to get over this problem and how to get a proper and definite solution? The answer is easy by tracking your field force executives you can know their whereabouts with the help of field force tracking solution ‘TeamSpoor’. TeamSpoor is a mobile application which is available for all android phone users and is a great and very easy tool through which you can track your sales team working outside and keep a record of all their activities in real-time.

Check out some problems and their solutions through App:

Problem 1 # Do you have a problem in tracking Real-Time Location of your staff?

Solution: Since this application works on the concept of GPS tracking hence, it can track the real-time location of sales professionals using Geotags and get their exact distance traveled.

Problem 2 # Do you also suffer in getting Daily Sales Report of your staff?

Solution: Through this application, the manager can see all the real time activities of sales reps going on in the field, thus it automatically creates DSR (Daily Sales Report) of each professional under the respective columns without any discrepancies.

Problem 3 # Do you find it difficult in knowing whether your staff is working productively?

Solution: The application has the solution for this too!! You can easily calculate productive hours of your staff and can easily know through this application that whether the amount of time spent by them on the field has been utilized properly or not.

Problem 4 # Do you have difficulty in knowing whether your sales team have attended the client on time or not?

Solution: If yes, then this application is a great way which allows you to know when your sales team visits the client and when he exits the place.

Try this android TeamSpoor application which lets you easily know your staff productivity.

Now, how you will use the application, it’s very easy and can be understood in three simple steps:

First, Create Branch offices and teams

Second, Assigns Managers to team

Third, Add Team Members.

Now, welcome to the world of digitalization!! 😉

By these three easy steps, you are ready-to-go and can start tracking your staff easily and efficiently.

Now, Who can use this application and for which Industries it is perfect and how??

Check down below some of the industries for which tracking of field force executive is essential :

1. Agricultural Industry

Agricultural engineers usually perform their duties outdoor in all kinds of weather. They maintain the quality of farms, crops, and livestock by operating machinery and doing physical labor by their technical knowledge under the supervision of ranchers and other agricultural managers. But, it is not necessary that the managers are always present and sometimes it becomes difficult for a manager to track these engineers and know that they have performed their work on time or not.

How can TeamSpoor help?

You have a great solution if you have to track your agricultural engineer and that is TeamSpoor Application which easily helps you to track your team’s every single activity and record their performance of work, to make your work easier.

2. Construction Industry

Construction Industry faces a large variety of workforce challenge. In order to attract and retain qualified workers, construction firms also tasked with making sure that their workforce meet the deadlines from managing their working hours to attendance to scheduling any meeting with clients.

These challenges are made even more difficult because construction employees often work off-site at revolving locations.

How can TeamSpoor help?

If I say that you can easily track your workforce working outside? Yes, with this android app, you can easily record your staff’s productivity and their daily report with an exact location. This application has some more great features and benefits which can help a construction industry in managing their workforce.

3. Dairy Products Industry

Milk Production costs differ from country to country. When you plan to deliver milk products and other dairy items you tend to employ some team members who can deliver your production to your customers and to the clients. Do your staff delivering your dairy products on time or not?

How can TeamSpoor help?

Well, you can easily track your on-field staff real-time location and as well as the distance traveled by them while meeting customers and clients with the help of TeamSpoor application which is available on all android phone and allows your work done easily.

4. Education Sector

School district, Universities, colleges and more such educational institutions have many divisions such as teachers, staff, fees department, maintenance workers, librarian, bus drivers, students and much more. They often go out on field, related to some work such as teacher go out for teacher-parents visit or when bus drivers go with the buses to drop students, teachers, and more.

How can TeamSpoor help?

It becomes somewhat difficult for every authority of education sector to see that whether their work is being performed or not. With this TeamSpoor application, you can manage all the departments in a unique way and can easily know their daily updates with their real-time location on google maps.

5. Electricity, Gas and Water Supply

The workers are involved in production activities, administration, management, or research and development. Industries such as water supply that employ more production workers and plant operators. These workers work day and night at the plant and even work outside and to track them is a tricky thing.

How can TeamSpoor help?

The staff can be easily tracked through the TeamSpoor application. Through this application, you can know your team’s daily report, their real-time location on google maps and much more.

On the other hand, electric utilities generally operate larger plants using very expensive, high technology equipment, and thus employ more professional and technical personnel and to track them is also not a difficult job with this android application.

6. Food Chain/Delivery Companies

Being a business owner or Sales head of a food chain companies like McDonald, Pizza Hut, Dominos where there is a big number of home deliveries happening on daily basis. You often wish to increase sales, keep a check on your delivery boys team and look out your delivery team when they go out to deliver food to your customers.

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in tracking your delivery team, some or the other information will fall short.

How can TeamSpoor help?

With this application which is available on all android phone, you can track your delivery team real-time location as well as their time when they deliver food till the time they receive payment for the same.

7. Health and Social Work Companies

Health and social work companies help people including children, families and vulnerable adults needing protection. Social workers who get employed in these companies supports homeless children or adults or people abused with drugs, alcohol or substance misuse problems. And also help children with learning disabilities or physical disabilities.

