The Value Beyond the Price: Understanding Our Stance on Discounts

Dear Valued Customers,

We know how hard you work. In this nonstop world, every dollar, every decision has to count. You’re not just looking for software, you’re looking for a way to make your business stronger, more efficient, and more successful. That’s why you chose ZNICRM and TeamSpoor. And that’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

We get asked about discounts. It’s understandable. But when we think about our products, we don’t just think about the code. We think about those late nights you spend pouring over data, the early mornings tracking your field teams, the stress of trying to keep everything running smoothly. ZNICRM and TeamSpoor aren’t meant to just get the job done, they’re meant to take some of that weight off your shoulders.

That focus on quality is precisely why we want you to choose ZNICRM and TeamSpoor. Our goal is to be a seamless extension of that effort.

That’s why the word “discount” doesn’t sit well with us. Here’s why:

  • The “Evergreen Sale” trap: Picture a store that’s always running a 40% off sale. Do you get excited, or start to wonder why the prices were so inflated to begin with? Discounts can become a smokescreen, making it harder to judge the true value of a product.
  • The race to the bottom: Companies locked in a discount war often start cutting corners. Maybe support gets slower, or the product development stalls as they pinch pennies to offer that next big sale. Do you really want the software managing your critical data or field teams to be the result of those cuts?
  • Data you can trust: A recent study showed that businesses using shoddily built data management tools had error rates up to 30% higher. That means lost revenue, unhappy customers, and way more headaches than any discount could ever save you. ZNICRM and TeamSpoor are engineered for accuracy and reliability – that’s worth paying for.

It’s not about clinging to some high price point. It’s about recognizing the work that goes into our software.

That’s what we put into every bit of our software—a passion for giving you tools that actually make life easier. To offer a discount… that feels like we’re taking something away from the very thing you’re trusting us with. It’s like saying that your time, your success, and your peace of mind aren’t worth our full commitment.

Instead of discounts, we promise this:

  • Solutions that just work. You shouldn’t have to spend hours figuring out complex software.
  • Support that’s got your back. You’re never on your own; we’re committed to helping you get the most out of our products.
  • Constant improvement. We’re always learning and innovating, so your investment keeps growing in value.

It’s not the easiest path, we could probably make a quick buck with a fancy sale. But we believe it’s the right one. Because what you do matters. The businesses you run, the teams you manage, they create jobs, serve customers, make our communities better places. We want our software to be as solid and reliable as the work you do every day.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. We’re honored by your trust, and we’ll keep working tirelessly to earn it.


Tushar Bhargava,
Founder, Intuerias Technology

& The ZNICRM & TeamSpoor Teams