Yes! Smartphones Do Increase Field Force Productivity…

A lot has changed in the last one and a half decade or so. The concept of networking to get more and more faster communication system has been the flag bearer of this virtually inflicted change on the businesses. The smartphone has been accustomed to using the technologies at any place, at any time and […]

Posted on August 14th, 2017

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A lot has changed in the last one and a half decade or so. The concept of networking to get more and more faster communication system has been the flag bearer of this virtually inflicted change on the businesses. The smartphone has been accustomed to using the technologies at any place, at any time and all this at your will.

Many businesses in the mainstream have felt left out and disappointed as they felt deprived to get benefited from this technology. There is a lack of business oriented solutions that are specific to ease their tasks and help them in managing field operations. But now there is a solution that has been specially designed to help organizations manage their field force. Yes! Smartphones do increase productivity but if aptly synchronized for usage…

There is no secret that mobile offers maximum practical accessibility than any other device. It has the weight of a feather, a battery that is healthy to last, multi functional and easy to carry, just perfect credentials to be the companion at any time of the day. The immense features of a smartphone can be adapted to suit any kind of work that is done through the computing system.

Smartphones – Practical, Promising, Profitable Ideal Solution!

I can understand the hard feeling which you have when you are paying someone for work and even though, you do sense something fishy about their working discipline. Yet you are somehow unable to point fingers at a specific member without any concrete facts to support your argument. While you know the team’s performance is consistently declining to worst, but you can’t color the entire team with the same brush. Not all employees are all the same. Just one or two members are enough to pull the whole team’s productivity behind the supposed average of the team.

And frankly, It can turn to worst if a manager starts to your angst on whole team rather than the faulty ones. You supposedly to pay in mere hopelessness! Yes, this is how field operation eats from your revenues and you are unable to do anything to change it. Instead, you compulsively keep spending for no apparent purpose at hands.

I don’t think you tried enough unless you try a unique smartphone based field automation solution app because it has every promise of being an influential solution by implementing real time tracking system.

How Can Smartphones Help to make it any Better?

Firstly, I must clarify that I am not suggesting ‘mobile’ but only ‘smartphones’. The big difference between the scope of work is unprecedented. So, better be clear on this one because smartphones are not those ordinary mobile devices meant only for calls and thereby simple mobiles that can only make a call or send a message are not anyhow going to help a great deal.

The smartphones have vast functional spectrum and it is already replacing the computer systems gradually. In fact, the current crop of youth generation has already adapted by and large.

The smartphones have the ability to store, access and share data at will and this ability alone makes them much more potent in comparison to a simple feature phone. There is no computing task that you can do on a computer or laptop but not on mobile. Smartphone has everything that you need for usability of business. Apparently, I don’t see a single reason why a business does not leverage the same.

Productivity and Smartphone; ‘Too Perfect a Match’

Just having cool features is not enough. Any tool can only become a solution when it resolves the basic requirements that we seek in our desired solution. Field force productivity is ‘ever-been-there’ kind of an issue for the business world. It is no less than to be a migraine when maneuvering a field force far off from your senses. Let alone the hope of increasing productivity, you will be incredibly lucky if your business is still alive in the market.

A smartphone has stupendous accessibility and functionality that always helps in management. all the prevalent issues of field management which were soulful to manage.

This is about a bright Application which is specially made for field operations, available as Teamspoor from the play store. Teamspoor always helps in regulating the fluency of field operations… Let us see what it does for your help?

GPS Tracking System

Many businesses are reluctant to use a GPS tracking system for the field force. Some critics of business view it against individual privacy and liberty. There are also some of them who pretend to be in favor of those activists even if they don’t find it any wrong as such.

To my dislike, it never makes sense when I see the same companies employing CCTV security to keep things under the nose. It is not hidden a secret or the one that most businesses don’t want use for monitoring. When you are observing your employees inside your own damn office, but field monitoring sees like a sin for their mind. It is actually the usage which can be eased through GPS tracking.

How can GPS Help?

  1. Fetched the Employee Location on the field.
  2. Authenticate Employee’s Presence while at work.
  3. Gives you the detailed report of Places Employee has been to, while active at work.
  4. Precisely calculates the total distance traveled.
  5. Allows you to restrict the territory of Individual members.

Real Time Reporting System

The performances of the field work are mostly dilute and opaque for the Managers. How can you expect to improve unless you have a report which is transparent and unadulterated? But this is not possible for the field operations.

The reports collected from the field executives are mostly independent of time. I can visit only 10 places in an entire day yet I can convincingly report being to 20 locations and negatively report 10 meet ups for a respectable amount of work for the day’s time. While I may have faked the report but you can’t do anything about it unless you confirm the same from each client individually. Can you find a better way to waste your time and efforts just for validation of reports and client response for each and every meeting reported by each and every team member? It sounds Insane, to say the least…

Now it outrightly hurts a business. Not just because the report was faked but because it throws away 10 probably leads from getting to conversion, without any relevant reason. What if 2 of them were easy conversions? What if 1 one of them could have had been the biggest business deal of your business yet? If and then, never end and, but your sales number do and it hurts… It hurts deeper down to the spine of a business…

With real time reporting system, you can ensure that a person has every activity recorded that he has done during the duty hours. Real time report automation is a boon of transparency serving the business updates right on time.

How Can Report Automation Help?

  1. It notifies you as soon as the employee and the client meeting.
  2. locks the timer to measure the time went in each client meeting.
  3. As the meeting gets over, the automated form quickly reports every detail in short.
  4. A detailed report will be better compliant to match.
  5. The Manager can easily reach out and manipulate the process at will.

To conclude, It is a time when most people are used to keeping a Smartphone to everywhere they go. And your field force is ain’t any different by any mean. They too use it and it is up to you if you could make them use it for mutually for enhanced performance. Yes, Smartphones do increase Field Force Productivity. Still calling for an update! Better try to use it for your business revival, for choice is your’s if to make a difference or not…