How can TeamSpoor help?

Your social workers may visit people at their homes. For that, you may need to know that whether they went to help the people and provided the necessary things on time or not? Well, With an application known as TeamSpoor which help you to track your team who go out on the field and know their real-time location on google maps with full proof.

8. Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry is much broader than most industries. Many people think that hotels alone belong to the hospitality industry, but hotels are only one sector of this industry. Despite how effortless employees make the industry look, it’s actually a hugely busy sector. Many forms of transportation that cater to tourists are also part of this business world.

For example, this niche includes airlines, cruise ships, and even fancier trains. Restaurants, general tourism, and event planning also belong to this niche.

Now, in this industry creating and updating your employee shift schedule and accurately tracking hours of payroll has never been easier.

How can TeamSpoor help?

The TeamSpoor application is a great way to ease your work in tracking your employees and maintaining their schedule and you can also quickly communicate with your staff by knowing their exact positions while doing the work. You just need to download the application from your android phone and rest leave it to the application.

9. Manufacturing Industry

“Manufacturing companies clearly understand now that, in order to be exceptional and successful, it’s not just about hiring hands. It’s about hiring and engaging heads and hearts,” says Anil Saxena, Partner at Great Place to Work and an expert on workplace culture.

Over the past decades, manufacturing industry has faced increasing global competition from innovation to retention of skilled employees. The smaller the industry, the lesser will be the employees and larger the industry, the larger will be the employees. This means tracking and managing more number of employees.

How can TeamSpoor help?

With this concept in mind you need efficient and hard-working employees for which you need to track your staff’s performance, their attendance time when they are not present at the premises and go out on the field for some work, this will only help you to know how efficient and diligent they are. This all can be achieved through an app name TeamSpoor which allows you to track your staff’s productivity and their real-time location with great accuracy and definitely a great platform where you can manage your team systematically.

10. Mining and Quarrying Industry

Mining and mineral industry are the backbone of most industries. Some form of mining and quarrying is carried out in virtually every country in the world. With its importance gaining, this industry also requires a large number of employees. To just employ them is not the only need. Miners and quarry workers operate machinery and equipment to extract and remove coals, minerals, and rocks from underground and surface mines, or quarry sites and may process them further into roading and construction.

How can TeamSpoor help?

To manage the field workers in mining and quarrying industry is not an easy job. Field workers should maintain routine communication schedules, which can be done through an application which helps a team manager to track his team and their real-time location on google maps with 100% accuracy.

11. Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical sector is becoming more and more competitive and is a fast growth market. These companies employ a large staff of medical representatives and area managers. It is very important for such companies to control the performance of their field personnel, keeping in mind the remoteness traveled by staff while carrying medicine sample from door-to-door.

How can TeamSpoor help?

By being able to track them you do not need to worry about them and can easily monitor their activities and know their actual picture on the ground through GPS locator available on this Application.

12. Real Estates, Renting and Business Activity

Real Estate, renting and business establishments engaged in renting, leasing or allowing the use of tangible and intangible assets. The brokers and sales agent are employed in helping clients to buy, sell and rent properties. They often work irregular hours and it becomes difficult to know their location and what work is being performed by them.

How can TeamSpoor help?

This TeamSpoor Application is a great way which just not help you track your brokers and sales agent but also give you the full report of the employees that what and how much work is performed by them. If you are looking something like this, then this app could be your way to get and manage your sales agent’s updates.

13. Transport Sector

Transport sector act as a backbone of the economy. It also enhances the productivity of all sectors of the economy. It includes employees from all the areas from rickshaw pullers to truck drivers to rail station and airports. These all work and travel outside from places to places and being a manager it becomes difficult to track their record.

How can TeamSpoor help?

Well, this application help in a big way to know where your team is? Through this application, you can track from your bus drivers to truck drivers that whether they are delivering the goods on time or not. And definitely, will help you in tracking your efficient and non-efficient employees.

14. Wholesale and Retail Industry

Scheduling staff in the retail business is tough because there are peak times of day and peak season to contend with. Managers have to work their budgets around this. Their staffing budgets can change from one week to another based on sales fluctuations. They also have to deal with time off requests, monitor labor rules, and deal with a staff complement that includes both full-time and part-time employees.

How can TeamSpoor help?

The staff workers working in wholesale and retail sector go out to collect the goods from their shop. Like, wholesalers workers go to production store to purchase goods or deliver the goods to customers or clients and retail industry workers go to the wholesale store. When they go out you need to know their status that whether they have delivered or purchased the goods on time or not. The application helps a business owner to easily know their workers every single update from delivering to purchasing to the payment received for the same.

Final Thoughts..

With the growing industry and growing team, you need to be updated of every single activity from your team to your competitors, so that you get assure that you are working orderly.
A study by technology research firm Aberdeen Group found that tracking location of field force executive (whether by vehicle, smart phone, or both) 62 percent of companies were using GPS to track staff in 2012 from a big uptick from around 30 percent of those companies in 2008. Although the numbers are not exact, the percentage has no doubt risen in even more in the past four years.

Remember- “What Gets Tracked, Gets Managed.


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